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Title Year Rating Rank Review
American Psycho20001001(full review) - It is wild, brilliant work that marked a talent preparing for big things.
Exorcist, The19731001(full review) - For evocative, nerve jangling, demonic horror, you will not find better than The Exorcist.
A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night2014953(full review) - I promise the image of a vampire on a skateboard will stay with you.
A Tale of Two Sisters2003953(full review) - A Tale of Two Sisters is saturated with bold colors and family troubles.
Audition2000953(full review) - Nearly unwatchable and yet too compelling to turn away from, Audition is a remarkable piece of genre filmmaking.
Calvaire2004953(full review) - His film is a profoundly uncomfortable, deeply disturbing, unsettlingly humorous freakshow that must be seen to be believed.
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer1986953(full review) - It’s a uniquely awful, absolutely compelling piece of filmmaking.
Hereditary2018953(full review) - Aster takes advantage of a remarkably committed cast to explore family dysfunction of the most insidious type.
Midsommar2019953(full review) - Midsommar is a bold vision and wholly unnerving experience (emphasis on experience)
Night of the Living Dead1968953(full review) - As the first film of its kind, the lasting impact of this picture on horror cinema is hard to overstate.
Nosferatu (1922)1922953(full review) - Best vampire ever.
28 Days Later20029012(full review) - The vision, the writing, and the performances all help him transcend genre trappings without abandoning the genre.
C'mon C'mon20219012(full review) - The blending of reality with fiction is seamless enough to buoy the sense of authenticity and heighten a mood of empathy.
Cabin in the Woods, The20119012(full review) - As smart as Scream, as much fun as Evil Dead, this film is as thoroughly enjoyable a horror flick as anything you’ll find.
Candyman20219012(full review) - It is a film that honors its roots but lives so vibrantly in the now that it makes you view the 1992 original from an urgent new angle.
Dawn of the Dead20049012(full review) - His feature is gripping, breathlessly paced, well developed, and genuinely terrifying.
Everything Everywhere All at Once20229012(full review) - At the heart of the insanity lurks a spot-on depiction of a midlife crisis, and Michelle Yeoh’s depiction of that crisis is revelatory.
Funny Games20079012(full review) - The bored sadism that wafts from these kids is seriously unsettling, as, in turn, is each film.
Funny Games19979012(full review) - His teen thugs’ calm, bemused sadism leaves you both indignant and terrified as they put the family through a series of horrifying games.
Get Duked!20199012(full review) - What does one homeschooled teen and three high school ne’er do wells in trouble for blowing up a lavatory have in common? Impending doom.
Goodnight Mommy20159012(full review) - There is something eerily beautiful about Severin Fiala and Veronika Franz’s rural Austrian horror Goodnight Mommy (Ich seh, Ich seh).
Housebound20149012(full review) - You’re nervous, you’re scared, you’re laughing, you’re hiding your face, you’re screaming – sometimes all at once.
I Saw The Devil (Akmareul boatda)20109012(full review) - You might even notice some really fine acting and nimble storytelling lurking inside this bloodbath.
It Follows20149012(full review) - The shape shifting entity itself appears in a variety of forms, each a more lurid image direct from some nightmare.
Joker20199012(full review) - His presence is completely transfixing, always convincing you that he is here to fulfill this legendary character’s destiny.
Martyrs20089012(full review) - It holds some gruesome imagery, and though the climax may not be pleasing, it certainly doesn’t disappoint.
Memoria20219012(full review) - If you are in the mood for something decidedly different, let Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s meditative wonder Memoria beguile you. Or bewilder you. Or both.
Mist, The (2007)20079012(full review) - Regardless, it’s the provocative ending that guarantees this one will sear itself into your memory.
Nightmare Alley20219012(full review) - But what a vision it turns out to be – one of the year’s best and one of his best.
One Cut of the Dead20179012(full review) - The manic comedy proves as infectious as the zombiism on the screen
Open Water20039012(full review) - Kentis boasts not just an ear for realistic dialogue and an ability to draw authentic performances.
Parallel Mothers20219012(full review) - It’s one of Almodóvar’s most tender films, and one of Cruz’s very finest performances.
Passing20219012(full review) - Whatever the background, the result is a meticulously crafted, deeply felt gem of a film.
Promising Young Woman20209012(full review) - Fennell exposes the hideous reality of gender norms and how little it takes for a man to be considered a good dude.
Spider-Man: No Way Home20219012(full review) - This third installment showcases the naïve optimism and youthful sweetness that has made Watt’s first two episodes such a great time
The Beta Test20219012(full review) - It’s a deceptively layered performance at the center of a biting piece of social commentary.
The Card Counter20219012(full review) - It helps that Isaac is a profound talent and essentially flawless in this role.
The Green Knight20219012(full review) - Lutes and mead, chainmail and sorcery—director David Lowery’s Camelot is just as rockin’ as ever in his trippy coming-of-age style The Green Knight.
Wild Indian20219012(full review) - He’s a survivor bound up in his own guilt and shame, taking advantage of whatever he can and hating himself and everyone around him because of it.
Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched: A History of Folk Horror20219012(full review) - Janisse’s film repays your undertaking with not only an incredibly informative documentary but an engaging, creepy and beautifully made film.
A Quiet Place20188541(full review) - A Quiet Place works your nerves like few films can.
American Mary20138541(full review) - The images are bright, crisp and classy and at the same time so very wrong – just like Mary.
Belfast20218541(full review) - The script he penned of his memories sweeps you into an idealized, meticulously crafted yarn so lyrical it could be nothing other than Irish.
Bergman Island20218541(full review) - Bergman Island tells you a lot but leaves it to you to decide what it’s saying.
Caveat20208541(full review) - The favor involves Olga, that house, and a long stretch of tightly fastened, heavyweight chain. Dude, I am in.
Censor20218541(full review) - But between Algar’s skill and Bailey-Bond’s cinematic vision, the journey toward that break is a wild ride.
Coming Home in the Dark20218541(full review) - Coming Home in the Dark offers a spare but unblinking span of gritty, punishing thrills.
Conjuring, The20138541(full review) - Yes, this is an old fashioned ghost story, built from the ground up to push buttons of childhood terror.
Cooties20148541(full review) - One: It is often laugh out loud funny. Two: It is willing to indulge the subversive fantasy of (possibly all) school teachers.
Cyrano20218541(full review) - This new Cyrano is another hit and miss for Wright, but Peter Dinklage retains his crown as the most endlessly fascinating and watchable actor on the screen.
Dead Snow 2: Red vs. Dead20148541(full review) - Wirkola balances comic timing with action pacing well enough to deliver a thrill a minute gore spattered laugh riot.
Dinner in America20228541(full review) - Rarely does a film feel as genuinely subversive and darling as Dinner in America, the punk rock rom-com you never knew you needed.
Don't Breathe20168541(full review) - Alvarez makes excellent use of what little we know about the characters to keep us anxious.
Double Walker20218541(full review) - He casts a spell with his feature debut and it’s hard not to wonder what both he and Mix might do next.
Encanto20218541(full review) - Encanto reflects the magical realism favored in the literature of the land and that, too, makes for a unique cartoon experience.
Final Account20218541(full review) - What is the difference between being complicit and being a perpetrator?
Four Good Days20218541(full review) - Molly’s defenses and manipulations blend together so believably that when she does hit a note of emotional depth and sincerity, it’s heartbreaking.
Freaky20208541(full review) - It’s a bloody riot, and Vince Vaughn hasn’t been this much fun since Old School.
Fried Barry20208541(full review) - Suspend disbelief. The movie is nuts.
Holler20218541(full review) - If you seek an antidote to Hillbilly Elegy, Riegel has what you’re looking for.
I Carry You with Me20208541(full review) - And though the film’s title aptly captures the longing between separated lovers, it carries with it a great deal more.
In Fabric20198541(full review) - Strickland’s audacious anti-consumerism fantasy must be seen to be believed.
Inside20078541(full review) - Holy shit. Inside is not for the squeamish.
It20178541(full review) - Muschietti’s approach to plumbing your fear has more depth than that and he manages your rising terror expertly.
John and the Hole20218541(full review) - John and the Hole is a head-scratcher and a fascinating addition to the troubled adolescent subgenre.
La llorona20198541(full review) - Bustamante’s film is a slow boil as interested in those who’ve tacitly accepted evil as it is in those who’ve committed it.
Little Monsters20198541(full review) - But the pace is quick, the bowels are spilling, and I’ve never enjoyed Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off more.
Lorelei20218541(full review) - But there’s no denying the central performances or the beautifully messy image of family the film delivers.
Mandy20188541(full review) - Mandy offers a commitment to vision above all.
Martyrs Lane20218541(full review) - Gough’s understated frailty is the unease that haunts the film from its opening, a feeling that blossoms into dread as the tale wears on.
Men20228541(full review) - If you can make peace with ambiguity, Men is a film you will not likely forget.
Mom and Dad20178541(full review) - But this may be the most amusing way to spend 90 minutes watching people try to murder their own children.
Mondocane20218541(full review) - The unnerving nearness to modern reality sets Mondocane apart from the earlier, clearly futuristic fables.
Mother!20178541(full review) - an allegorical descent into hell, meticulously crafted and deftly told
My Heart Can't Beat Unless You Tell It To20208541(full review) - What could easily have become its own figurative image of the masculine longing for freedom mines far deeper concerns.
News of the World20208541(full review) - Tom Hanks would inevitably be the hero in a Western because we believe he would do the right thing, however difficult that is.
Nitram20218541(full review) - But it’s Landry Jones you’ll remember. He’s terrifying but endlessly sympathetic in a bleak film that’s a tough but rewarding watch.
Overlord20188541(full review) - Plus, Nazi zombies, which is never not awesome!
PG (Psycho Goreman)20218541(full review) - How much fun is this movie?!
Pig20218541(full review) - Sarnoski asks you to wait for it. He gives Cage time to pause, breathe, and deliver his most authentic performance in ages.
Scream20228541(full review) - It’s a standalone blast. But if you grew up on these movies, this film is like a bloody message of love for you.
Strawberry Mansion20218541(full review) - Smart, whimsical and decidedly analog, Kentucker Audley and Albert Birney’s Strawberry Mansion turns dystopian dreamscape into retro children’s television.
Summertime20208541(full review) - The performers never abandon the humor, joy and hope that comes from upending conventions about who they are, where they’re from, and what they have to offer.
The Lost Daughter20218541(full review) - Unnerving intimacy marks Maggie Gyllenhaal’s debut as a feature director, The Lost Daughter.
The Matrix Resurrections20218541(full review) - The strange synergy between the logical evolution of Anderson/Neo’s story and Wachowski’s rage is what makes The Matrix Resurrection strangely satisfying.
The Meaning of Hitler20218541(full review) - Their central problem is how to expose a fascist’s need to be mythologized without mythologizing the fascist.
The Northman20228541(full review) - As is the case with Eggers, expect a fair amount of the supernatural and surreal to seep in here and there, but not enough to outweigh the meticulously crafted period realism.
The Outside Story20218541(full review) - The film Nozkowski builds around him feels like Sesame Street for adults.
The Tragedy of Macbeth20218541(full review) - Coen brother Joel delivers a vision that’s both decidedly theatrical and profoundly cinematic with his solo directorial effort, The Tragedy of Macbeth.
The White Tiger20218541(full review) - The White Tiger offers a blistering class consciousness that makes the filmmaker’s 2014 film 99 Homes feel positively cozy with the effects of capitalism.
They/Them/Us20218541(full review) - They/Them/Us takes the tried-and-true tumult of family dynamics and blends it with a sex romp to create an unexpected take on modern parenting.
Val20218541(full review) - The result oscillates between self-indulgence and raw nerve, but it’s never less than intriguing.
Werewolves Within20218541(full review) - Mishna Wolff displays a flair for whodunnit fun that elevates the film high above 90% of the video game movies that have been made.
You Won't Be Alone20228541(full review) - His fractured storytelling suits his purposes of exploring gender identity and the nature of humanity.
A Banquet20228095(full review) - For all it has going for it, A Banquet answers none of the questions it asks and leaves you wanting.
A Mouthful of Air20218095(full review) - For all its flaws, A Mouthful of Air is a film you’ll be thinking about long after the credits roll.
Achoura20208095(full review) - Children in peril, cool creature design and a monster that still feels new, even though it’s centuries old.
Alone with You20228095(full review) - But the reason it works as well as it does is because Alone with You becomes a cagey allegory.
Antebellum20208095(full review) - There are stumbles getting to the fireworks, but for sheer heroic tit for tat, Antebellum delivers the goods.
Antiviral20128095(full review) - Visually chilly – all washed out whites with splashes of blood red – and emotionally distant, the world of Antiviral is as antiseptic as a hospital ward.
Becky20208095(full review) - The film is bloody, angry and, even for its fairly formulaic premise, unpredictable.
Being the Ricardos20218095(full review) - Their on-screen personas meet their off-screen realities in a way that allows a firmly remarkable cast to deliver twice the goods.
Boys from County Hell20218095(full review) - The new mythology is a little muddier and more monstrous than Dracula, but never less than fun.
Bruised20218095(full review) - But every so often, Berry gives us something raw and surprising.
Dawn Raid20218095(full review) - “Delightful” is a word I wouldn’t expect to use to describe a documentary about the rise and fall of a hip-hop empire. And yet, there you have it.
Downton Abbey: A New Era20228095(full review) - Droll dialog, stunning locales and exquisite costuming elevate each scene to something more than a guilty pleasure, but the film’s sites never veer from its target audience.
Encounter20218095(full review) - The filmmaker and his game lead challenge expectations both in theme and in genre, and while their gamble doesn’t entirely pay off, it’s often riveting stuff.
False Positive20218095(full review) - There really is something subversive, honest, and horrifying worth witnessing in this movie.
Goodbye Honey20218095(full review) - Strand’s nimble screenplay, co-written with Todd Rawiszer, twists and turns in ways that are both unexpected and fully reasonable.
Happy Death Day20178095(full review) - Rothe boasts strong comic timing and a gift for physical comedy, a skill that transitions nicely to the demands of being repeatedly victimized by a slasher.
Hellbender20218095(full review) - These people are the real deal and I look forward to their next effort.
Horror Noire20218095(full review) - Taken as a whole, there’s variety enough in style and substance to promise something for everyone.
Hudson20198095(full review) - The thing is, Hudson is pretty great.
In the Earth20218095(full review) - In the Earth blends ecological terror, pagan ritual horror and Lovecraftian SciFi into a dreamlike episode
It Chapter Two20198095(full review) - Does Chapter Two improve the finales of the novel and TV version? Most definitely.
Kurt Vonnegut: Unstuck in Time20218095(full review) - That very intimacy likely helps Weide and co-director Don Argott (Last Days Here, Believer) uncover a rarely captured side of the famously acerbic and funny author.
Luca20218095(full review) - The message – embrace who you are – is worthy, but there’s just not much in the delivery for the film to call its own.
Maggie20158095(full review) - It’s a small film that explores something relatable and intimate, even if it chooses an unusual setting to do it.
Master20228095(full review) - While her story tells of a history of racism that’s clearly alive and well, the filmmaker’s comment on institutional and historical contempt for women is more sly but ever-present.
Monuments20208095(full review) - If this irony led to some kind of absurdist “What’s really the point of it all?” theme, maybe it would have been worth it.
Mosquito State20208095(full review) - But for a wild combination of revulsion and beauty, Mosquito State is worth a look.
Nobody20218095(full review) - And by that, I mean exclusively the perfection of Bob Odenkirk in this role.
Prisoners of the Ghostland20218095(full review) - Prisoners of the Ghostland delivers a samurai cyberpunk musical Western dystopian neo-noir with flourishes reminiscent of Mad Max and Mulan Rouge.
Sing 220218095(full review) - Not one memorable thing happens. Not one. But Sing 2 is light-hearted, good-natured fun while it lasts.
Stillwater20218095(full review) - The film works against your expectations brilliantly to deliver a film that refuses to satisfy.
Swan Song20218095(full review)
Take Back the Night20228095(full review) - Fitzpatrick delivers something raw and believable, anchoring the fable with realism.
Teddy20218095(full review) - Thanks to Bajon and a strong ensemble around him, the film makes you feel something for an enemy you might rather just hate.
The Advent Calendar20218095(full review) - It’s a clever sleight of hand, Ridremont taking advantage of our familiarity with his subgenre when he needs to, while still leaving behind the tangy taste of mystery.
The Blazing World20218095(full review) - Creepy twin stuff, Udo Kier, alternate realities—yes, The Blazing World. I am in.
The Boy Behind the Door20208095(full review) -
The Burning Sea20218095(full review) - But in dialing down the bombast, Anderson’s film creates a level of authenticity that’s much scarier.
The Djinn20218095(full review) -
The Oak Room20208095(full review) - There is something hypnotic in the way the night progresses, and in the way phrases and ideas repeat across different decades and different tales.
Those Who Wish Me Dead20218095(full review) -
Venom: Let There Be Carnage20218095(full review) - The result is a mish-mash of messy, frenetic fun with a higher body count than you might expect.
Vicious Fun20208095(full review) - Hats off to Callahan for not only finding a unique and fun premise in an overcrowded genre but for appreciating the precious jewel that is the nice guy.
We Need to Do Something20218095(full review) - Healy, in particular, delivers a characteristically unpleasant performances, feeling very much like a trapped rat.
Woe20218095(full review) - The three performances sell the story, the Twilight Zone weirdness, and the human pathos that underly everything.
Army of the Dead202175140(full review) - It still delivers the goods here and there, but it won’t stick with you.
Barbarians202175140(full review) - The fact that the invasion itself never matches the tension of the simple dinner —what with its evasions, lies, manipulations — becomes Dormfan’s biggest problem.
Benny Loves You202175140(full review) - Benny Loves You offers forgettable, bloody fun.
Bingo Hell202175140(full review) - With characters to root for, violence to spare, and a healthy acceptance of chaos, Bingo Hell is pretty fun.
Bloody Hell202075140(full review) - It’s mean funny, sometimes tone-deaf mean and not so funny, but the often joyously dark humor almost makes up for that.
Boris Karloff: The Man Behind the Monster202175140(full review) - a pleasant enough chance for Karloff fans to soak up like-minded love of one of cinema’s greatest genre performers
Color Out of Space202075140(full review) - Lovecraft fans, though, have reason to be excited.
Dune202175140(full review) - It’s a lot of very attractive waiting for something to happen, which is maybe the best Dune synopsis I can think of.
Joe Bell202175140(full review) - Joe Bell does break through the contrivance of familiar storytelling because this story doesn’t fit neatly or cheerily into that package.
John Dies At The End201375140(full review) - “You don’t choose the soy sauce. The soy sauce chooses you.”
Lady of the Manor202175140(full review) - Lady of the Manor often plays like an extended episode of Drunk History, only maybe not quite as funny.
Space Jam: A New Legacy202175140(full review) - By the time the buckets and anvils start dropping, A New Legacy finds its own fun and satisfying groove.
The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It202175140(full review) - The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It takes on the legal system but unfortunately abides by the law of diminishing returns.
The Lost City202275140(full review) - The Lost City offers pretty, lightweight fun, not unlike a romance novel.
The Paper Tigers202175140(full review) - This is a hard film to root against.
The Scary of Sixty-First202175140(full review) - The Scary of Sixty-First will not land with most audiences. But it’s a wild vision and I’m not sorry I caught it.
The Seed202175140(full review) - Walker wades into dark comedy/satire territory for the first two acts, then abandons it entirely for a dusty, predictable, humorless finale.
Alice202270157(full review)
Crimson Peak201570157(full review) - Gorgeous period pieces drip with symbolism and menace, creating an environment ideal for the old fashioned ghost story unspooling.
Dachra201970157(full review) - Bouchnak, on the other hand, pieces together every cliché he can think of, winding up with a film both clumsily familiar and unpleasant.
Marry Me202270157(full review) - Harper Dill and John Rogers’s screenplay, based on Bobby Crosby’s graphic novel, pulls you in by treading on Lopez’s public persona.
The Starling202170157(full review) - Moments of genuine emotion punctuate the film and, while welcome, they mainly serve as a reminder of what The Starling had the potential to become.
The Suicide Squad202170157(full review)
Virus :32202270157(full review)
You Are Not My Mother202270157(full review)
Ouija: Origin of Evil201665165(full review) - He lets the appealing performances and family dynamic do most of the heavy lifting.
Wyrmwood: Apocalypse202265165(full review) - The inspired lunacy of Roache-Turner’s original is gone, replaced with entertaining if forgettable fun.
47 Meters Down201760167(full review) - For a mindless, squirmy summer shark fest, though, it’s a fun time-waster.
Annabelle: Creation201760167(full review) - But there are jumps aplenty and a couple of very freaky images in the third act.
Antlers202160167(full review)
Marathon202160167(full review)
Annabelle201455171(full review) - Annabelle never comes close to the near-classic status The Conjuring reached, but it’s a fun seasonal flick.
Black Christmas201955171(full review) - Takal threads some audacious take downs of bro culture throughout a film with a lot of insight. It’s just not a very good movie.
Horns201355171(full review) - It’s a fascinating mess.
No Man of God202155171(full review) - There are flashes in Sealy’s film where she nearly punctures her rote though well-acted tale with genuine insight about misogyny.
The Forever Purge202155171(full review) - The Forever Purge is essentially an action thriller with a social conscience (and about as much subtlety as you’ve come to expect from the franchise).
Above Suspicion201950176(full review) - The film’s overall entire tone lacks conviction.
As Above, So Below201450176(full review) - Dowdle and crew can’t quite piece together enough quality moments to deliver a memorable chiller.
Benedetta202150176(full review) - Verhoeven takes another shot at ogling the female form inside a context that suggests that ogling is really empowering.
Cruella202150176(full review) - My God does this movie need trimming.
Mortal Kombat202150176(full review) - This third attempt to bring the notorious Midway video game to the big screen is Aussie Rules R-rated.
Oculus201450176(full review) - Flanagan has some real skill weaving the rational world with one full of madness
Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones201450176(full review) - Slow in spots and hardly groundbreaking, The Marked Ones still manages to entertain and startle.
Seance202150176(full review) - Barrett generates no dread and no sense of connection to any of the characters.
Skull: The Mask202050176(full review) - Practical effects, hallucinatory sequences and a throwback exploitation vibe keep Skull: The Mask interesting enough to watch.
The Contractor202250176(full review) - Rather than elevate a bland picture, the performances feel wasted in this derivative and formulaic thriller.
The Protégé202150176(full review) - The Protégé is not a terrible film. At worst it’s just a waste of your time.
Tom Clancy's Without Remorse202150176(full review) - The thrills are mediocre, the shootouts and fights are middling, and the only thing more obvious than the plot points are the performances.
Dangerous202145188(full review) - Beyond that, the mystery is convoluted beyond measure, Tyrese Gibson and Famke Janssen are pointless, performances are forgettable.
Dark Phoenix201945188(full review) - Okay, some of the mutant vs. alien throwdown on a moving train has zip, but it’s too little, too late.
Dead & Beautiful202145188(full review) - Verbeek lenses a gorgeous late-night cityscape — never sinister, never forbidding, just pretty and mainly empty. Like his film.
Dog202245188(full review) - It’s a worthy message trapped in a sincere, tonally chaotic, humorless, lazily constructed mess of a movie.
Great White202145188(full review) - Wilson serves up a beautiful movie, beautiful people, gorgeous scenery, Hallmark-channel writing, and a Hallmark-channel score.
Jurassic World201545188(full review) - It’s basically The Lost World with more volcano and less Vince Vaughn.
Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension201545188(full review) - Let’s hope this really is their final effort.
A Cure for Wellness201740195(full review) - A Cure for Wellness slides images at you, but it never lays out any cohesive narrative to bring them together.
Escape Room201940195(full review) - The film’s predictable climax and disappointing waning moments are bound to leave you feeling that this movie could have been better.
Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore202240195(full review) - No idea what’s to blame here, but these movies are not getting any better.
Habit202140195(full review) - The result is a mishmash of borrowed ideas, none of them interesting enough to merit the label subversive.
JeruZalem201640195(full review) - It’s just a waste of a great idea.
Spiral: From the Book of Saw202140195(full review) - And it isn’t clever, it isn’t fun, it isn’t gory, it isn’t scary.
Zone 414202140195(full review) - Zone 414 tries really hard. It often fails.
American Traitor: The Trial of Axis Sally202135202(full review) - Every moment he is off-screen is unendurable.
Brahms: The Boy II202035202(full review) - Who would have guessed that director William Brent Bell could drive his lackluster 2016 scary doll flick The Boy to a sequel?
Cabin Fever201635202(full review) - Cabin Fever is an adequate remake of a perfectly serviceable horror film, but there’s something to be said about beating a dead horse here.
Dracula Untold201435202(full review) - For anyone interested in a lucid film, first time screenwriters Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless leave you with more questions than answers.
Wrath of Man202135202(full review) - No thank you.
Devil's Due201425207(full review) -