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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Black Widow2019901(full review) - Performances blossom and surprise, their chemistry buoying the familial longing required of every superhero backstory while anchoring action in characters you can care about.
Mr. SOUL!2018901(full review) - This is Black history coming thrillingly, vibrantly alive
Shiva Baby2021901(full review) - Seligman flashes an insight that disarms you with sex and humor.
The Lost Leonardo2021901(full review) - But don’t be scared off by the whiff of stuffy art house pretension, this is also a damn fine piece of entertainment.
A Quiet Place Part II2020855(full review) - AQPII is lean, moves at a quick clip, thrills with impressive outdoor carnage sequences and yet commands that same level of tension in its nerve- janglingly quiet moments.
Best Summer Ever2020855(full review) - If Best Summer Ever doesn’t turn your frown upside down, I’ll eat a bug.
Brian Wilson: Long Promised Road 855(full review) - Jason and Brian take to the road for some engaging carpool conversation.
Golden Arm2021855(full review) - Call it “stupid funny” if you want, but it’s still funny, with some underlying themes about gender stereotypes, personal growth and female friendships that are far from dumb.
Gully2021855(full review) - This film is messy, angry, brutal and defiant, a primal scream that doesn’t much care if you think it’s nihilistic.
In The Heights2021855(full review) - In the Heights has been saving that magic for the big screen experience, and now that it’s here it is indeed worthy of celebrating – in a theater, with a crowd.
Nine Days2020855(full review) - He’s taking some big swings at mighty heavy concepts here, with an originality of voice and attention to craft that is welcome any day.
Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It2021855(full review) - It’s just a damn good story, from someone worthy of celebrating while she’s still here.
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings2021855(full review) - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings soars highest when it follows its groundbreaking hero’s lead and vows to build its own world.
The Loneliest Whale: The Search for 522021855(full review) - It is earnest, ambitious and respectful, which seems fitting for a story anchored in a love of science and nature.
The Retreat2021855(full review) - A nifty little coup de grace proves The Retreat has seen you coming all along.
Together Together2021855(full review) - Together Together is never less than warm, insightful and lovely.
Undine2020855(full review) - Christian Petzold is a filmmaker with an almost casual mastery of storytelling.
An Unquiet Grave20208018(full review) - With the hushed tones of the folk song that inspired its title, An Unquiet Grave reminds us that peace is a necessity for both the living and the dead.
Dream Horse20218018(full review) - The best sports movies are almost always about more than the sport. Dream Horse doesn’t forget that. You can bet on it.
Godzilla vs. Kong20218018(full review) - Pristine cinematography, detailed CGI effects and a wonderfully layered sound design elevate the thrills early and often.
Jungle Cruise20218018(full review) - But even at its most formulaic, there’s enough humor, heart and genuine movie star appeal here to make Jungle Cruise an excursion full of rollicking good fun.
Kandisha20208018(full review) - Kandisha adds a fresh cultural and female-specific lens to a bloody, take-no-prisoners approach that does much to overcome the tale’s familiar building blocks.
Old20218018(full review) - There is something waiting beyond the clearly defined metaphor about appreciating every day.
Our Towns20218018(full review) - For 97 minutes, Our Towns shows you that underneath all of our ugliness, there are success stories we can look to for examples of hope and possibility.
Percy20218018(full review) - Led by the sympathetic Walken, the ensemble cast is uniformly effective, but caught in a scattershot narrative.
Ride the Eagle20218018(full review) - It’s funny and it’s fuzzy and it goes a long way toward making sure these ruminations on forgiveness and regret actually resonate.
The Eyes of Tammy Faye20218018(full review) - If the goal here was to spotlight an award-worthy lead performance in an entertaining hat tip to Tammy Faye, well then mission accomplished.
The Night House20218018(full review) - There’s enough in The Night House to satisfy horror fans today, and plenty here to get us hopeful about the future.
Bloodthirsty20216029(full review) - Bloodthirsty is a werewolf film that never really feels like one, which has both up and down sides.
F920215030(full review) - And as the running time keeps running, it all starts to feel pretty tedious.
The Gateway20215030(full review) - The Gateway becomes an overwrought and overwritten mess leading to little that is satisfying.
Here Today20214532(full review) - an overlong, self-indulgent, misguided and unfunny misfire.
The Amusement Park20214033(full review) - And armed with the proper context, you should probably see it anyway.