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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Army of Darkness1992971(full review)
Beetlejuice1988971(full review)
Brick2005971(full review)
Brotherhood Of The Wolf2002971(full review)
Crow, The1994971(full review)
Glengarry Glen Ross1992971(full review)
Go1999971(full review)
Old School2003971(full review)
Planes, Trains And Automobiles1987971(full review)
Spider-Man2002971(full review)
Superman1978971(full review)
Total Recall (1990)1990971(full review)
Batman (Keaton)19898813(full review)
Christmas Vacation, National Lampoon's19898813(full review)
Blade19988015(full review)
Closer20048015(full review)
Election19998015(full review)
Gift, The20008015(full review)
Gremlins19848015(full review)
Man with the Golden Gun19748015(full review)
Saved!20048015(full review)
Shadow Of The Vampire20008015(full review)
X-Men20008015(full review)
Armageddon19987024(full review)
Gremlins 2: The New Batch19907024(full review)
Hebrew Hammer, The20037024(full review)
Love Actually20037024(full review)
Parenthood19897024(full review)
Spaceballs19877024(full review)
Batman Forever19956130(full review)
Judge Dredd19956130(full review)
Last Boy Scout, The19916130(full review)
Living Daylights19876130(full review)
My Blue Heaven19906130(full review)
Mystery Men19996130(full review)
Ned Kelly20036130(full review)
Resident Evil20026130(full review)
Summer School19876130(full review)
Tomorrow Never Dies19976130(full review)
Swamp Thing19825240(full review)
Cocktail19884341(full review)
Red Dawn (1984)19842542(full review)

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