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Ascension2021901(full review) - What we are hearing sold is a Chinese version of the “American Dream,” in which there is a promise of wealth distribution to those who “deserve it.” But what we are seeing is the cost of that dream.
Beans2021901(full review) - Beans is a moving coming-of-age story that depicts many strong First Nations women.
Kenny Scharf: When Worlds Collide2020901(full review) - It situates Kenny in art history by tracing the evolution of art style from post-WWII abstract expressionism through to pop art/appropriation art, to graffiti art and cartoon realism.
Red Rocket2021901(full review) - Mikey Saber (Simon Rex) is like an ill-trained golden retriever—all smiles and charm until he starts humping your leg and pissing all over the furniture.
Small Time2020901(full review) - Small Time isn’t an easy film to watch, but it’s a good one.
The Spine of Night2021901(full review) - I was left feeling swaddled in nostalgia by Spine of the Night, wanting to pair it with some cozy PJs and a bowl of sugary cereal.
Wife of a Spy2020901(full review) - Kurosawa’s film focuses on the ripple effect that these atrocities have on the lives of the everyman/woman.
All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997)2021858(full review) - It all comes to resemble video scrapbook of the baby years of what’s become a mainstream aesthetic.
Detention2019858(full review) - ell-acted, with cinematography and sound design that keep us poised for scares, Detention does a wonderful job delivering a SpooOOooOOky season movie
Runt2021858(full review) - The tea of toxic masculinity that they are all steeping in leaves no room for apologies.
The Nowhere Inn2020858(full review) - Ever wondered what a mock music documentary directed by David Lynch would feel like?
Materna20208012(full review) - This is Gutnik’s first feature film and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next.
Here Are the Young Men20216513(full review) - The kids are not alright.
In Action20206513(full review) - For an action movie with essentially no budget, it gets the job done pretty darn well.
Queen Marie of Romania20195015(full review) - But once the delight of the visual treat starts to get old, there’s not much here to hold the attention.
Twist20215015(full review) - Martin Owen’s Twist imagines Oliver as an orphaned parkour enthusiast and Banksy-esque street artist.
BLONDE. Purple20212517(full review) - If the fun of Pulp Fiction was its post-modern remix of pop culture tropes, Blonde. Purple feels like a copy of a copy of a copy, unfocused and messy.