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Title Year Rating Rank Review
12 Years a Slave2013901(full review)
Captain America: The Winter Soldier2014901(full review)
Godfather, The1972901(full review) - Marlon Brando and Al Pacino star in this mafia epic
Wall-E2008901(full review)
Wolf of Wall Street, The2013901(full review)
50/502011806(full review)
American Hustle2013806(full review)
Captain Phillips2013806(full review)
Casino1995806(full review)
District 92009806(full review)
Divergent2014806(full review) - Shailene Woodley and Theo James prove Divergent is unique and can rival The Hunger Games at being a succesful film franchise.
Fire In The Blood2013806(full review)
Great Gatsby, The (2013)2013806(full review)
How to Survive a Plague2012806(full review)
Lion King, The 1994806(full review)
Prisoners2013806(full review)
Rush (2013)2013806(full review)
The Class of '922013806(full review)
Titanic1997806(full review)
2 Guns20137020(full review)
Anchorman: The Legend Continues (2013)20137020(full review)
Behind the Candelabra20137020(full review)
Big Lebowski, The19987020(full review)
Butler, The (2013 F Whitaker by Lee Daniels)20137020(full review)
Equilibrium20027020(full review)
Gravity20137020(full review)
I'm Not There.20077020(full review)
Iceman, The20127020(full review)
Kick-Ass 220137020(full review)
Last Vegas20137020(full review) - A fun and entertaining movie with a great well known cast.
Machine Gun Preacher20117020(full review)
Marley & Me20087020(full review)
Midnight in Paris20117020(full review)
Muppets20117020(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20127020(full review)
Snatch.20007020(full review)
The Armstrong Lie20137020(full review)
Trouble with the Curve20127020(full review)
Welcome to Sarajevo19977020(full review)
Delivery Man20136040(full review)
Don Jon20136040(full review)
Elysium20136040(full review)
Fifth Estate, The20136040(full review) - Cumberbatch gives a sublime performance in what turns out to be a medirocre movie.
Gamer20096040(full review)
Hangover Part III, The20136040(full review)
Incredible Hulk, The (Edward Norton)20086040(full review)
jOBS20136040(full review)
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters20136040(full review)
Riddick20136040(full review)
The Machine20136040(full review)
We're The Millers20136040(full review)
Khumba20135052(full review)
Oldboy (2013 Spike Lee)20135052(full review)
Project X20125052(full review)
Runner Runner20135052(full review)
Wolverine, The20135052(full review)
Diana20134057(full review)
Grown Ups 220134057(full review)
Movie 4320132059(full review)
The Room20031060(full review)

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