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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Ex Machina2015951(full review)
Room2015932(full review)
The Big Short2015923(full review) - Entertaining and educational. Great cast, great performances. Should be required viewing.
Inside Out2015904
Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens2015904
The Revenant2015904(full review)
The Martian2015887(full review)
Bridge of Spies2015878(full review)
Creed2015878(full review)
Love & Mercy2015878
Mad Max: Fury Road20158611(full review)
Sicario20158512(full review)
Joy20158013(full review)
Spotlight20158013(full review) - Intriguing and important story, but nothing special about the way it was told. Above average movie, decent dialogue. Decent acting. Nothing special.
Steve Jobs20158013 - Strong dialogue, good performances and a story with heart.
The Hateful Eight20168013(full review)
Brooklyn20157517 - The main character and, to some extent, her two male suitors, were the only ones with any sort of depth at all. Decent story, but lacked a supporting cast.

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