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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Flee2021951(full review) - What’s left is a hope that giving voice to his burdens may finally set him free, and lead to a greater understanding of the many voices yet unheard.
Black Widow2019902(full review) - Performances blossom and surprise, their chemistry buoying the familial longing required of every superhero backstory while anchoring action in characters you can care about.
Last Night in Soho2021902(full review) - Last Night in Soho is an often glorious mashup of settings and genres, and though you’ll recognize all of them, the package still carries a postmark that’s uniquely Wright’s.
Mass2021902(full review) - With insightful writing, superb performances and unassuming direction, it’s a cathartic film that deconstructs an all too common tragedy with overdue honesty.
Mr. SOUL!2018902(full review) - This is Black history coming thrillingly, vibrantly alive
Shiva Baby2021902(full review) - Seligman flashes an insight that disarms you with sex and humor.
Spencer2021902(full review) - Larraín’s committed vision and an achingly poetic turn from Stewart make Spencer a completely fascinating two hours of story time.
The Lost Leonardo2021902(full review) - But don’t be scared off by the whiff of stuffy art house pretension, this is also a damn fine piece of entertainment.
The Power of the Dog2021902(full review) - The Power of the Dog finds its own power in what it shows but never truly tells.
A Quiet Place Part II20208510(full review) - AQPII is lean, moves at a quick clip, thrills with impressive outdoor carnage sequences and yet commands that same level of tension in its nerve- janglingly quiet moments.
Best Summer Ever20208510(full review) - If Best Summer Ever doesn’t turn your frown upside down, I’ll eat a bug.
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road 8510(full review) - Jason and Brian take to the road for some engaging carpool conversation.
Ghostbusters: Afterlife20218510(full review) - But is it fun? Oh yeah, with some slick CGI and high points that are zuuler than the other side of the pillow.
Golden Arm20218510(full review) - Call it “stupid funny” if you want, but it’s still funny, with some underlying themes about gender stereotypes, personal growth and female friendships that are far from dumb.
Gully20218510(full review) - This film is messy, angry, brutal and defiant, a primal scream that doesn’t much care if you think it’s nihilistic.
In The Heights20218510(full review) - In the Heights has been saving that magic for the big screen experience, and now that it’s here it is indeed worthy of celebrating – in a theater, with a crowd.
Nine Days20208510(full review) - He’s taking some big swings at mighty heavy concepts here, with an originality of voice and attention to craft that is welcome any day.
No Time to Die20218510(full review) - Five films in 15 years have changed the character and the franchise for the better, and No Time to Die closes this chapter with requisite spectacle and fitting emotion.
Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It20218510(full review) - It’s just a damn good story, from someone worthy of celebrating while she’s still here.
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings20218510(full review) - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings soars highest when it follows its groundbreaking hero’s lead and vows to build its own world.
The French Dispatch20218510(full review) - Anderson delivers a fascinating and meticulous exercise boasting impeccable craftsmanship and scattershot moments of wry humor.
The Harder They Fall20218510(full review) - This crew ain’t shootin’ blanks, and they rarely miss.
The Last Duel20218510(full review) - The Last Duel aims for more than just a gripping history lesson.
The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 5220218510(full review) - It is earnest, ambitious and respectful, which seems fitting for a story anchored in a love of science and nature.
The Many Saints of Newark20218510(full review) - The Many Saints of Newark impresses most by the balance it finds between fan service and fresh character arcs.
The Retreat20218510(full review) - A nifty little coup de grace proves The Retreat has seen you coming all along.
tick, tick...BOOM!20218510(full review) - Miranda, Garfield and company are going big here, and end up reaching the balcony with crowd-pleasing panache.
Together Together20218510(full review) - Together Together is never less than warm, insightful and lovely.
Undine20208510(full review) - Christian Petzold is a filmmaker with an almost casual mastery of storytelling.
An Unquiet Grave20208030(full review) - With the hushed tones of the folk song that inspired its title, An Unquiet Grave reminds us that peace is a necessity for both the living and the dead.
Dream Horse20218030(full review) - The best sports movies are almost always about more than the sport. Dream Horse doesn’t forget that. You can bet on it.
Godzilla vs. Kong20218030(full review) - Pristine cinematography, detailed CGI effects and a wonderfully layered sound design elevate the thrills early and often.
House of Gucci20218030(full review) - And if your Thanksgiving ends up going completely off the rails, House of Gucci is a star-powered and entertaining way to feel a whole lot better about your own family.
Jungle Cruise20218030(full review) - But even at its most formulaic, there’s enough humor, heart and genuine movie star appeal here to make Jungle Cruise an excursion full of rollicking good fun.
Kandisha20208030(full review) - Kandisha adds a fresh cultural and female-specific lens to a bloody, take-no-prisoners approach that does much to overcome the tale’s familiar building blocks.
King Richard20218030(full review) - Smith makes the mix of crazy-like-a-fox determination, gentle humor and hidden scars one that -like Smith himself – is hard to dislike.
Old20218030(full review) - There is something waiting beyond the clearly defined metaphor about appreciating every day.
Our Towns20218030(full review) - For 97 minutes, Our Towns shows you that underneath all of our ugliness, there are success stories we can look to for examples of hope and possibility.
Percy20218030(full review) - Led by the sympathetic Walken, the ensemble cast is uniformly effective, but caught in a scattershot narrative.
Ride the Eagle20218030(full review) - It’s funny and it’s fuzzy and it goes a long way toward making sure these ruminations on forgiveness and regret actually resonate.
The Eyes of Tammy Faye20218030(full review) - If the goal here was to spotlight an award-worthy lead performance in an entertaining hat tip to Tammy Faye, well then mission accomplished.
The Night House20218030(full review) - There’s enough in The Night House to satisfy horror fans today, and plenty here to get us hopeful about the future.
Wolf20218030(full review) - But like many of her characters, writer/director Nathalie Biancheri is committed to her own different animal.
Black as Night20217544(full review) - And though it often feels like Black As Night is content to just jump on a crowded ride, it consistently finds small moments to call its own.
Dear Evan Hansen20217544(full review) - Much like its flawed main character, it’s a mess of awkward and misplaced intentions, as likely to generate facepalms as it is a loving embrace.
V/H/S/9420217544(full review) - A step up from Viral for sure, but with too many false starts for a rewind-able experience.
Bloodthirsty20216047(full review) - Bloodthirsty is a werewolf film that never really feels like one, which has both up and down sides.
F920215048(full review) - And as the running time keeps running, it all starts to feel pretty tedious.
The Gateway20215048(full review) - The Gateway becomes an overwrought and overwritten mess leading to little that is satisfying.
Here Today20214550(full review) - an overlong, self-indulgent, misguided and unfunny misfire.
Red Notice20214051(full review) - Thurber ends up navigating an awkward space that teeters on spoof.
The Amusement Park20214051(full review) - And armed with the proper context, you should probably see it anyway.
Titane2021553(full review) - It may not be shy about homages and influences, but Titane is indeed its own ferocious animal. Open the cage look the F out.