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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Arrival2016951(full review)
Darkest Hour2017951
Dunkirk2017951(full review)
Hacksaw Ridge2016951 - Gritty, gruesome, and full of emotion. Great story that deserved to be told. Andrew Garfield deserved that Best Actor nomination.
La La Land2016951(full review)
Social Network, The2010948
Room2015939(full review)
American Hustle20139212(full review)
Birdman20149212 - As we walked towards the theater exit, an older woman told me, a stranger, that she hated the movie. I felt quite different about it than she did, but I can understand where she's coming from. It isn't for everyone, but it's a damn fine film from all aspects.
Django Unchained20129212
The Big Short20159212(full review) - Entertaining and educational. Great cast, great performances. Should be required viewing.
Her20139117(full review)
Jojo Rabbit20199117
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20149019
Green Book20189019
The Revenant20159019(full review)
Zero Dark Thirty20129019
Black Panther20188924 - Shakespearean in multiple ways. Good action. Ties in nicely with the rest of the cinematic universe.
Ford v Ferrari20198924
Gravity20138924 - Disorienting and fantastic visuals. Almost too intense for me. One part action film, one part horror film, one part drama.
The Post20178924
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20178924
Argo20128830(full review)
Silver Linings Playbook20128830
The Imitation Game20148830
The Martian20158830(full review)
A Star Is Born20188734
Bridge of Spies20158734(full review)
Hugo20118734(full review)
The Theory of Everything20148734 - Some of the scenes felt unfinished whose implications were quite important. Great performances, great story, very good film otherwise. The ending suffered a bit.
Wolf of Wall Street, The20138734(full review) - It felt like Catch Me If You Can mixed with Boiler Room, made by a great director and partially financed by Cinemax.
Dallas Buyers Club20138640
Mad Max: Fury Road20158640(full review)
Marriage Story20198640
The Shape of Water20178640
12 Years a Slave20138545
American Sniper20148545
Bohemian Rhapsody20188545
Fighter, The20108545
Hidden Figures20168545(full review) - The real life events surrounding Hidden Figures deserve to be told, and it’s wonderful that the resultant film was of such high quality that it reached audiences which it otherwise might not.
Little Women20198545
The Favourite20188545
Captain Phillips20138355
Get Out20178355
Help, The20118355
Lady Bird20178355(full review)
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood20198355
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close20118260
Hell or High Water20168260 - A beautiful film whose dialogue was decent, not great, which is a shame because the performances were good. Storyline was decent but was a bit too watered down. Not the masterpiece I was expecting.
Kings Speech, The20108260
Phantom Thread20178260
Life of Pi20128164
Artist, The20118065(full review)
Call Me by Your Name20178065
Lincoln20128065 - Acting was good, as were the costumes and scenery. Pacing was too slow. Dialogue was painful. Took two tries to get through it. Tempted to rate it lower.
Spotlight20158065(full review) - Intriguing and important story, but nothing special about the way it was told. Above average movie, decent dialogue. Decent acting. Nothing special.
True Grit (2010)20107870
Brooklyn20157572 - The main character and, to some extent, her two male suitors, were the only ones with any sort of depth at all. Decent story, but lacked a supporting cast.
Manchester by the Sea20167572(full review)
Midnight in Paris20117572
Roma20187572 - At times a bit too slow for my taste, which is tough with a story with a slightly depressing edge to it.
Winters Bone20107572(full review) - very gritty film which does a great job of helping you get sympathetic for the protagonists. None of the antagonists feel like Hollywood performers, which is not to say they werent talented. On the contrary, they do such a good job with this film in distancing you from the production that it feels that much more real. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with this role
The Irishman20197377
Toy Story 320106678
Descendants, The20116279(full review)

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