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Title Year Rating Rank Review
A Late Quartet2012951(full review)
Adaptation.2002951(full review)
Argo2012951(full review)
Artist, The2011951(full review)
Bandidas2006951(full review)
Batman Begins2005951(full review)
Dan in Real Life2007951(full review)
Empire Records1995951(full review)
Everything Is Illuminated2005951(full review)
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009951(full review)
Good Night, and Good Luck.2005951(full review)
Joe Versus the Volcano1990951(full review)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang2005951(full review)
Labyrinth1986951(full review)
Looper2012951(full review)
Maiden Heist2009951(full review)
Mean Girls2004951(full review)
Mystery Men1999951(full review)
Panic Room2002951(full review)
Prometheus2012951(full review)
Rise of the Guardians2012951(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed2012951(full review)
Say Anything...1989951(full review)
Scoop2006951(full review)
Smashed2012951(full review)
Starship Troopers1997951(full review)
Whip It2009951(full review)
500 Days of Summer20099028(full review)
About a Boy20029028(full review)
Amazing Spider-Man, The20129028(full review)
American Beauty19999028(full review)
Amos And Andrew19939028(full review)
Bernie20119028(full review)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer19929028(full review)
Casa De Mi Padre20129028(full review)
Catch Me If You Can20029028(full review)
Chronicle20129028(full review)
Collateral20049028(full review)
Fargo19969028(full review)
Flowers of War, The20119028(full review)
Galaxy Quest19999028(full review)
Hellboy20049028(full review)
Hollywoodland20069028(full review)
Ingenious20099028(full review)
Jack Reacher20129028(full review)
John Carter20129028(full review)
Josie and the Pussycats20019028(full review)
Liberal Arts20129028(full review)
Lockout20129028(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King20039028(full review)
Lord of War20059028(full review)
Lost World: Jurassic Park, The19979028(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom20129028(full review)
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20129028(full review)
Raising Arizona19879028(full review)
Run Lola Run19989028(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The19949028(full review)
Spider-Man 220049028(full review)
Total Recall (2012)20129028(full review)
Airheads19948560(full review)
Batman Forever19958560(full review)
Blade Runner19828560(full review)
Brick20058560(full review)
Butter20118560(full review)
Clerks19948560(full review)
Crazy, Stupid, Love20118560(full review)
Croods, The20138560(full review)
Daredevil20038560(full review)
Dark Crystal, The19828560(full review)
Drugstore Cowboy19898560(full review)
Girl, Interrupted19998560(full review)
Happy Gilmore19968560(full review)
Here Comes the Boom20128560(full review)
Jerry Maguire19968560(full review)
Jurassic Park19938560(full review)
Majestic, The20018560(full review)
Martian Child20078560(full review)
Minority Report20028560(full review)
Phone Booth20028560(full review)
Reign Over Me20078560(full review)
Rock of Ages20128560(full review)
Rocky19768560(full review)
Safe20128560(full review)
Spanglish20048560(full review)
Stand by Me19868560(full review)
Sunshine Cleaning20088560(full review)
Talented Mr. Ripley19998560(full review)
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft: (2001)20018560(full review)
Uncle Buck19898560(full review)
21 Jump Street20128090(full review)
A Knights Tale20018090(full review)
Beetlejuice19888090(full review)
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The20118090(full review)
Celeste And Jesse Forever20128090(full review)
Clueless19958090(full review)
Corpse Bride20058090(full review)
Dark Knight Rises, The20128090(full review)
Dark Knight, The20088090(full review)
Die Hard19888090(full review)
Edward Scissorhands19908090(full review)
Finding Forrester20008090(full review)
Frankenweenie20128090(full review)
Host, The20138090(full review)
I Am Legend20078090(full review)
Legally Blonde20018090(full review)
Lincoln20128090(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring20018090(full review)
Lord of the Rings: Two Towers20028090(full review)
Man in the Iron Mask, The19988090(full review)
National Treasure20048090(full review)
Oz: The Great and Powerful20138090(full review)
Pretty in Pink19868090(full review)
Rust and Bone20128090(full review)
Snow White and the Huntsman20128090(full review)
Trouble with the Curve20128090(full review)
Wreck-It Ralph20128090(full review)
Anna Karenina201275117(full review)
AVENGERS, The201275117(full review)
Batman (Keaton)198975117(full review)
Batman Returns199275117(full review)
Bedtime Stories200875117(full review)
Chasing Mavericks201275117(full review)
Coraline200975117(full review)
Dances with Wolves199075117(full review)
Elektra200575117(full review)
Flight201275117(full review)
Gone Baby Gone200775117(full review)
Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, The (2012)201275117(full review)
Jeff, Who Lives At Home201175117(full review)
Killing Them Softly201275117(full review)
Les Miserables201275117(full review)
Love Actually200375117(full review)
Skyfall201275117(full review)
Spider-Man200275117(full review)
Spring Breakers201375117(full review)
The Great New Wonderful200575117(full review)
Total Recall (1990)199075117(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2, The201275117(full review)
Arbitrage201270139(full review)
End of Watch201270139(full review)
Five-Year Engagement, The201270139(full review)
Gone In 60 Seconds200070139(full review)
Hudson Hawk199170139(full review)
Jack The Giant Slayer201370139(full review)
Lars and the Real Girl200770139(full review)
Master, The201270139(full review)
National Treasure: Book of Secrets200770139(full review)
Alex Cross201265148(full review)
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans200965148(full review)
Billy Madison199565148(full review)
Cloud Atlas201265148(full review)
Dredd 3D201265148(full review)
Family Stone, The200565148(full review)
Fantastic Four200565148(full review)
G.I. Joe: Retaliation201365148(full review)
Grey, The201165148(full review)
Haywire201165148(full review)
Hick201165148(full review)
I, Robot200465148(full review)
Jurassic Park III200165148(full review)
King Arthur200465148(full review)
Million Dollar Baby200465148(full review)
RoboCop198765148(full review)
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen201165148(full review)
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World201265148(full review)
Three Stooges, The (2012)201265148(full review)
Twilight200865148(full review)
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The201065148(full review)
War of the Worlds200565148(full review)
Brave201260170(full review)
Cosmopolis201260170(full review)
Election199960170(full review)
Jumper200860170(full review)
Life of Pi201260170(full review)
Man with the Iron Fists, The201260170(full review)
Match Point200560170(full review)
Phantom201360170(full review)
Playing For Keeps201260170(full review)
Safe House201260170(full review)
Spider-Man 3200760170(full review)
Spirit, The200860170(full review)
This Means War201260170(full review)
Thor201160170(full review)
Watch, The (2012)201260170(full review)
Contraband201255185(full review)
Fun Size201255185(full review)
Margaret201155185(full review)
Squid and the Whale, The200555185(full review)
Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1, The201155185(full review)
Twilight Saga: New Moon, The200955185(full review)
Batman And Robin199750191(full review)
Hunger Games, The201250191(full review)
8MM199945193(full review)
Love Guru, The200845193(full review)
Men in Black II200245193(full review)
Mission to Mars200045193(full review)
Katy Perry: Part of Me201240197(full review)

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