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Title Year Rating Rank Review
AVENGERS, The20121001(full review)
Big Lebowski, The19981001(full review)
Blade Runner19821001(full review)
Fight Club19991001(full review)
Godfather, The19721001
Impossible, The20121001(full review)
Rocky19761001(full review)
Searching For Sugar Man20121001(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The19941001(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20121001(full review)
Skyfall20121001(full review)
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back19801001
Anvil! The Story of Anvil200898.514(full review)
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead200798.514(full review)
City Of God (Cidade de Deus)200298.514(full review)
Evil Dead (2013)201398.514(full review)
Godfather: Part II, The197498.514
This Is The End201398.514(full review)
Beasts of the Southern Wild20129820(full review)
Master, The20129820(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)20049522(full review)
Argo20129522(full review)
Back to the Future19859522(full review)
Django Unchained20129522(full review)
Goodfellas19909522(full review)
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)20129522(full review)
L.A. Confidential19979522(full review)
Moon20099522(full review)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19759522(full review)
Psycho19609522(full review)
Silence of the Lambs, The19919522(full review)
Taxi Driver19769522(full review)
Wizard Of Oz, The19399522(full review)
Black Dynamite20099235(full review)
Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father20089235(full review)
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room20059235(full review)
Exit Through the Gift Shop20109235(full review)
Fast And Furious 620139235(full review)
Heat, The20139235(full review)
Illusionist, The (animated 2010)20109235(full review)
Monsters20109235(full review)
Monsters University20139235(full review)
Place Beyond the Pines, The20139235(full review)
Triangle20099235(full review)
Killer Joe20119046(full review) - Grade: A-
Life of Pi20129046(full review)
Lincoln20129046(full review)
Prometheus20129046(full review)
Rise of the Guardians20129046(full review)
Snow White and the Huntsman20129046(full review)
4220138552(full review)
Akira19888552(full review)
Anna Karenina20128552(full review)
Attack the Block20118552(full review)
Bling Ring, The20138552(full review)
Croods, The20138552(full review)
Flight20128552(full review)
Four Lions20108552(full review)
Ghost In The Shell19958552(full review)
In the Loop20098552(full review)
Man of Steel20138552(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom20128552(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful20138552(full review)
Pacific Rim20138552(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20128552(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed20128552(full review)
Stand Up Guys20138552(full review) - Grade: B+
Star Trek Into Darkness20138552(full review)
Take Shelter20118552(full review)
Win Win20118552(full review)
World's End, The20138552(full review)
Hansel and Gregel: Witch Hunters20138073(full review)
Killing Them Softly20128073(full review)
Last Stand, The20138073(full review) - Grade: B
Les Miserables20128073(full review) - Grade: B
Snitch20138073(full review)
Warm Bodies20138073(full review)
Compliance20127879(full review)
Epic20137879(full review)
Hunter, The20117879(full review)
Kick-Ass 220137879(full review)
Oblivion20137879(full review)
Olympus Has Fallen20137879(full review)
Pain And Gain20137879(full review)
Primer20047879(full review)
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World20127879(full review)
Spring Breakers20137879(full review)
The Guard20117879(full review)
Trollhunter (Trolljegeren)20107879(full review)
Tucker and Dale vs Evil20107879(full review)
We're The Millers20137879(full review)
Bullet To The Head20137593(full review)
Hitchcock20127593(full review)
Jack Reacher20127593(full review)
2 Guns20137196(full review)
Despicable Me 220137196(full review)
Elysium20137196(full review)
Incredible Burt Wonderstone, The20137196(full review)
Kill the Irishman20117196(full review)
Now You See Me20137196(full review)
Purge, The20137196(full review)
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen20117196(full review)
White House Down20137196(full review)
You're Next20117196(full review)
21 and Over201370106(full review) - B-
Mama201365107(full review) - C+
Great Gatsby, The (2013)201364108(full review)
Internship, The201364108(full review)
Iron Man 3201364108(full review)
World War Z201364108(full review)
Admission201357112(full review)
After Earth201357112(full review)
Broken City201355114(full review) - Grade: C
Dark Skies201355114(full review) - C
Guilt Trip, The201255114(full review) - Grade: C
Identity Thief201355114(full review) - Grade: C
Jack The Giant Slayer201355114(full review) - C
Movie 43201355114(full review)
Parker201355114(full review) - Grade: C
Mirror Mirror201245121(full review)
Hangover Part III, The201343122(full review)
Peeples201343122(full review)
Phantom201340124(full review)
Playing For Keeps201240124(full review)
Red Dawn (2012)201240124(full review)
Haunted House, A201330127(full review) - Grade: F
This Is 40201230127(full review) - Grade: F
Big Wedding, The201329129(full review)
Call, The201329129(full review)
G.I. Joe: Retaliation201329129(full review)
R.I.P.D.201329129(full review)
Last Exorcism Part II, The201320133(full review)
Collection, The201215134(full review)
Grown Ups 220138135(full review)
Scary Movie 520138135(full review)
Smurfs 2, The20138135(full review)