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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Ant-Man20151001(full review)
Backdraft19911001(full review)
Dark Knight, The20081001(full review)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes20141001(full review)
Deepwater Horizon20161001(full review)
Frozen II20191001(full review)
Gifted20171001(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)20111001(full review)
Green Book20181001(full review)
Hacksaw Ridge20161001(full review)
How To Train Your Dragon20101001(full review)
How to Train Your Dragon 220141001(full review)
In Time20111001(full review)
Leap Year (2010 Amy Adams)20101001(full review)
Love Actually20031001(full review)
Meet Joe Black19981001(full review)
Miracle20041001(full review)
My Cousin Vinny19921001(full review)
Paranormal Activity20071001(full review)
Passion of the Christ, The20041001(full review)
Patriots Day20161001(full review)
Skyfall20121001(full review)
Slap Shot19771001(full review)
Star Trek (2009)20091001(full review)
Star Trek Into Darkness20131001(full review)
Ted20121001(full review)
The Imitation Game20141001(full review)
The Next Three Days20101001(full review)
The Nice Guys20161001(full review)
The Strangers20081001(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The20121001(full review)
Wall-E20081001(full review)
War for the Planet of the Apes20171001(full review)
Wonder Woman20171001(full review)
X-Men: Days of Future Past20141001(full review)
Forrest Gump19949536(full review)
Adjustment Bureau20119037(full review)
Aloha20159037(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The20129037(full review)
An Officer and a Gentleman19829037(full review)
Aquaman20189037(full review)
Argo20129037(full review)
Batman Begins20059037(full review)
Black Hawk Down20019037(full review)
Captain Phillips20139037(full review)
Creed20159037(full review)
Dances with Wolves19909037(full review)
Draft Day20149037(full review)
Edge of Tomorrow20149037(full review)
Empire Records19959037(full review)
Gladiator20009037(full review)
Gone with the Wind19399037(full review)
Halloween (1978)19789037(full review)
Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers19889037(full review)
Heat19959037(full review)
Jurassic World20159037(full review)
Law Abiding Citizen20099037(full review)
Lone Survivor20149037(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King20039037(full review)
Man of Steel20139037(full review)
Parasite20199037(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129037(full review)
Pitch Perfect20129037(full review)
Quantum of Solace20089037(full review)
Ratatouille20079037(full review)
Rio20119037(full review)
Rocky19769037(full review)
Rocky II19799037(full review)
Rocky IV19859037(full review)
Rudy19939037(full review)
San Andreas20159037(full review)
Silence of the Lambs, The19919037(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20129037(full review)
Southpaw20159037(full review)
Spotlight20159037(full review)
Sting, The19739037(full review)
Taken20089037(full review)
Tangled20109037(full review)
Ted 220159037(full review)
The Lost Weekend19459037(full review)
Titanic19979037(full review)
Transformers20079037(full review)
Transformers: Dark of the Moon20119037(full review)
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen20099037(full review)
Triple 920169037(full review)
Twilight20089037(full review)
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The20099037(full review)
Unstoppable20109037(full review)
X-Men: First Class20119037(full review)
12 Years a Slave20138090(full review)
201220098090(full review)
Age of Adaline, The20158090(full review)
Bad Words20148090(full review)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice20168090(full review)
Braveheart19958090(full review)
Brick Mansions20148090(full review)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier20148090(full review)
Casino Royale20068090(full review)
Chicago20028090(full review)
Coming To America19888090(full review)
Danny Collins20148090(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The20128090(full review)
Departed, The20068090(full review)
Escape from the Planet of the Apes19718090(full review)
Frozen20138090(full review)
Full Count20198090(full review)
God's Not Dead20148090(full review)
God's Not Dead 220168090(full review)
Godfather, The19728090(full review)
Good Will Hunting19978090(full review)
Goon20118090(full review)
Hackers19958090(full review)
Halloween II (1981)19818090(full review)
Hanna20118090(full review)
Hansel and Gregel: Witch Hunters20138090(full review)
In the Heat of the Night19678090(full review)
Iron Man20088090(full review)
Jack Reacher20128090(full review)
Jersey Boys20148090(full review)
Kings Speech, The20108090(full review)
LEGO Movie, The20148090(full review)
Million Dollar Baby20048090(full review)
Mission: Impossible19968090(full review)
Mission: Impossible - Fallout20188090(full review)
Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol20118090(full review)
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation20158090(full review)
No Country for Old Men20078090(full review)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19758090(full review)
One Hit From Home20128090(full review)
Road House19898090(full review)
Schindlers List19938090(full review)
Shooter20078090(full review)
Solo: A Star Wars Story20188090(full review)
Spider-Man: Homecoming20178090(full review)
Spy20158090(full review)
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home19868090(full review)
Suicide Squad20168090(full review)
That Awkward Moment20148090(full review)
The Apartment19608090(full review)
The Fault in Our Stars20148090(full review)
The Greatest Show on Earth19528090(full review)
Thor: The Dark World20138090(full review)
Transformers: Age of Extinction20148090(full review)
Twister19968090(full review)
Varsity Blues19998090(full review)
X-Men: The Last Stand20068090(full review)
You're Next20118090(full review)
12 Rounds200970148(full review)
22 Jump Street201470148(full review)
300: Rise of an Empire201470148(full review)
A Most Violent Year201470148(full review)
Abyss, The198970148(full review)
Amadeus198470148(full review)
American Beauty199970148(full review)
Artist, The201170148(full review)
Ben-Hur195970148(full review)
Cinderella201570148(full review)
Crash200470148(full review)
Creed II201870148(full review)
Dark Phoenix201970148(full review)
Dracula Untold201470148(full review)
Facing the Giants200670148(full review)
From Here to Eternity195370148(full review)
Godfather: Part II, The197470148(full review)
Hurt Locker, The200870148(full review)
Inside Out201570148(full review)
Jaws197570148(full review)
Juliet, Naked201870148(full review)
Justice League201770148(full review)
Kramer vs. Kramer197970148(full review)
Max201570148(full review)
Moms' Night Out201470148(full review)
My Fair Lady196470148(full review)
Ocean's 8201870148(full review)
Planet of the Apes (1968)196870148(full review)
Rebecca194070148(full review)
Rocky Balboa (2006)200670148(full review)
Rocky III198270148(full review)
Shazam!201970148(full review)
Sound of Music, The196570148(full review)
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country199170148(full review)
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan198270148(full review)
Taken 3201570148(full review)
The Life of Emile Zola193770148(full review)
X-Men200070148(full review)
2 Guns201360186(full review)
21 Bridges201960186(full review)
English Patient, The199660186(full review)
Gandhi198260186(full review)
Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers198960186(full review)
Iron Man 2201060186(full review)
Last Emperor, The198760186(full review)
Maps to the Stars201460186(full review)
Mulan202060186(full review)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes201160186(full review)
Shakespeare in Love199860186(full review)
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock198460186(full review)
The Encounter201060186(full review)
The Gallows201560186(full review)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine200960186(full review)
X-Men: Apocalypse201660186(full review)
47 Ronin201350202(full review)
A Beautiful Mind200150202(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man 2, The201450202(full review)
An Interview with God201850202(full review)
Before I Go To Sleep201450202(full review)
Brightburn201950202(full review)
Conjuring, The201350202(full review)
Conquest of the Planet of the Apes197250202(full review)
Deer Hunter, The197850202(full review)
Don Jon201350202(full review)
Elysium201350202(full review)
Escape Plan201350202(full review)
Gentleman's Agreement194750202(full review)
Godfather Part III, The199050202(full review)
Gone Baby Gone200750202(full review)
Grown Ups 2201350202(full review)
Grudge Match201350202(full review)
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers199550202(full review)
Homefront201350202(full review)
I, Frankenstein201450202(full review)
Into the Wild200750202(full review)
Iron Man 3201350202(full review)
Logan201750202(full review)
Longest Ride, The201550202(full review)
Maleficent201450202(full review)
Million Dollar Arm201450202(full review)
Milltown Pride201150202(full review)
Mission: Impossible III200650202(full review)
Noah201450202(full review)
Paranoia201350202(full review)
Patton197050202(full review)
Rio 2201450202(full review)
Rocky V199050202(full review)
Run All Night201550202(full review)
Slumdog Millionaire200850202(full review)
Taken 2201250202(full review)
The Other Woman201450202(full review)
The Shape of Water201750202(full review)
Think Like a Man Too201450202(full review)
Turbo201350202(full review)
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)193040242(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)201340242(full review)
Blended201440242(full review)
Carrie (2013)201340242(full review)
Halloween (2007 Rob Zombie remake)200740242(full review)
Internship, The201340242(full review)
Kick-Ass 2201340242(full review)
Lone Ranger, The201340242(full review)
Monuments Men, The201440242(full review)
Non-Stop201440242(full review)
Nut Job, The201440242(full review)
Oldboy (2013 Spike Lee)201340242(full review)
Out of Africa198540242(full review)
Pompeii201440242(full review)
Rain Man198840242(full review)
Romance in the Outfield201540242(full review)
Terms of Endearment198340242(full review)
The Bridge on the River Kwai195740242(full review)
X2: X-Men United200340242(full review)
You Can't Take It With You193840242(full review)
A Million Ways to Die in the West201430262(full review)
Battle for the Planet of the Apes197330262(full review)
Chariots of Fire198130262(full review)
Driving Miss Daisy198930262(full review)
French Connection II197530262(full review)
French Connection, The197130262(full review)
Glass201930262(full review)
Halloween H20: 20 Years Later199830262(full review)
Hereditary201830262(full review)
Mission: Impossible II200030262(full review)
Moonlight201630262(full review)
Oliver!196830262(full review)
On The Waterfront195430262(full review)
Ouija201430262(full review)
Platoon198630262(full review)
Unforgiven199230262(full review)
WolfCop201430262(full review)
Wolverine, The201330262(full review)
Wonder Woman 1984202030262(full review)
12 Rounds 2: Reloaded201320281(full review)
3 Days to Kill201420281(full review)
A Man for All Seasons196620281(full review)
About Last Night201420281(full review)
Birdman201420281(full review)
Family, The201320281(full review)
Halloween II (2009)200920281(full review)
Halloween: Resurrection200220281(full review)
Hangover Part III, The201320281(full review)
How Green Was My Valley194120281(full review)
Insidious Chapter 3201520281(full review)
Labor Day201420281(full review)
Mr. Peabody & Sherman201420281(full review)
Ordinary People198020281(full review)
Romeo and Juliet201320281(full review)
Star Trek: The Motion Picture197920281(full review)
This Is The End201320281(full review)
Winter's Tale201420281(full review)
Annie Hall197710299(full review)
Around the World in Eighty Days195610299(full review)
Beneath the Planet of the Apes197010299(full review)
Cimarron193110299(full review)
Devil's Due201410299(full review)
Gibsonburg201310299(full review)
Grand Hotel193210299(full review)
Jackass Presents Bad Grandpa201310299(full review)
Midnight Cowboy196910299(full review)
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones201410299(full review)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier198910299(full review)
The Encounter: Paradise Lost201210299(full review)
The Quiet Ones201410299(full review)
Tom Jones196310299(full review)
World War Z20135313(full review)

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