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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Taxi Driver1976971(full review) - It took me a while to come round to this but there's no doubt that it's the classic that it's claimed to be. One if Scorsese and DeNiro's finest moments.
Dazed And Confused199392.62(full review) - A massive upon release but has since become a cult classic, and rightfully so. One of the best coming-of-age films out there.
Her201392.62(full review) - A wonderful Sci-Fi fable that's surprisingly the best film of 2013
12 Years a Slave2013884(full review) - Slavery depicted in its most brutal and heinous form.
Nymphomaniac2013884(full review) - Lars von Trier manages to shock again but his film is much more than mere titillation, it's art.
Nymphomaniac: Volume II2013884(full review) - Not so much as another volume as the complete continuation of one story. A film of outstanding quality and assurance.
Wolf of Wall Street, The2013884(full review) - Scorsese gets dirtier the older he gets. But in a good way.
Counselor, The201383.68(full review) - A vastly underrated neo-noir and certainly not deserving of the backlash it's received. It's a misunderstood, philosophical gem.
August: Osage County2013809(full review) - The vitriol involved in dysfunctional families has rarely been played so intensely
Dallas Buyers Club2013809(full review) - Important drama with an awards worthy central performance by Matthew McConaughey
All Is Lost201374.611(full review) - Minimalist cinema that struggles to convey it's themes but benefits from solid direction and a triumphant and very physical performance from a 77 Year Old Robert Redford.
Rush (2013)20134312(full review) - There's better skid marks in my underpants

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