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Alien19791001 - Easily, and without legitimate argument, one of the best films ever made.
Aliens19861001 - Personally, I think this one is better than the original. James Cameron knows how to pace an action film, the cast is perfect, and the special effects still hold up today.
CaddyShack19801001 - The funniest movie ever made.
Ghostbusters19841001 - Hands-down, my favorite movie ever.
Night of the Living Dead1968955 - The only zombie movie I can 100% say is better than the original Night is the original Dawn. Night broke down so many barriers and also invented the midnight movie craze, proving that b-grade horror films could, in fact, be a-grade FILMS while also reveling in the gore and misery of the situation. The bad acting, the cheesy (in hindsight only) special effects, and some of the more "whaaat?" choices of direction and narrative don't matter here because the sum is so much greater than any of its parts that it's ridiculous. One of the Top 10 horror films EVER.
Slap Shot1977955 - One of the funniest movies ever made, insanely quotable, and the Hanson brothers are a great trio of characters
12 Angry Men (original)1957907 - Fantastic film, one of the best of Spencer Tracy.
American Psycho2000907 - This movie made me fall in love with the written works of Bret Easton Ellis
Anchorman: The Legend Of Ron Burgundy (2004)2004907 - Every time I rant on Will Ferrell for being unfunny for the majority of his career or want to point out that most of his movies are fucking terrible, the one caveat is Anchorman, which I'd easily put in the upper-tier of comedies alongside Caddyshack, Slap Shot, and Airplane.
District 92009907
Green Mile, The1999907
Hot Fuzz2007907 - One of the best comedies ever made by the sheer virtue of how it mocks and openly adores the style of movies it satires.
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back1980907
A Clockwork Orange19718514 - I think it's an excellent display of violence and the themes of youthful rebellion gone too far and how some people can't truly be "cured" of their ill will and government fuckery, but, with all of Kubrick's works, there are parts that, while beautiful (even in a grotesque form), are sometimes boring as sin.
Animal House19788514
Blade Runner19828514 - The theatrical cut is awful for various reasons, but the Director's Cut and the recent Final Cut are phenomenal. It's a bit slow at times, I'll admit, but it's a sci-fi film noir and should be treated as such. Film noir isn't a style known for a brisk pace.
Breakfast Club, The19858514
Charlie Bartlett20078514 - There's an energy to the movie that most films don't have. It's John Hughes as re-done by Bret Easton Ellis and all tossed into a blender with an almost Quentin Tarantino-meets-Kevin Smith edge to the dialogue, and it all works wonderfully. There's not an excessive amount of depth to the movie, but the fact that it just came and went without a whole lot of fanfare is a crime.
Fight Club19998514 - The movie gets a lot of flack nowadays due to the massive cult fanbase that arose around it, mostly with people pointing out that its message of anti-consumerism is shallow, but I feel they completely miss the point. Fincher's adaptation of the book is ABOUT being shallow and lacking depth leading to the mass consumerism and quick rejection of it after one random stranger (in this case, a man with legitimate mental issues) tells you otherwise. Look at it from the perspective of how simple it is for angry people to be fooled into madness and the movie works even better than it did prior.
Inception20108514 - The movie's damn fun and knows how to mask itself as being much deeper than it actually is. Everybody is great in their roles, the Cillian Murphy/Pete Postlethwait scenes are heart-wrenching, both Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are fucking BOSS in it, Michael Caine is his usual awesome self, and Leonardo DiCaprio continues to prove why he fully deserves to maintain a career post-heartthrob years.
Oldboy (Oldeuboi - Korea)20038514 - I never want to see this movie again.
Raiders of the Lost Ark19818514
Star Wars IV: A New Hope19778514
Tombstone19938514 - The cast in this movie is stellar (Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Powers Boothe, prime Val Kilmer, Sam Elliot, Michael Biehn, Billy Zane, Luke Perry, and Michael fucking Rooker, not to mention a cameo by Charlton Heston), it's an engaging action story based on THE American western legend, and it's insanely quotable. This is one of those movies I will watch whenever it's on because I enjoy it so damn much.
10 Things I Hate About You19998026 - An excellent modern-day (as modern as the late 90s can be considered now) adaptation of a Shakespeare classic, The Taming of the Shrew.
Clerks19948026 - What this movie did for independent cinema, and comedies especially, in the 90's may have been overstated at points, but there's an earnestness to it all, beyond the constant barrage of monologues and Star Wars banter, that makes this always worth watching
Clerks II20068026 - I actually think this is my favorite of the entire Askewniverse series, but only because it gradually devolves from classic Kevin Smith comedy into a serious look at what friendship truly means. I also loved the callback to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back at the end, and this may be the most visually appealing movie of Smith's career.
Conjuring, The20138026 - Damn. This was fun. I didn't like Insidious too much, to be honest, and this is from the same guy (who also did the original Saw and Dead Silence, for what it's worth), and all the positive reviews I've seen about it kinda soured me on the idea (particularly since the best horror usually receives mixed reviews because most mainstream critics don't actually "get" it), but oh holy shit did this movie impress me. This joins the ranks of the first two [REC] movies, The Collector, Cabin in the Woods, Trick R' Treat, and Sinister as my favorites of the past decade. It built the tension thoroughly, the ending was the closing of the chapter while hinting at the opening of another (this movie was supposedly an "untold" case of paranormal researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren's, and they were the pair that investigated the Amityville house and determined it to be haunted), and the direction was magnificent. Even the cast was good (outside of the younger girls playing the daughters, but not every child actress can be Chloe Grace-Moretz), and helps cement my love of Patrick Wilson as a horror star. He has this certain "every-man" quality to him, the kind of guy that you'd have as a neighbor and get together for barbecues or football games, and the way he calmly sells the growing tension and insanity of his situations sells me on it. He's similar to Ethan Hawke, really, only much more sympathetic for some reason.
Departed, The20068026
Django Unchained20128026 - Solid, solid movie. Much better than Inglorious Basterds. MUCH better. Once again, Christoph Waltz absolutely steals the show. I thought Jamie Foxx was solid, too, but DiCaprio is way overrated in this. He's good, but he's not great like people have said he was.
East, The (2013)20138026 - We found out that there was a theater showing this about a half hour away from my girlfriend's house, so we went to see it. Much like The Purge, there's an obvious political message here, but rather than it being overt and timid about it (like The Purge), this one wears its heart on its sleeve the whole time yet never focuses on one political party or belief. It attacks the wasteful habits we, as a society, share, but mainly focusing on the belief of getting a dollar at the expense of everything else. It's not even anti-capitalist, just attacking the kinds of corporations like BP or {insert evil pharmaceutical conglomerate here} that have caused damage to people and animals and habitats in general without a care in the world. The core value of the East is less revenge (though that plays a major part in the motivation behind it all) than it is exposing the lies to the public. It could even come across as an infomercial for Christianity, considering the main character, Jane Owen (played wonderfully by Brit Marling), is revealed to be quite devout in her beliefs (though not of the typical fundamentalist sect, as she's quite modern), and not once is this ever even critiqued. In fact, it's her faith that ultimately decides the fate of her and the other protagonists. Ellen Page is solid in this, but not involved as much as early advertising would make it seem, and Alexander Skarsgard delivers a great showing.
Elysium20138026 - Damn, damn good movie that has a somewhat anti-climactic and entirely predictable third act. It's a testament to the entire cast that Matt Damon gives one of the weaker performances, and even then he's still really damn good in it. Sharlto Copley, though, stole the show. He was great in District 9 as the bumbling in-over-his-head common man that was forced to be something more, but he's even better here, as Kruger is, hands-down, one of the best film villains I've seen in a very, very long time.
Forrest Gump19948026 - The movie tugs too hard on the heartstrings too often for my liking, making repeat viewings less effective in the experience. The roles were cast perfectly, though, and it's hard to find a legitimately bad Steven Spielberg movie. Including the titular character in several of the key moments of the 20th century was great, even if it did pander to the Baby-Boomer Generation that, ultimately, fucked it all away.
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade19898026
Leon: The Professional19948026
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers20028026
Scream19968026 - I cannot think of a better satire of slasher movies that didn't go into the realm of over-the-top comedy. The performances were solid enough for the movie and some of the wordplay and kills was inventive as hell. I also think that the second one being slightly worse than the first and the third being awful with the "reboot" sequel almost being on par with the original works in such a perfect way that is described in the series itself.
Seven19958026 - Great performances from most of those involved, a fantastic twist ending that made perfect sense, and a reversal of expectations help make this movie work on most fronts. I felt some of the pacing was awkward and Gwyneth Paltrow is hit-or-miss in everything she's been in (a massive hit as Pepper Potts, IMO), but the reversal of expected roles at the end (usually, it's the veteran with "two days till retirement" that goes off into the sunset as the rookie takes over) really helps make this work.
Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi 19838026
Superbad20078026 - I still laugh at certain scenes just as hard as I did when I first saw the movie, and the tale of friendship throughout meaning more than anything is a solid one. Crude, raunchy, and a heart of gold: just like a good Apatow flick should be.
X2: X-Men United20038026 - one of the best comic book movies ever made, showing a large amount of the mutants we all know and love while actually taking the time to give most of them some backstory and drama
Zombieland20098026 - An excellent comedic action movie with fun and inventive directorial choices (the "rules" showing up in the background constantly), a fantastic opening credits sequence (TIME MARCHES ON!!!), a great cast with great chemistry (so much so that Woody Harrelson is rumored to be disregarding his "no sequel" rule for a second one), the BEST UNADVERTISED CAMEO EVER (and I'm still pissed off that people spoil it as often as they do), and a great soundtrack (the theme for the movie, the one that plays during the final scenes at the amusement park and during the credits, is wonderful). My only gripes with it are its relative brevity (another 20 minutes of fun would have been adored by me), not explaining the "rules" of these zombies (some of them shuffle, most run, but headshots are never addressed), and a lack of constant flow or build. This stands as one of the best zombie movies ever made and certainly in the top 3 of those releases in the past decade.
21 Jump Street20127545
American Beauty19997545
Attack the Block20117545 - Excellent fun and a nice, inventive way of doing an alien invasion movie.
Blade II20027545
Children of Men20067545 - A damn decent modern take on the post-apocalyptic genre, and a stunningly realistic one at that (were the premise to happen).
El Mariachi19927545
Gangs of New York20027545
Kick-Ass20107545 - I saw the movie, loved it, and then read the comics, and certain changes to the story (like how Kick-Ass doesn't come up with his own name in the comic but does in the movie, how Red Mist isn't revealed to be a villain upon his first appearance, or how comic book Kick-Ass refuses to kill but movie Kick-Ass has no problem with it by the end) hurt the movie for me. Others greatly enhance it (changing Big Daddy and Hit Girl's backstory a little bit from what it's revealed to be in the comics, showing various missions that Big Daddy/Hit Girl go on, the modifications to the Big Daddy/Hit Girl costumes in general).
Man on Fire20047545 - Man On Fire: 7.5. Delightfully brutal but never once accepting of it, which is a fine line to walk. One of Denzel's best performances.
Memento20007545 - Inventive and solid as hell, but repeat viewings are hard once the twist is revealed.
Million Dollar Baby20047545
Pacific Rim20137545 - A kaiju movie more in the sense of the awesome late 90's/early 00's Godzilla flicks than the old-school (and more of a mixed bag) ones. This had everything that made a kaiju movie fun: bad ass monster fight scenes with increasingly larger monsters, a plot and pacing that fits a mini-series better than a movie, ham-it-up acting, cliche developments, comic relief that figures into the central plot, and did I mention BAD ASS MONSTER FIGHT SCENES? This is what the American Godzilla should have been. This is what I hope the next American remake of Godzilla is more like than just another "oh no, big monster attacking major US city" with less fun and a more "serious" tone.
Sixth Sense, The19997545
Slumdog Millionaire20087545
Batman: Under the Red Hood20107061 - Damn, damn good animated feature. I'm not as familiar with this storyline as I should be, but I knew the basics heading in, and this delivered. It's not on the same tier as Mask of the Phantasm or Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, but it's hard for any DCAU feature to touch those levels regardless (though all are worth watching), but it's still a solid way to introduce "A Death in the Family" and "Under the Hood" to newer fans. Bruce Greenwood makes an excellent Bruce Wayne/Batman, and it's obvious he studied Kevin Conroy's perfect depiction of him to get prepared, but the big surprise to me was how well John Dimaggio (the voice of Bender from Futurama and Jake from Adventure Time) did as the Joker. He took cues from Mark Hamill, and it's obvious he did, but he did enough of his own take to make it all work. Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing was basically stunt casting, though, as he barely factors into the overall story, and Jensen Ackles as the Red Hood himself was solid enough.
Boondock Saints, The19997061 - A fun, fun movie with a fantastic cast, even if it is Tarantino Lite. Being from MA also helps since I can point out where most of the movie was filmed.
Donnie Darko20017061 - Extremely quotable and filled with solid performances all throughout (and Gary Jules' "Mad World" at the end still makes me legit choke up), but overrated by its fanboys. It's not as smart as it thinks it is, but it's still a solid movie.
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)20117061 - This was a downright amazing modern noir murder mystery until the inclusion of the novel's ending at the expense of the film's story. Not everything on the page works on the screen, and the final 15-20 minutes of the movie could have easily been edited into a 5-minute montage (or have some of it held back until the next film since the hype alone likely warranted a sequel) to make sure that the full flavor of the climax didn't dwindle away. What we're left with afterward is an epilogue that didn't need to be included in full, yet was, ruining the full experience. The ride there, however, was virtually perfect.
Inglourious Basterds20097061
Little Miss Sunshine20067061
Raid: Redemption, The (Serbuan maut)20117061 - AMAZING action scenes and solid characterization with the main guys, but the anti-climactic finale hurts it overall and the action does get a bit mundane after a little while.
Silver Linings Playbook20127061 - Not bad. Not bad at all. DeNiro and Cooper have great chemistry together, but I wasn't really feeling Cooper and Lawrence as a pair. Lawrence was alright in this, great at some points but bland at others, but Cooper was great throughout.
Temple of Doom19847061
Bronson20086572 - The movie is ehhhh...but OH HOLY FUCK is Tom Hardy phenomenal in this.
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon20036572
Equilibrium20026572 - It's a fun little movie with a damn solid performance by Bale and the end scene is insane. However, one thing that definitely ruins it is Taye Diggs.
Ghostbusters II19896572 - Nowhere near as great as the first one, largely due to an uninspired cast (well, everybody but Dan Aykroyd seems to just be doing it for the paycheck), but still a very, very solid movie. The jokes aren't as good and the threat isn't as big, but Vigo the Carpathian is still one of my favorite movie villains to date.
Hunt for Red October19906572
Mystic River20036572
Old School20036572 - There's some outstanding bits of gold in this one ("I'm here for the gangbang," "we're going streaking," "you're my boy, Blue," and the scenes towards the end when they have to defend their status as a fraternity) but the total is less than the sum of its parts. The movie is insanely quotable, though.
V/H/S/220136572 - Muuuuuuuuuuuch better than the original. The frame story, "Tape 49," finds two private investigators breaking into a house to search for clues as to a college kid's disappearance, deciding to watch his collection of unmarked VHS tapes and a webcam recording he made for clues. "Phase I Clinical Trials" starts us off steady with a great concept (an experimental artificial eye allows the user to see ghosts), and it doesn't disappoint too much. In fact, the only disappointing aspect of it was its length, as this was an idea that could made for a decent feature (and kinda/sorta has with The Eye, though this one adds its own twists to that idea). "A Ride in the Park" actually comes to us from the directors of the original Blair Witch Project, and its basically a first-person take on a man who becomes a zombie and then attacks the living. This was very well done. "Safe Haven" is about an interview crew filming the inner-workings of a Jonestown-like cult, only they're actually right in their beliefs, and shit absolutely hits the fan about halfway through and never relents. The final segment, "Slumber Party Alien Abduction," is actually the only part (besides the frame story) that fails to deliver, as tension is tossed aside for jump scares by people in bad alien costumes and a downer ending. "Tape 49" wraps up as expected if you've seen the original, but that's not exactly a bad thing here, and the fact that three of the four segments are hits makes V/H/S 2 worth seeing.
Warm Bodies20136572 - Surprisingly good. I wish they did more with the concept as the whole third act feels ridiculously rushed (or maybe it's just because the transition from the first to the second went on for too long), but it's really not bad. The obvious Romero & Juliet themes are obvious (the male lead being named "R," the female lead being "Julie," warring factions, love despite the feud, etc.), but they're welcome. I really dug the Bonies/Skeletons, even just the concept of them, and oh holy hell is Rob Corddry severely underrated as an actor. He was, hands-down, the best part of the whole movie, and made every scene he's in (surprisingly few) shine as the brightest in the whole movie.
Wolverine, The20136572 - You know what's awesome? How much better this movie is than the first Wolverine flick, and how well they handled making Wolverine actually look threatened. There's some pretty bad pacing issues, though, as the central third of the movie just kind of drags on compared to the first and final acts, and the ending feels tacked on as opposed to the great climactic point that it should have been. A few of the fight scenes were shot in that fucking atrocious Bourne-inspired "shaky cam" way, which was incredibly annoying given that the fights themselves looked well choreographed and were, otherwise, filmed very well. Hugh Jackman nails it out of the park, of course, and I appreciated the dreams/nightmares where Logan interacted with Jean. This was a damn good continuation of the original X-Men film series that doesn't mess with the timeline or continuity (like the first Wolvie did). I'm really hoping that Jackman has more than just a quick cameo in the upcoming Days of Future Past, just because he owns the role so damn well.
X-Men20006572 - fun action movie, but the allure of "the X-Men are in a movie" wore off quickly
X-Men: First Class20116572 - the majority of it is on par with the first movie and, at times, on par with the second, but the whole thing starts to fall flat quickly without any one character or performance standing out like Hugh Jackman/Wolverine
A Beautiful Mind20016084
Gosford Park20016084
Interview with the Vampire19946084
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring20016084
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King20036084
Real Genius19856084 - A nice cult classic with plenty of one-liners, and easily one of Val Kilmer's best roles. It doesn't hit as hard as other comedies of the era, though, but it's still worth a watch
RED 220136084 - Not as good as the original, which was one of the most fun action movies I'd seen in a while (next to the original Expendables, easily). This was still pretty fun, though, with Helen Mirren and Brian Cox stealing the show whenever they're on screen. Bruce Willis and Mary Louise Parker have decent chemistry, I suppose, and it's believable when they bicker, but the cast isn't even the weak part of the movie: it's the convoluted mess of a plot that unfolds. There's a trend in movies now to pack as much plot development into the run time as possible, which is a detriment, as the original offered twists and turns that felt organic and only aided in the enjoyment, whereas this one changes some major aspect every 5-10 minutes. It's still a fun enough ride, though, and you can tell that everybody involved is having fun. The addition of Byung-hun Lee to the cast was extremely welcomed, and were it not for Brian Cox's handful of perfection? He'd be the best part here.
Royal Tenenbaums, The20016084
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story20076084
Purge, The20135595 - I sorta liked what they did here, with the whole idea behind the Purge itself being one big "fuck you" to the uber-con/Tea Party crowd (blatantly done so, too, considering it's primarily those below the poverty line who are designated as victims by the upper-middle class citizens that feel "entitled" to taking part in the Purge, not to mention the Carpenter-esque religious right overtones of the government), but the execution failed, the cast left much to be desired (Ethan Hawke and Rhys Wakefield were the only decent actors in the whole thing, and it's obvious Rhys was hamming it up in overdrive), and the plot lost itself. The kids are ridiculously stupid on top of it all and you'll find yourself hoping that the son, at least, dies. There's a few bright spots (vaguely hinted at in the trailer, but not given away much at all), but this is a bad movie through and through. It's a pity that this got a wide release while The East, which was a heralded indie thriller that also served as a diatribe against the current state of right wing Ayn Rand worshipers, was forced into "select markets" only. A damn shame since I really, really wanted to see it, but it was never playing near me.
Super20105595 - James Gunn's worst movie.
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master19885099 - It's been a few years since I've seen this, and I remembered absolutely nothing about it initially. This is the transition from Freddy as the wise-cracking sinister force that Wes Craven first made him as and the living demonic cartoon character he became in later entries. The acting is terrible, none of the characters are worth giving a damn about (not even the main ones), and all of the incredibly inventive deaths from its predecessor (the excellent Dream Warriors) seemed to go out the window for incredibly basic "you're asleep, I stab you" deaths early on. The most memorable kills are the water bed kill of Joey and the roach motel kill of Gina, but even of those only the roach motel really stands out, and it's wasted on the worst actress in the whole thing (which says a lot). Character development? Only one person gets it (Alice). Hell, even Freddy goes down far too easy, which is something that happened only in parts 4 and 5. This one makes Freddy seem more like a nuisance than a true threat, but I will say that the first and final act showed promise, and Renny Harlin's direction was solid. It's a damn shame that one of the few horror/slasher franchises with continuity abound falls apart whenever anybody not named Wes Craven has a hand in it (save for the outstandingly fun Freddy Vs. Jason). This movie would've been much better if some of the characters were better fleshed out or the kills more daring, but hey, New Line Cinema needed money, dig?
Alien 319925099 - I'm a massive fan of this franchise. Some kids had Star Wars, some kids had Star Trek, but I had the Alien Trilogy. Seeing as I saw Aliens first and then Alien, I had some high hopes for this as a tyke, not knowing the negative aura surrounding its questionable quality. That said? There's a really, REALLY good movie hidden somewhere in this mess. There's a few damn good performances (Sigourney is great in everything, ditto Charles S. Dutton, and the rest of the cast was better than they needed to be) and lots of great ideas, but the constant changes made by producers Giler and Hill ruined everything. You'd think that they'd have learned from this mistake, but no: Alien Resurrection saw similar changes from the producers without the consent of neither director nor screenwriter, further resulting in a shyte movie, whereas Alien and Aliens saw Ridley Scott and James Cameron, respectively, have virtually total control over the end product (though Scott often conversed with producers due to the budgetary constraints and asked Roy Schusset/Dan O'Bannon for their input as they came up with the story and screenplay).
Erin Brockovich20005099
Kick-Ass 220135099
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The20045099
Swingers19965099 - Talk about a product of its times and nothing more, eh?
V/H/S20125099 - The wrap-around story, "Tape 56," finds four thugs (who enjoy videotaping their sexual assault on women in parking lots and smashing houses) hired to find a VHS tape in an old house, which gives us them watching each of these as they're slowly picked off one by one. The first segment, "Amateur Night," is one of the best of the bunch, and I want at least one succubus-based horror film to come out soon. "Second Honeymoon" is terrible and the worst of the bunch. "Tuesday the 17th" is a solid premise with decent execution, as the survivor of a serial killer attack brings her boyfriend and two other friends out as bait to lure the killer into a series of traps, with the major highlight being the static that fills the camera around the killer. "The Sick Thing That Happened to Emily When She Was Younger" has a solid premise - a girlfriend talking to her boyfriend, who's away on business, via webcam - and builds the tension, but fails at the big reveal. "10/31/98" is the best of the bunch, easily, as four friends go to the wrong house looking for a Halloween party and come across some sort of exorcism/Satanic ritual, causing supernatural chaos for all of them. The final one slowly builds tension throughout the entire thing, with the end twist only being foreseen if you know your horror and urban legends. Overall, V/H/S is a great concept, but its execution leaves much to be desired. Skip "Second Honeymoon" and "The Sick Thing..." and stick to the three good ones.
Smokin Aces200645106 - Fun action scenes, but not something I'll go out of my way to see.
ABCs of Death, The201240108 - Uneven. Completely uneven. Some of the shorts were brilliant ("C is for Cycle," "D is for Dogfight," "T is for Toilet," and "V is for Vagitus" are my favorites), others were bizarre for the sake of being bizarre ("H is for Hydro-Electric Diffusion"), and some were just flat-out stupid. The good is good, the bad is bad, and most of it is just meh. I applaud the concept and idea of finding 26 directors from all over the world to make their own death scenes and merely giving them a letter to do so with.
Blade: Trinity200440108
Brokeback Mountain200540108
Highlander: Endgame200040108
Kung Fu Hustle200440108
Moulin Rouge!200140108
Wedding Crashers200540108
X-Men: The Last Stand200640108 - fuck Brett Ratner and fuck this bastardization of the Phoenix/Dark Phoenix saga
300200635116 - Overrated, one of the worst from Zack Snyder.
Balls of Fury200730117 - I want to like this movie because of the cast but it's just so bad.
Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day200930117 - Talk about a shyte sequel, the "3" is only because of Billy Connolly being awesome and the speech that Rocco gives during the brothers' dream.
Highlander III: The Sorcerer199430117
X-Men Origins: Wolverine200930117
Highlander II: The Quickening199110123