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AVENGERS, The20121001(full review) - This is one of the best movies I've ever seen. It's extremely funny, extremely witty, and it's full of non-stop action! This is everything you could ask of a comic book movie, plus a whole lot more!
28 Days Later2002952 - One of the best zombie movies I've ever seen (even though it really isn't a zombie film). If you are a fan of the post-apocalyptic genre, this is absolutely a must see!
Alien1979952 - This is one of those movies where you keep on discovering new things and it keeps your interest peaked. This genre defining movie is a must see!
28 Weeks Later2007904 - The sequel to '28 Days Later' is more fast paced and action packed than it's predecessor, but the story is not as gripping. It's definitely a good follow up to the original story, and I highly recommend it if you liked the first one.
Aliens1986904 - This is an interesting follow up to the original. Whereas the original was more of a psychological thriller with this one alien taking out each human with stealth and ease, this sequel is all action with packs of aliens coming up against humans head on. It's different from the original, but it's also a lot more fun!
Batman: Under the Red Hood2010904 - Even though Marvel has made the better live action films (save for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy), DC definitely makes the better animated movies, and Under the Red Hood is amongst their best! Great movie, well paced, highly recommended!
Watchmen2009757 - Here's the thing with the Watchmen, the complete movie ran way too long so they had to cut some key scenes out of the movie (trimming it to around 3 hours). The complete cut of the film is amazing, whereas the theatrical cut is often confusing for people who haven't read the book. So if you can, try watch the complete director's cut, definitely worth it!
Dark Shadows2012508(full review) - I only have one word to describe this movie: 'meh.' This movie is just an alright movie, and I wouldn't recommend watching it unless you're going to rent it out, and even then make sure that there aren't any better movies you haven't seen yet.