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Hidden Figures20161001(full review) - My pic for BEST FILM OF 2016 is HIDDEN FIGURES. I've seen it twice and I've cried tears of joy each time. I'm so glad these amazing women with incredible minds, have now been publicly recognized for their gifts and talents which contributed to our country's space travel. But it's also a good movie too in terms of heart,pacing,characters,music & joy!
Logan2017982(full review) - After the early press screening of LOGAN, I once again joined some of The Black Tribbles in an episode of
Avatar2009973(full review)
Belle2014973(full review)
Black Panther: Wakanda Forever2022973(full review)
Crazy Rich Asians2018973
Everything Everywhere All at Once2022973(full review)
Good Luck to You, Leo Grande2022973(full review)
Joker2019973(full review)
King Richard2021973(full review)
One Night in Miami2020973(full review)
Oppenheimer2023973(full review)
Polite Society2023973(full review)
Pretty Woman1990973(full review) - The Today Show reunited the cast of one of my all time favorite movies - PRETTY WOMAN to celebrate the movie's 25th Anniversary. This is my go to when I just wanna shut out the world. I'm all in every time, every scene...I call Pretty Woman one of my guilty pleasure addictions, because it's a romantic comedy. However, it's one that hits all the right beats, every scene is tight, the cast is perfect, down to the elevator attendant. Most importantly, it's held up over time, so that's not really the definition of a guilty pleasure flick, it's actually good movie making. How did director Garry Marshall pull off creating such a charming movie featuring a hooker and a corporate raider? Like he said, it came down to chemistry!
Rebecca1940973(full review) - REBECCA based on a novel by Daphne du Maurier, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, a David O. Selznick picture starring Laurence Oliviier & Joan Fontaine... There aren't really words to describe why it's my very favorite movie. It simply resonates with every part of my being.
Selma2014973(full review)
The Woman King2022973(full review)
West Side Story2021973(full review)
X-Men: Days of Future Past2014973(full review)
A Dangerous Method20119320(full review) - His wide set eyes, odd angles of his face, together with the grey at the temples, really works as Doctor Strange. I was drawn into his cocky God complex, as a sought after neurosurgeon; his mean spirited despair when unable to heal the nerve endings in his prized hands; and the humor and determination he puts into learning the Mystic Arts after being convinced by The Ancient One (Tilda Swinton) and Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor) of its existence.
Avengers: Age of Ultron20159320(full review) - AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON allows for more than just action sequence after action sequence. Although those are great too, particularly Iron Man trying to tame one of The Hulk's out of control rampages, but what makes the movie really work is the exploration of the character's relationships, interactions, trusts, mistrusts, powers, and weaknesses.
Boyhood20149320(full review) - This movie is for people who can really enjoy a less is more type of film. If you're waiting for major drama, major conflict, a clever plot twist, a kid who runs away from home or gets some girl pregnant, or worse, forget it.
Ex Machina20159320(full review) - Ex Machina takes place entirely inside Nathan's minimalist, luxury compound which sets a tension of danger for Caleb who is not free to leave until the helicopter scheduled to return in 7 days comes for him. The script is also quite clever when it comes to keeping the audience guessing on the motives of each character, many mind games being played...
Promising Young Woman20209320(full review)
Room20159320(full review) - One of the things that impressed me most about the film was it doesn't lose momentum or make a wrong turn once the pair are freed; nor does it feel like the confinement is just a build up to their freedom; instead, in my opinion, it's evenly paced and really good storytelling! Actually, the best thing I've seen all year!
Amy20159026(full review) - That said, it is unlikely that many moviegoers will discount the combined impact of Mitch Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil on Winehouse’s fate. The former, her father, abandoned their family when she was nine and conveniently reappeared as she started making a name for herself. The latter, her husband, inspired such infatuation that she longed to mirror him in every way: if he smoked crack, she smoked crack; if he cut his arm with a bottle, she cut her arm with a bottle.
Girls Trip20179026(full review) - #GirlsTrip is definitely worth a trip to the movies & @TiffanyHaddish is to @girlstripmovie what @melissamccarthy was to Bridesmaids!
A Thousand and One20238828(full review)
Baby Driver20178828(full review) - Ya gotta love a director who sticks to his vision, Wright seemed to want a soundtrack with a movie instead of a movie with a soundtrack and you know what? It works!
Brigsby Bear20178828(full review)
Colossal20168828(full review) - It isn’t a rom/com, although the director wanted two names which evoked that genre so he could play within it in unexpected ways. But it’s also not entirely a monster movie or what the Japanese call a Kaiju, like Godzilla flicks and the likes; although that is more what Vigalondo set out to make, only he figured out a smarter way to not only make the storyline more interesting than a traditional Kaiju, he also was able to keep the budget low, as we mainly experience the Monster through media - cellphones, Youtube, TV, so you don’t need to see it stomping around with a crazy amount of CGI to make an impact.
Creed III20238828(full review)
Crimson Peak20158828(full review) - Please don't go into Crimson Peak looking for a Blumhouse Productions type horror movie, cause you won't find it, you'll be disappointed and you'll want to mock this film, which won't be fair. Crimson Peak is being categorized as a Gothic Romance and that's what you'll find. Which suits me perfectly, as the film pays a bit of homage to my very favorite movie of all time - Alfred Hitchcock's REBECCA (1940)
Elvis20228828(full review)
Fences20168828(full review) - Denzel, through his impeccable direction and August with his impeccable pen, immediately make us, the audience, feel a connection with the characters thanks to the humor as well as the intimacy of the setting. It really feels like you, as an audience member, is right there, laughing at all of their jokes right along with them. That intimacy is held throughout the entire film, captivating us from the beginning to the end.
Fifty Shades of Grey20158828(full review) - I didn't read all three of E.L. James "Fifty Shades of Grey" novels - I listened to them. These books on tape were the highlight of my day while working for a mortgage company doing tedious, monotonous, brain numbing data entry. No sooner did I finish Fifty Shades, I ordered up "Fifty Shades Darker", followed by "Fifty Shades Freed". It was a period of time when I needed a heavy dose of escapism and obviously, I wasn't alone. So I'm basing my score on the fact that the movie is the book come to life with just the right edits. Therefore, it made me happy and nostalgic. If I hadn't read the book, then my score would be much lower, as I would imagine the bare bones plot and PG rated BDSM would be disappointing if you were expecting something darker or gritty.
Gone Girl20148828(full review) - The movie could use a little trim and some may feel Flynn's book and screenplay may jumps the shark a bit at some points, which is why I call it a movie in 3 Acts, but I gotta say, I liked it. The film on the whole is an interesting commentary on the media circus, public judgement and sway we've seen play out in these kinds of cases over the last decade or so.
Kingsman: The Secret Service20158828(full review) - I liked the scene where: Harry speaks to Eggsy about transformation through movie references like Trading Places and Pretty Woman. Eggsy is clueless about these old movies, yet instead refers to My Fair Lady. I suppose no matter your age, if you are a Brit you know the story of Pygmalion. I also love Harry's line quoting Hemingway - "There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self."
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On20228828(full review)
Marriage Story20198828(full review)
Minari20208828(full review)
Nope20228828(full review)
Red Rocket20218828(full review)
Ron's Gone Wrong20218828(full review)
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings20218828(full review)
Sorry to Bother You20188828(full review)
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse20238828(full review)
Spotlight20158828(full review) - It's another great role for Keaton following up last year's Oscar winning hit "Birdman" (click for T&T post). In "Spotlight" he plays a super likable guy with important contacts who treat him like he's a star quarterback. Except in this case he starts to hit too close to home and a couple of higher ups involved in the scandal try to convince him to "be a team player."
The Color Purple20238828(full review)
The French Dispatch20218828(full review)
The Martian20158828(full review) - I got to attend a panel discussion to promote The Martian in Philly at Fels Planetarium at the Franklin Institute moderated by Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts. The participants: were two cast members from The Martian, Sebastian Stan (Mars crew) & Mackenzie Davis (Mission Control), retired NASA astronaut, Nicole Stott and Dr. Jim "Mr. Mars" Green - Director of the Planetary Science Division at NASA, also the film's consultant, and lead scientist on the announcement this past week on the discovery of streaks of water on Mars.
The Marvels20238828(full review)
Thor: Love and Thunder20228828(full review)
Till20228828(full review)
Top Five20148828(full review) - Turns out Chris Rock is a filmmaker. He's written and directed an Entourage type look at fame/celebrity from the perspective of someone who built his world while high and now has to see if it really exists while sober. He's given Dawson's character enough backstory to make you care, not only about her, but also about their attraction to one another. Of course, as is so often the case, when a story is penned by a man, he makes certain to cast the woman as the deceptor; but we'll let that slide.
Uncut Gems20198828(full review)
Wolfwalkers20208828(full review)
The Light Between Oceans20168558(full review) - The film did spark a discussion on whether or not it would have been better for all concerned if after 4 years to just continue on with the lie. What might have been an interesting twist, is if Hannah had turned out to be an abusive parent and you later found out Lucy would have been much better off with Tom & Isabel.
A Bigger Splash20158459(full review) - Swinton plays Marianne Lane a famous female glam rock personality recovering from throat surgery. She not only can't speak above a whisper, she's been told to refrain from speaking while her vocal chords heal. What better place to recuperate than on a beautiful Mediterranean Island called Pantelleria in Italy. She's accompanied by her Photographer boyfriend Paul (Matthias Schoenaerts) the two of them seem to have a shorthand which requires few words; and you sense it was like this between them even before Marianne's surgery...
A United Kingdom20168459(full review) - I love that director Amma Assante who co-wrote and directed another movie I’m in love with called Belle(2013) has found another piece that combines history, race and romance all in one. Oyelowo and Pike have great chemistry, very believable as a couple, eventhough the two are separated throughout a good bit of the movie.
Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie20168459(full review) - The movie is what "Ab Fab" fans have been waiting for, without know we were waiting for it, at least that's how I feel ... I don't think the movie appeals to many who were not a fan of the 1990s British sitcom, which aired on cable in the US; but who cares, or as Edina and Patsy would say - "Piss off, sweetie darlings".
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day20148459(full review) - Chaos upon chaos could get tedious if it weren't for the fact that you become invested in this family unit very quickly. Their camaraderie is infectious. Sure there's bickering, frustrations, guilt and annoying little brother jabs, but when the chips are truly down, the Cooper family pulls together each one sharing in the other's misfortune and eventually finding the silver lining, Disney style, and it works!
Captain America: Civil War20168459(full review) - Most of the movie is very serious minded except for humorous battles scene which pits Avenger against Avenger, yet loving these characters as I do, it's actually the hardest part to take.
Hello, My Name Is Doris20168459(full review) - If John were a balding, over-weight, lonely guy in his 40's, you'd be like, well, I don't think the age difference matters that much. But John is good looking, cool, and holds a key position in the company where she works in accounting, a left over from the previous company. He's just so far out of her league and yet...
Mistress America20158459(full review) - It's similar to Frances Ha in that it once again explores the desperation felt by some women nearing 30 or in their early 30's who haven't quite found their place yet. Their lives aren't settled, a lot centers around finances or lack of them, and trying to hold on to the belief they'll someday get it together, meet the right guy, be a success, and really start living, rather than constantly reaching and looking. All themes of which I can relate, all too well. 30 seems to soon to feel this degree of desperation, but perhaps if I had panicked much earlier, my reaching and looking days could be a thing of the past.
Still Alice20148459(full review) - She has a loving husband, John, also a professor (Alec Baldwin) and 3 adult children who are in good places in their lives - eldest daughter, Anna (Kate Bosworth) is ready to start a family, their son Tom (Hunter Parrish) is in med school, and youngest Lydia (Kristen Stewart) is in LA with dreams of becoming an actress. Alice and John raised their family in a nice, above average, but homey house. For instance, instead of a toothbrush holder, they use a tall coffee mug in the bathroom. The family also has a house at the beach. It all seems like the time in life when you can finally coast and enjoy the ride... But for Alice that ride is a road to early onset Alzheimer's.
The Disaster Artist20178459(full review) - What I like about The Disaster Artist is the fact that James Franco takes it all seriously, it's funny, but it's never mocking. It's obvious the film comes from a place of love and fascination for Wiseau and Sestero’s story...
While We're Young20148459(full review) - From the outside it looks as if Jamie & Darby have a handle on truly living in the moment; but in actuality, they are just as unsure about the next steps in life as Josh & Cornelia. These themes, along with some examination of our - film everything culture, realizations on aging and losing friends to their babies; (something which I think every single person or couple without kids has gone through when the people they used to hang with become parents) are the reasons why While We're Young is the type of movie to which I gladly gravitate.
Sicario20158369(full review)
Fifty Shades Darker20178170(full review) - You've got to be able to appreciate having a romance novel come to life. It's about the beauty of the couple, the richness of the atmosphere, the feelings of possessiveness and of course, most importantly, the sexual heat, Not real S&M, E.L.James novels are not dark or gritty with Sadomasochism. Anyway, this series, books or movies is my guilty pleasure and I'm satisfied and satiated.
45 Years20158071(full review) - Her name was Katja and her body has been preserved in the ice for these past 50 years, it's only due to climate changes in the Swiss Alps that her remains have been uncovered. This news sets off a series of emotions for both Geoff and Kate, as they are only a few short days away from celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary with a big party full of friends and family.
A Haunting in Venice20238071(full review)
A Late Quartet20128071(full review) - I got a chance to interview Damien Chazelle during the Philadelphia Film Festival: T&T: I understand the opening number “Another Day of Sun” is inspired by your love of the film The Young Girls of Rochefort and that the lyrics set up the backdrop of the struggle & glory of Hollywood. However, I am curious if you ever considered cutting the opening sequence? Because as magnificent as the choreography, staging and direction of it is, it sets a Big Broadway Chorus tone for the film that isn’t really found in the rest of the movie. Damien Chazelle: Well, actually, yeah, there's a few months in the editing where we cut it out. But it was more about story, trying to make the movie as tight as possible. The idea behind the number in the onset was to try to kinda announce it as loudly as possible that you're watching a musical, and start out with the most musically, musical number in the movie before we establish any characters; so then you kinda go down into the storyline and these two people and everything that follows is then dictated by those people, so it's gonna be more intimate and from their specific points of view. So that's a little bit of what dictated that difference in style; but it's also just a matter of, let's make that loud statement in the beginning, so by comparison, everything that follows feels more natural as a result...
Air20238071(full review)
An Inconvenient Sequel20178071(full review) - I think my score is based on the subject matter more than how good a doc it may be. I was very impressed with Al Gore's impassioned speech near the end. I don't know if he wrote it, but he certainly delivered it with just the right amount of passion, wisdom, integrity and hope. Further making Trump look like the greedy, unenlightened, buffoon he seems to be. I just wish Gore could have been this charismatic running for President.
Asteroid City20238071(full review)
Barbie20238071(full review)
Beyond the Lights20148071(full review) - The film’s warmth is due in no small part to the luminous Gugu Mbatha-Raw who brings the adult Noni to life with a combination of fragility and fire in one vibrant, vulnerable package. She’s has a gift for conveying the full spectrum of emotions without ever saying a word. You always know what she’s thinking or feeling every moment she’s onscreen. You can’t help but feel for and with her in every scene.
Big Hero 620148071(full review) - I gotta say, the movie works. Directors Don Hall & Chris Williams / Jordan Roberts (screenplay) & Don Hall (story) have hit that middle ground of what kids will tune into and what parents won't tune out. It's not quite as much zany fun as this summer's blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy (click for T&T post) but it gives you that same theme of rooting for a bunch of misfits coming together to bring the best and the worst of themselves to fight a common foe. And Baymax is almost as lovably annoying and wonderfully weird as Galaxy's Groot.
Black Mass20158071(full review) - Black Mass shows a depth to Depp I'm not sure we knew he had. There's not 1oz. of himself lurking behind the cold gray eyes of this famed Boston Gangster. It's not just the makeup,which is what Steve Carell hid behind last year in Foxcatcher (click for T&T post) , I didn't think his performance as the seriously disturbed John E. du Pont, was as praiseworthy as everyone else gave him credit for. But I'm in awe of Johnny Depp's transformation, he's truly scary.
Blue Beetle20238071(full review)
Bodies Bodies Bodies20228071(full review)
Cake20148071(full review) - In terms of the narrative of Cake, the "ghost of Nina" may not be necessary, however, I liked their somewhat antagonistic exchanges filled with sarcastic honesty. Claire also develops a strange relationship with Nina's widowed husband, Roy (Sam Worthington). Roy is so broken by his wife abandoning both he and their son, that he actually welcomes Claire's uncommon interruption into their lives.
Chef20148071(full review) - Scarlett Johansson, who plays Molly a hot hostess (btw, loved her look in the movie, like a 1960's Mod Barbie doll) Molly and Chef Casper (Favreau) have a little thing going on, but instead of showing them having sex, they show him cooking her a mouthwatering garlic and oil type pasta dish as she waits hungrily for it, poised on the bed with one shoulder and a little thigh peeking out of her LBD.
Chevalier20238071(full review)
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness20228071(full review)
Emily the Criminal20228071(full review)
Far from the Madding Crowd20158071(full review) - I love period pieces and felt this one has all the anticipated sweep and grandeur for which the BBC has become synonymous. Beautiful landscape shots of the English countryside. The ability to transport you to a time long past. I was taken with the story, in fact, I've seen the movie twice, but it feels to me like a glorified historical romance novel. I suppose I'll have to actually read Hardy's book to understand what makes it such a literary success - both then (1874) and present day.
Florence Foster Jenkins20168071(full review) - Rounding out the whimsy is Cosme McMoon (Simon Helberg, Big Bang Theory) who gets hired as Jenkins' pianist, unaware at first of her "unique" talent. Once again Florence is able to buy someone's loyalty, and yet again, Mr. McMoon genuinely wishes to be in her good graces over and above his generous salary, as Florence's love of music and life is simply infectious.
Focus20158071(full review) - Writing and Directing team Glenn Ficarra & John Requa (“Crazy, Stupid, Love.”) takes us into a world where there's honor among thieves, but is it a place for falling in love? After all, relationships, particularly those of a romantic nature, require trust, right? But then again, think about this, how many times have you or your friends gone through a lover's cellphone to see who they've been calling/texting? Check their computers to see if they're on any dating sites? Cyber stalk them, or try to catch them in a lie? There's so many pitfalls when it comes to trusting your romantic partners, now magnify that x10, when you're dealing with two people who make their living deceiving others, and you've got the basis for Warner Bros latest offering, Focus.
Get On Up20148071(full review) - The only thing I'd say is missing is a clip of Eddie Murphy doing James Brown from the Hot Tub skit on SNL. There is however, a scene where one of his band members imitates Brown's stage persona, complete with a horrible wig, not knowing Brown is looking on. Later, the often ill tempered singer lets on he knows about the mimicking and shares in the joke.
Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery20228071(full review)
Hector and the Search for Happiness20148071(full review) - The trailer lead me to assume the film to be a light comedy; instead, I found myself pleasantly surprised to find the film expressed some truly thoughtful, philosophical gems along the way.
Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.20228071(full review)
Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny20238071(full review)
Jurassic World20158071(full review) - Not quite as humorous as "Jurassic Park", a close second to "The Lost World: Jurrasic Park", and a little better than "Jurassic Park 3".
Leo20238071(full review)
Marry Me20228071(full review)
Miss Sloane20168071(full review) - Sloane is always impeccably put together, but she's flawed: can't sleep, pops pills, pushes herself too the limit, expects too much from those around her and pays for sex (Jake Lacy), but you love her cause she's brilliant. We don't have to wait until June to see a Wonder Woman movie, Jessica Chastain as Miss Elizabeth Sloane will leave you in awe!
Money Monster20168071(full review) - Jodi Foster is one of those rare individuals in this business who can take long periods of time off and yet continues to command respect, stays relevant and never loses her ability to find and tell good stories.
My Cousin Rachel20178071(full review) - Rachel Weisz can rock some widow's garb, it's not easy to look fetching in black lace mantillas. And she's perfect for the role, as Weisz is not so much beautiful as she is fetching and beguiling and a commanding presence. I also love the subtle ghostly elements in My Cousin Rachel, there's definitely scenes that could point to Ambrose trying to warn Philip from the grave. The movie delivers a sense of foreboding and although I never for once trusted Rachel, I spoke with another movie-goer in the ladies room, who felt the complete opposite, so I think the movie successfully keeps you guessing even after it ends.
Nomadland20208071(full review)
Not Okay20228071(full review)
Patti Cake$20178071(full review)
Race20168071(full review) - Part of my high score is based on support of the subject matter. I agree, Director Stephen Hopkins and writers Joe Shrapnel & Anna Waterhouse give us some standard biopic type moments at the beginning of the movie. However, when we get to the Olympic Games, this is where the movie really takes off and soars! Barnaby Metschurat is chilling as Joseph Goebbels, there's even a subtle sound like an off-key tuning fork that accompanies his presence. The foreboding and knowledge of the evil upon Germany during this time shortly before the war, hangs heavily in the movie without us having to see much of the 3rd Reich in action.
The Banshees of Inisherin20228071(full review)
The Creator20238071(full review)
The Fabelmans20228071(full review)
The Matrix Resurrections20218071(full review)
The Outfit20228071(full review)
The Purge: Election Year20168071(full review) - The personalities that revel in the killings and torture and those trying to stay safe from the night of hell, are so on the money. This time they even added Purge tourists - privileged, snot nosed foreigners coming to the States to Purge our citizens, although it's not a practice in their own country. And you always feel so good when the most annoying of the purgers finally meet their demise.
The Revenant20158071(full review) - Unlike "The Hateful Eight", which relies on a complex network of masquerades to generate suspense, "The Revenant" is driven less by narrative than the pure thrill of immersion.
The Shack20178071(full review) - The Shack is not really a movie I can review with objectivity; although, I think each role is perfectly and beautifully cast, and the production value really brings the book alive. But it's more a movie judged on whether or not it touches you. I was touched enough to cry in the arms of a movie theater manager, whom I'd never met before - I was trying to get myself together after the film in the lobby, blowing my nose, still sobbing and he came over to give me a hug.
The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent20228071(full review)
The Visit20158071(full review) - Shyamalan manages to encompasses EVERY GENRE in this movie. Every one. And I think he does it brilliantly! Had I gone in to this expecting a straight horror, or thriller, I may have been disappointed. Somehow he mixes, horror, thriller, fairy tale, romantic comedy, dark comedy, family film, sci-fi, first person docu-style, mystery, drama, and even a little bit of action by some great local stunt actors.
Trumbo20158071(full review) - Going into the movie, I knew what it was about, but I was under the impression it was Hollywood vs The Government. I never knew Hollywood turned on itself. Members of the HUAC were made up of Hollywood insiders like John Wayne (David James Elliott), Hedda Hopper (Helen Mirren) and Ronald Reagan. Others like Edward G. Robinson (Michael Stuhlbarg) were forced to turn on their friends and colleagues or lose everything.
Warm Bodies20138071(full review) - Actually, I found out sweetbreads are not sauteed brains; but rather the thymus gland or pancreas of a calve. It's still a disgusting proposition in terms of delicacies, unless of course, you happen to be a zombi, in which case, everything is good from the toes on up. Now an interesting new zombie fact is revealed in Jonathan Levine's (The Wackness, 50/50) creature feature Warm Bodies - and that is, by eating your victim's brain, you get to experience their memories and for a moment, feel almost alive again!
Wish20238071(full review)
X-Men: Apocalypse20168071(full review) - The make-up and costume on En Sabah Nur wasn't quite right, nor was Isaac's interpretation of the character - instead of menacing, intimidating and omnipotent ruler, I was getting grumpy, ill tempered Muppet. However, it doesn't ruin the movie for me, it may not be the strongest X-men feature, but still satisfying to me. That Night Crawler is a handy Mutant to have around!
Alice Through the Looking Glass201675121(full review) - Side Note: In Alice Through the Looking Glass, the Mad Hatter is not all that mad, he's sad. And by seeing him as a child with his family it makes him less magical and more human, certainly not the guy capable of doing a kooky, 360 degree head spinning Futterwacken.
American Ultra201575121(full review) - If I were a sleeper agent, God forbid they station me in some podunk town working in a mini-mart, until I'm possibly activated. I'd need to be enjoying a glam existence of chic couture, world travel, good food and a semi-high profile cover, like a celebrated artist or clothing designer. When activated, kicking ass as a killing machine, would never do, I'd like to become a master manipulator, gaining access to people in places of power and bending their will to mine. In AMERICAN ULTRA, Mike Howell (Jesse Eisenberg) has no such luck, he's...
Annie201475121(full review) - What I do believe is the powers that be over Will and Jay, said don't make it too "black" it is Annie after all. If the two main characters are African American, then you need to hire a white director, we don't want to loose the original "Annie" audience. Which is fine. I certainly am not looking for any ghetto Annie or "playa" Daddy Warbucks, but I wouldn't have minded just a bit more hip hop edge to the music. They updated the arrangements of the original songs a little and added some likeable new tunes, but the soundtrack is left feeling kinda beige.
Ant-Man201575121(full review) - Anyway, instead Scott goes to live with former inmate, wine tasting/impressionist art loving Luis (Michael Peña) it's through Luis' (humorously orchestrated) Latino network of "associates" that Scott learns of an old rich guy with a safe in his basement...
Avatar: The Way of Water202275121(full review)
Barbershop: The Next Cut201675121(full review) - I got to sit down with Ice Cube & Deon Cole in a fab room at the new Logan Hotel Philadelphia (formerly the Four Seasons). Seated conversation style in plush chairs in front of the fire place, we got a chance to discuss Cube's mind-set for success; The importance of black father's stepping up; What each of the 3 directors have added to the Barbershop Franchise; Cedric the Entertainers welcome to the new cast and more... watch 7 min Video on Tinsel & Tine
BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths202275121(full review)
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice201675121(full review) - I was very engaged with the entire movie. Thought it was visually artistic, the philosophical and politically relevant plots were well written. Loved when Superman gave Batman the cut out the vigilante crap speech, accompanied by a menacing warning look, before shooting straight up like a rocket. Then we cut to Batman giving his signature under-eyed masked stare, which clearly said, Superman, you're not the boss of me.
Big Miracle201275121(full review) - What I like is how many points of view and agendas get woven together to tell this story: Rachel (Drew Barrymore) is the spokesperson for Greenpeace and former girlfriend of Adam. She's militant, headstrong, and good at making the powers that be in Washington look bad in the press. Ted Danson superbly plays the wealthy, arrogant, cocksure Oil Magnet with a God complex. I doubt Danson had to do much acting to play this part.
Black Sea201475121(full review) - Revlock: Looking at your career, I noticed that you bounce between fiction films and documentaries with relative frequency. Do you have a medium preference? MacDonald: I like fiction films because I feel like I’m still learning. That’s one of the fun things about fiction. I don’t think you could ever really learn everything about it. Working with actors is so fascinating and unpredictable. I like documentaries because you get to learn about the world. I’m doing a film about a Chinese artist right now, and I’ve been enjoying immersing myself in this singular world. It’s like being a journalist.
Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves202375121(full review)
Emancipation202275121(full review)
Fair Play202375121(full review)
Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3202375121(full review)
Ice Age: Collision Course201675121(full review) - This was my first intro to the Ice Age franchise. My favorite scenes are The non-verbal acorn antics of Scrat in space. But I liked the overall message of resilience, the movie shows that even when forces seem beyond your control, you should keep moving forward, cause there's always hope!
Joy201575121(full review) - I've read some of the criticism of "Joy", most critics feel it's messy, unfocused and falls way short of Russell's "The Fighter" which brought great drama with equal humor. "Silver Linings Playbook" (set in Philly)which had such unexpected charm and romance. "American Hustle" which created a definitive look and feel with wonderfully off kilter pacing and humor, so I can't argue the "Joy" criticisms entirely. But of the four, I most identify with Joy.
Keanu201675121(full review) - KEANU Interview with Jordan Peele & Method Man by Tinsel & Tine Contributor Terri Heard Pimp My Kitty? Method Man - “I mean look at this kitten, you know?” he says. “He looks like, Justin, f*ckin’ Bieber. Am I lyin’?”
La La Land201675121(full review) - Seb & Mia are what really make this movie sing! This is Stone and Gosling's third movie together (Stupid Crazy Love and Gangster Squad) and you can totally see they understand how to sell that old Hollywood Duo appeal. Gosling is fantastic in most everything, but sometimes his roles are so sardonically off-putting, you have to love him from a distance. As Seb, he's still got edge, but he's also completely adorable.
Learning to Drive201475121(full review) - In all the upset and drama, Clarkson forgets a package in the taxi. It's returned by Darwan the next morning, only now he’s wearing his second hat as a Driving School instructor. Wendy hesitantly requests Kingsley's driving school business card, which opens the door for their unlikely friendship. Delicately, their lives begin to intersect, the soft beauty of their deepening friendship flows easily.
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl201575121(full review) - Alfonso Gomez-Rejon's film works on many levels as it's a coming-of-age, buddy flick, high school movie, tearjerker, and inventive indie rolled into one.
Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris202275121(full review)
Nocturnal Animals201675121(full review) - Nocturnal Animals is an intriguing, well-wrought film that explores themes of loyalty, materialism, choices made too quickly. What's most impressive are the transistions from Susan's current life, to the fictional story, to then to she and Tony's past it's all so perfectly balanced and never jarring. Tom Ford understands how to make an art film, and still have it be accessible.
Pinocchio202275121(full review)
Pitch Perfect 2201575121(full review) - We had a blast talking about this cameo packed sequel during our dinner and a movie video post!
Sausage Party201675121(full review) - do not take children to see this movie, I reiterate DO NOT! It’s not one of those movies where the kids will enjoy the visuals and the parents will get the jokes that go over the kids heads. No, it’s pretty raunchy. All the talk of female buns opening up for male hot dogs will not go over kids heads; and even if it does, the f bombs dropped every other sentence, no one can miss.
Spectre201575121(full review) - Love the Day of the Dead Opening - Christoph Waltz not quite as entertaining as Javier Bardem - Plot a little too similar to that of this summer's Mission Impossible:Rogue Nation - Still enjoyed SPECTRE quite well. I joined the Black Tribbles for an impromtu rehashing of the movie post screening. Give it a listen on Tinsel & Tine
The Hateful Eight201675121(full review) - Jennifer Jason Leigh in particular, delivers a stand-out performance as Daisy Domergue, the coarse captive of bounty hunter John Ruth. She conveys an impressive range with body language, even blowing a big wad of snot out of her nose in one memorable moment.
The Intern201575121(full review) - Nancy Meyers (Somethings Gotta Give, It's Complicated, The Holiday) is not one for the 3 act structure. Instead the scenes stretch out as a day-in-the-life type storytelling, which allows you to really get invested in the characters. It's not an easy approach to pull off, as you could easily feel the movie is too long or be turned off by the non-traditional beats; but it's such good writing, your just all in!
The Iron Claw202375121(full review)
This Is Where I Leave You201475121(full review) - This is Where I Leave You to hit that blended comedy/drama thing smack in the middle, where it should be, including a slight pallor to the coloring of the film. Each scene is entertaining without trying to be too heartrending or too hilarious.
Trainwreck201575121(full review) - About 6 months ago I heard my sister cracking up and figured she was watching Comedy Central - which when the day that Comcast is finally forced to allow us the ability to pick and choose channels, CC will be one of her 10, although, without Jon Stewart on the Daily Show, it will no longer be her top choice. So anyway, I went to see what was so funny and it was an Amy Schumer standup special "Mostly Sex Stuff" (2012), but I didn't know that at the time cause I'd never heard of Amy Schumer. Next thing you know ...
Waitress200775121(full review) - Pies have seen their fair share of screen-time. Who could forget the pie scene in The Help or, for that matter, in American Pie? But if you're hankering for a slice of quirky and adorable - WAITRESS, written and directed by Adrienne Shelly’s before her untimely death, weaves a tale of homespun Americana that's so visually caloric, you could gain 5 lbs with every viewing.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot201675121(full review) - Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is funny, the kind of comedy I like, where the tone is laced with the humor of the situation, rather than situational comedy. I didn't see the Tina Fey/Amy Poehler Christmas release Sisters; that to me looks like something I'd only watch on a Saturday at midnight on VH1, while flicking to reruns of Castle on the commercials. But I did see Admission (click for T&T post) and This is Where I Leave You (click for T&T post) and although neither of those movies did well at the box office, what they have in common with "WTF" is the fact that Tina Fey makes a very likable protagonist.
20th Century Women201670154(full review) - Annette Bening has a very nuanced role in 20th Century Women, on the one hand she’s a Birkenstock wearing liberal, who is open to the changing world; and on the other, she’s a product of a more conservative time when parents didn’t really allow their children to really get to know them.
After Yang202270154(full review)
Almost Christmas201670154(full review)
Anomalisa201570154(full review) - I saw this movie twice during the Philadelphia Film Festival. The second time because I needed to kill time before the next screening I came to see, but I was glad to get a second viewing. I found "Anomalisa" to be entrancing, so realistic and dream-like all at the same time. I got fascinated by the slits across the temples. And ultimately I felt so sorry for the title character, her confidence being bolstered by Michael only to be dashed so quickly.
Atomic Blonde201770154(full review) - Fashion & Fight Porn does not a good movie make, but it's hard not to get a kick out of Charlize Theron
Babylon202270154(full review)
Belfast202170154(full review)
Blonde202270154(full review)
Burnt201570154(full review) - Bradley Cooper to me has more than charisma, he has an over abundance of Chi, which radiates out from him; so for me, this role as temperamental and damaged chef Adam Jones, who also inspires great love and admiration from those around him, works on the level of characterization. In fact, I think he's among a very short list of actors who would be able to pull off being so self-involved and yet likable. Doesn't hurt that he really speaks French too!
Collateral Beauty201670154(full review) - I know that Collateral Damage refers to death, or injuries inflicted on an unintended target. Collateral Beauty I think refers to the life affirming connectedness which occurs unexpectedly out of what seems to be only loss. I don't think that's corny, I thought the movie was better than expected.
Encanto202170154(full review)
Free Fire201770154(full review) - Surprisingly a movie full of shooting, whizzing bullets, taking cover, fighting, groaning, crawling, hopping, slithering, dragging, hobbling, cursing, limping, bleeding and double crossing is super fun and amusing in this context.
Ghostbusters201670154(full review) - As a kid in 1984, I was as in love with the original Ghostbusters as the rest of the nation. And I'm sure at some point I watched it again in the 90's; but when I tried to watch it again this past weekend (had to pay $1.99, can't believe Netflix didn't have it for free) to prepare myself for the reboot, I didn't feel like it held up. Amusing, but not nearly as dear to me as I thought it was. Now after seeing this 2016 Ghostbusters, in comparison, it makes the original Ghostbusters pure genius.
Gifted201770154(full review) - Gifted is exactly what I assumed it would be, no tricks, gimmicks or twists. Not great, not bad, just a sweet family drama with some moments of heart and humor, close to corny, but pulling it off.
Gold201670154(full review) - Gold is Wolf of Wall Street meets American Hustle with a little bit of McConaughery's own 2008 movie Fool's Gold mixed in. It's not brilliant, but it's engaging, especially in telling the story from the vantage point of a character like Kenny Wells. I'm also a sucker for movies about friendship, betrayal and loyalty.
Hope Springs201270154(full review) - If it were just that her marriage was predictable, I'm certain Kay, with her middle class suburban mind-set, hairstyle and JCPenny clothing, would never have attempted to stir the pot of her marriage to taciturn, stoic Arnold. But it's the fact that they no longer share a bed, haven't for years; her one attempt at seduction failing miserably, that mobilizes Kay to find a way to not only restore sex, but intimacy into her dying union.
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1, The201470154(full review) - For me, The Hunger Games is an alright movie franchise, it probably would hold even less appeal for me if I didn't like Jennifer Lawrence so much - she's got a quality that's part girl from the wrong side of the tracks, without cheap skin or hair; she seems sensible and mature, and at the same time, fun and fresh; she's got edge without the apathy of a Kristen Stewart. In other words, she has the presence to carry off a movie that's mostly production and atmosphere.
Killers of the Flower Moon202370154(full review)
Love the Coopers201570154(full review) - Got a chance to interview the female director, Jessie Nelson - Jessie: It wasn't so much that the parts weren't coming, but I didn't enjoy auditioning all day and driving around the city and not having control of my creative space. I like to be creative everyday. So I realized at that point if I began to write, then whether someone was hiring me or not, I could always be creating and writing the kind of movies that I want to see. So with the help of a writer friend, I learned how to write, and still feel as if I'm learning, as it's a craft, like a musician. Then, I quickly learned in Hollywood how little control a writer has over their own material, so that's when I realized I also needed to learn how to direct.
Maggie's Plan201570154(full review) - Maya Rudolph and Bill Hader play Maggie's friends, they act as a sounding board to all Maggie's dilemmas but, I really hate all their scenes. This is Julianne Moore's movie, she's fantastically kooky in her soft pink angora and fabulous fur wear. Only problem, she seems like a great character from a Wes Anderson-ish film and the rest are in a cheap imitation Noah Baumbach-ish film.
May December202370154(full review)
Mommy201470154(full review) - The film could easily have existed on the power of mother and son, but it's made even more faceted by the arrival of the neighbor, Kyla (Suzanne Clément) who's timid, mousy demeanor and stutter belie the strength beneath. Her own situation is sketchy, she's a school teacher on sabbatical with a husband and daughter, who live with her right across the street, but she can't seem to connect with them at this juncture in her life. Oddly, she can connect with Die and Steve.
Mr. Malcolm's List202270154(full review)
Nymphomaniac201370154(full review)
Priscilla202370154(full review)
Renfield202370154(full review)
Rustin202370154(full review)
Shazam! Fury of the Gods202370154(full review)
The Beguiled201770154(full review) - Coppola says she didn’t want to deal with issues of race, that she didn’t feel qualified, which I understand; and I feel even though the movie takes place during the Civil War, there can still be stories told about people affected by the war, but it not be directly about the issue of slavery. The trouble is, when she said she wanted to focus on the "gender dynamics” rather than “the racial ones.” that made some black pundits upset because it implies to her way of thinking, gender dynamics can only be explored between white males and white females...
The Blackening202370154(full review)
The End of the Tour201570154(full review) - So, where's the conflict? most of the conflict is internal. Lipsky is jealous of David's talent and success. He's also torn between falling into a friendship with a likable guy, and remaining an objective professional journalist...
The Keeping Room201570154(full review) - You know the part of Gone with the Wind, near the end of the war right before Scarlett's famous "As God is my witness" speech, when her sisters don't want to help farm potatoes and their father is out of his head and Scarlett has to defend Tara against drifters and deserters. Well, that's similar to The Keeping Room, only Augusta and Louise don't even have a daft father to turn to, all they have is one faithful slave who cooks up a pot full of the most non-filling, tasteless looking carrot and potato soup I've ever seen. Not that it's Mad's fault, she doesn't have much to work with and neither does this film.
The Legend of Tarzan201670154(full review) - David Baron: It’s also a very different Tarzan to all the other movies that we’ve seen in the past. For a start, it’s not the story of the foundling in the forest who gets taken back to England by the end, it’s quite the reverse. The character starts in England and goes back to Africa, which is a very refreshing point of view for Tarzan.
Think Like a Man Too201470154(full review)
Totally Killer202370154(full review)
We Are Your Friends201570154(full review) - While the graphics showcase a certain level of multimedia I haven’t seen in mainstream film and the music is certainly the guiding force of the plot, Cole’s life is anchored not around his new connections and opportunities but around his three friends: Mason (Jonny Weston), Ollie (Shiloh Fernandez), and Squirrel.
Fantastic Four201565.6190(full review) - Yes, the movie is three parts build up/origins story, it does take a long time before they get or use their powers, but it's not boring or badly handled. It sets out to establish the team as friends and family, while attempting to make the Quantum Physics plausible and relatable. The thing that is missing from the movie is the trademark Marvel, laugh out loud humor.
Free State of Jones201665.6190(full review) - McConaughey is cool as Knight, he brings his usual laid back swagger and nonconformist ways to the character. It's not an exciting movie per se, but it keeps your interest and seems historically accurate. I do think it was released at a very bad time, right on the heels of A&E/History Channels Roots reboot. Really, how much slave narrative can one take in the same month.
The Big Short201565.6190(full review) - The movie doesn't talk down to the audience. At times they use easily understood analogy devices involving celebrities to explain the finer points of the game - like cutting to The Wolf of Wall Street's Margo Robbie in a bathtub, drinking champagne to explain sub-prime loans. But basically you either catch up and get the gist or you don't, and I like that.
The Hero201765.6190(full review) - "The Hero" mainly deals with Hayden making peace with knowing he sacrificed his marriage and relationship with his daughter to pursue an acting career that's only made him synonymous with one role and genre. This is where art imitates life, as Sam Elliott is well-known for being a mustachioed, mysterious cowboy type. This is why he was cast in The Big Lebowski and The Golden Compass – he said doing those roles helped him be more thankful for his western background.
The Judge201465.6190(full review) - If you follow me at all, you know that I just think Robert Downey, Jr. is an adorable, charming, intelligent, funny, irreverent, satirical, sexy, talented, reformed screw up, who's a bit full of himself, all which adds to the package. I can't say I've seen every single one of his movies, but I do adore him. Yet, I can assure you my assessment of his latest movie, The Judge, has not been biased by my long standing crush.
Black or White201561195(full review) - Despite the race card being played by Rowena's attorney/brother (Anthony Mackie) to try to win the custody battle, the movie finds black and white balance. Yes, the lifestyle of the two homes Brentwood vs Compton are vastly different, and Eloise gets that. When asked if she'd want to go live with Grandma Wewe and be closer to her large extended family of aunts, uncles and cousins, Eloise says it's fun to visit, but that's just crazy talk. And this feels authentic. It's not like "White House = Good" "Black House = Bad" Rowena runs several businesses and her brother is a lawyer, so it's not even about money, it's just a matter of being comfortable where you're raised.
Don't Worry Darling202261195(full review)
DUFF, The201561195
Finding Dory201661195(full review) - In terms of my thoughts on "Finding Dory", well, I know Disney made much moolah from it and must have been slapping themselves for waiting so long to make it; but I liked Dory better in Finding Nemo, because her forgetfulness was funny. In Finding Dory, it's like she's a special needs child who grows up to be a special needs adult, whose kind of a burden on others, that made me sad.
Hyde Park On Hudson201261195(full review) - How could anyone seduce the President of the United States wearing oxfords, long printed frocks and spinster cardigan sweaters? Even if said President was crippled by polio and the year is 1939. Yet Margaret "Daisy" Suckley (Laura Linney) dressed thus, became Franklin Delano Roosevelt's (Bill Murray) intimate confident and companion during a major portion of his life.
Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit201461195(full review) - The beginning of the movie establishes Jack Ryan as a student working on his PhD in economics in the UK, when 911 hits, he switches paths and joins the Marine Corp, where he gets injured and has to learn to walk again, which is where he meets the love of his life, Cathy (Keira Knightley, whose quality I always like, despite the fact she acts with her mouth). At any rate,
Jules202361195(full review)
Kids Are All Right, The201061195(full review) - Co-writer and Director Lisa Cholodenko, decided to make it a lighthearted look into the non-traditional family. There’s a social commentary being made; however, entertainment value was obviously the director’s main objective. Which I don’t have a problem with at all; but those looking for a more creative, Indie feel, may feel it’s too studio. Those looking for a gay film may feel it’s not issue driven. On the other hand, those looking for a mainstream comedy with two hot (well, formerly hot) stars having sex scenes, may be disappointed.
Men202261195(full review)
Run All Night201561195(full review) - That said, I’ve got no beef with RUN ALL NIGHT. It's not a great film, but it's inoffensive. The pacing is quick, the plot semi-coherent, and the actors amusing. Neeson, in particular, is strong as the requisite drunkard with a checkered past.
Spencer202161195(full review)
The Other Woman201461195(full review)
The Silent Twins202261195(full review)
The Worst Person in the World202161195(full review)
Where the Crawdads Sing202261195(full review)
Yesterday201961195(full review)
A Walk in the Woods201560211(full review)
Brooklyn201560211(full review) - Screenwriter Nick Hornby observes:
In the Heart of the Sea201560211(full review) - But where's the heart In the Heart of the Sea ? it's not there for me. The egos of two men are on the line, but their battle of wills doesn't really play out with as much drama and intensity as we saw between James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth) Niki Luda (Daniel Brühl) in
The Nice Guys201660211(full review) - The moral compass of the movie is 13 year-old Holly March played by young Australian actress Angourie Rice, she's got a really good presence in the movie, reminds me of Kristen Bell in
Demolition201656.6215(full review) - I find it hard to believe Davis could bulldoze his house in an affluent neighborhood and not a soul calls the police. The scene with he and Chris in the woods with the gun is just irresponsible to even put out there, cause some kid's gonna try it and accidentally kill someone. But is the movie worth checking out? I'd say yes. I like movies which mix drama and black comedy.
Foxcatcher201456.6215(full review) - Steve Carell plays the wealthy, eccentric, oddball, murderer John du Pont with perhaps a little too much characterization. Everyone's been praising Carell for losing himself in a dramatic roll; but for me, the transformative hair, prosthetic nose, extensive makeup, small teeth and overly stiff upward tilt of the head, is all a bit distracting. I think it should've been cast with someone more naturally weird and unattractive. It would have been a perfect role for the sadly deceased Philip Seymour Hoffman.
Freeheld201556.6215(full review) - New Jersey is the only state where elected county officials are called "freeholders." Laurel's need for secrecy and privacy go out the window as she files with the Board of Freeholders to request her pension go to her legal domestic partner in the event of her untimely death. Only these frickin freeholders are the most arrogant, selfish, unenlightened, privileged bunch of white guys you've ever seen!
Insurgent: The Divergent Series201556.6215(full review) - By Tinsel & Tine By Blog Contrib Candace Cordelia Smith Also check out my video interview with Mekhi Phifer! - Insurgent was made for those who plowed through the Divergent literary series months in advance, including the Four prequel, and others just curious to understand the hype that surrounds it. Some consider The Divergent Series a weak knockoff of The Hunger Games. I refute this. Both Beatrice Prior and Katniss Everdeen can live on in the recesses of our minds as formidable, female, fictional protagonists, surviving a Dystopian existence, and for that, I have welcomed the two with open arms.
Men, Women & Children201456.6215(full review) - This film explores sexuality, communication or lack there of in the digital age. With an ensemble cast, featuring Rosemarie DeWitt, Denis Haysbert, and Adam Sandler. Throughout the film we see families being torn apart by infidelity, emotion, and the lack of communication due to social media and other online activities.
Mother's Day201656.6215(full review) - character Sandy is the focal storyline. She's a mother of two boys under age 13, an interior designer, with a super hot ex-husband Henry (Timothy Olyphant) who is an excellent co-parent; they have one of those divorces that allows for a closer relationship now, than when they were married. So when Henry lays the bomb on her that he's remarrying, Sandy's not only blindsided by the surprise of it, but has to now contend with this new child-bride, Tina (Shay Mitchell) who's perky, gorgeous, fun loving, well-meaning and basically a nightmare for a 40-something woman to have to compete with, even one in as good shape as Jennifer Aniston - sidenote: Aniston's skin is looking like she's been out in the sun too often, that Aveeno lotion she's always hawking doesn't seem to be doing the trick.
Now You See Me 2201656.6215(full review) - The plot involving tech weasel (Walter Mabry/Daniel Radcliffe) is a little hard to keep straight and Woody Harrelson playing his evil twin is just dumb, but otherwise Director Jon M. Chu, (Step Up movies) has given us a fun summer flick. The first movie had a bit more pizzazz and showmanship - I'd classify it as a con artist movie, those tend to center on the special qualities of the characters. "Now you See Me 2" is more a heist movie, which centers on plans and execution. Whether you'll enjoy this one kinda depends on your genre preference.
Self/less201556.6215(full review) -
The Perfect Guy201556.6215(full review) - Yes, we all know the cast is what sold the movie, otherwise David M. Rosenthal has ostensibly directed a Lifetime movie, but one with beautiful production value and rich coloring. The writers Alan McElroy, Alan B. McElroy (story) & Tyger Williams (screenplay) didn't bother with a twist, you know the whole story just about from the trailer, and it could use a little tightening up. Still, I had fun with it! For a romantic/thriller, it's never too over the top and you are invested.
The Theory of Everything201456.6215(full review) - The movie is mainly based on the memoirs of his incredibly stalwart wife, Jane (Felicity Jones) whose performance is on par with Redmayne's. I am awestruck by a woman who would commit to marrying a man already showing signs of major debilitation, and raise 3 children, basically without help for years, while caring for her husband night and day. Yet, somehow, it's not quite enough to keep such a long movie going.
Bling Ring, The201352225(full review) - I don't get the sense from these kids that they revere these stars or their lifestyles, there's very little fan obsession. To me it seemed the only reason they broke into famous people's homes, rather than just rich people's places (which does happen on one occasion), was because it was so easy to find out from Hollywood Gossip sites when these celebs would be away.
Complete Unknown201652225(full review) - The meat of the film consists of quite a lot of exposition as Weisz tries to explain to the curmudgeonly Shannon, why she's been doing this since she left college and disappeared. But it would be more interesting to know how. In this day and age where it's almost impossible to live off the grid and without a social security number, how is she able to just cut up her credit cards, get a new drivers license and apply for jobs without anyone investigating her past or creditors tracking her down?
Empire of Light202252225(full review)
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald201852225(full review)
House of Gucci202152225(full review)
Jack The Giant Slayer201352225(full review) - One of life's beautiful mysteries is the ageless, universality of myths and fairytales. Why are these stories still so familiar to us century after century? It occurred to me, Joseph Campbell, the father of mythology, would be a good one to turn to on this subject, so I did a quick Google search to find out how he defines the difference between a myth and a fairytale - Campbell describes fairy tales, used interchangeably with "folk tale," as pastime and as the myths whose meaning has been lost over time.
My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3202352225(full review)
Nymphomaniac: Volume II201352225(full review)
See How They Run202252225(full review)
The Northman202252225(full review)
True Story201552225(full review) - James Franco is believable as a charming psychopath, because frankly, Franco is believable as a charming psychopath. But on the whole, as far as psychological dramas where head games are being played between two men -I prefer Ex Machina.
Vengeance202252225(full review)
Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2, The201550237(full review) - Katniss is hospitalized 3 times in this one movie and never does it advance the plot. I will say the scenes leading to the climax were pretty exciting as a small contingency, including Katniss, still slightly brainwashed Peeta, Gale, Finnick and a few others
Jupiter Ascending201547.6238(full review) - A big theme of the movie is reincarnation or what is referred to as a "Re-Occurrence". Now, I know most of us don't remember our past lives, but when it's a major theme in a movie, you'd think some memory association would be a part of the character - that's not being cliched, it's just necessary.
Man of Steel201347.6238(full review) - This Superman Reboot, Man of Steel produced by Christopher Nolan, and scripted by David S. Goyer, directed by Zack Snyder embodies all of these essential elements with an emphasis on the alien part of things. The first perhaps 20 minutes of the film is spent on Krypton with Kal-El's parents Jor-El (Russell Crowe) and Lara Lor-Van (Ayelet Zurer), just hours before the complete destruction of the planet. They've just given birth to their son the old-fashioned way, where everyone else on Krypton is genetically engineered in pods to be whatever they are engineered to be, without choice.
Secret in Their Eyes201547.6238(full review) - The actors seem ill at ease with one another, and Ejiofer and Kidman fail to generate any sparks even though they are supposed to be secretly in love with one another. The final product lacks a distinctive style and feels akin to an episode of Law & Order. And while the conclusion provides a refreshingly logical spin on the outmoded twist ending, the preceding scenes are too disjointed and bland to be redeemed by a somewhat shocking finale.
The Book of Henry201747.6238(full review) - The B story that becomes the A story near the end, about rescuing the girl next door from her abusive step-father feels like another movie. And the tear-jerking twist in the middle, feels completely manipulative, yet effective, as I was balling my eyes out, but still, even for me, I think this movie tried for too many tones in one flick.
Morgan201644242(full review) - Kate Mara has always been an actress I gravitate to, and I have no complaints about her performance as an uber professional, who carries out her job with perfunctory effort; but somehow I feel the part would have been suited better for her colder, resting bitchface sister, Rooney Mara. Basically, Morgan starts out as a film which explores what makes us human and switches to a slasher flick of who will be the last person standing.
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies201644242(full review) - The screenings for Hail, Caesar! and Pride+Prejudice+Zombies was on the same night. I choose PPZ because I'm always fascinated by this ever present theme in our collective unconscious that one day we will no longer be worried about race, creed, politics or gender, instead the only separation will be Alive vs Undead! That, and I'm also a sucker for all the pomp, circumstance and genteel romance of a Jane Austen novel. Was it a Masterpiece? No. But director Burr Steers, who also adapted the screenplay, does a fine job retaining the feel of
Alice202243244(full review)
American Sniper201443244(full review) - By Tinsel & Tine Blog Contributor Mikhail Revlock A review of American Sniper is incomplete without a discussion of Bradley Cooper’s transformation. Though the physicality of the change is the most striking (Cooper gained forty pounds for the role, and his face seems to have borne the brunt of the weight), it is his altered personality that ultimately leaves the deepest impression. The high-strung motor mouth of recent Cooper turns is gone, replaced by a plodding, vacant-eyed husk.
Cats201943244(full review)
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore202243244(full review)
Irresistible202043244(full review)
The Lost City of Z201743244(full review) - It's not a good sign when leaving the theater the only thought in my head was, if I hadn't known he was in it, I would never have recognized Robert Pattinson. There is a fat, weak soled, so called explorer, who adds a bit of levity, but on the whole the movie's a bore.
The Neon Demon201643244(full review) - Not quite sure what to make of Refn's latest picture "The Neon Demon". I imagined it would be a bit campy, in a good juicy way, but I didn't expect it to get so dark, nightmarish and sick. Although, actually, I can take watching necrophilia and cannibalism, what I can't take is slothful, long drawn out scenes created for an effect that for me it didn't achieve.
The Perfect Match201643244(full review) - I'm sure Terrence J would prefer to play a guy on top of the world, even if a bit closed off to love, than a goof. But to me he is a goof and not a leading man. Paula Patton also misses the mark as Charlie's psychologist sister, it's like she can't find her grove, she's too enthusiastic and fake.
Wonka202343244(full review)
Big Stone Gap201538.6253(full review) - When an audience comes into a group of people who have known each other for a very long time, day in and day out, the best thing to do is introduce an outsider into the mix. If not, then you need an inciting incident. Really good writers can make the audience feel like they are just joining in without a lot of exposition. Otherwise, you wind up thinking to yourself, why is this just happening now? That's just one of the issues with "Big Stone Gap" by writer/director Adriana Trigiani.
A Scanner Darkly200634254(full review) - Just like Malick's movie which opened last March, Knight of Cups (click for T&T post) we've been given another long, glossy magazine shot, masquerading as a film, with an amazing cast, who are not provided with enough dialogue to keep you from taking several snoozes during the 130 min run time.
Rebecca202034254(full review)
The Lobster201534254(full review) - I had my mind completely open for THE LOBSTER. you don't approach such a film without knowing you're in for strange. But even a dystopian future, needs to be more clear on the rules of things. It all felt so willy nilly.
How to Be Single201628257(full review) - I was going to skip seeing this movie, but the preview screening coincided with a friend's birthday, so I decided it would work for a dinner and a movie birthday celebration. Much to our surprise we really enjoyed it!!! The trailer throws the humor off. Those scenes seen in context, are funny. What's worse, the trailer eliminates the true warmth of the movie. You don't have to be a Millennial in the age of swiping left to appreciate these characters. If you are a fan of
Exodus: Gods and Kings201420.6258(full review) - I'm sure Scott, Christian Bale (as Moses) and the studios behind this 140 million dollar mammoth undertaking felt they could bring something new and powerful to this biblical story, particularly in light of today's technology. Unfortunately, Bale can't fill Heston's sandals, Joel Edgerton can't steer Yul Brenner's chariot, and as visually impressive as the scenes with swarms of flies, bloody seas, hordes of frogs and plagues of locusts may be... there's just no spirit to Exodus: Gods and Kings, no glue, no form and no consistency in casting, I understand Scott's loyalty to Alien lead Sigourney Weaver, but her cameo as the Pharaoh's mother just looked odd.
Horrible Bosses 2201420.6258(full review) - The plot hinges on a competing developer who destroys their business and steals their idea, a kidnapping plot botched by an untimely deployment of nitrous oxide, a would-be victim who uses the guys to fake his abduction and squeeze a million bucks out of his negligent father, etc. It moves predictably from point to point, reintroducing erstwhile enemies, providing numerous riffing opportunities, and incorporating myriad supposedly envelope-pushing provocations. Only the diverting gag reel that accompanies the closing credits offers a respite from this persistently humorless material.
A Cure for Wellness201711.6260
American Fable201611.6260
The Zero Theorem201311.6260

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