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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Raiders of the Lost Ark1981981
Gandhi1982952(full review) - A bit overly long, which made it a bit tough to watch, but excellently performed and very insightful. Should be required viewing.
Rain Man1988903
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial1982874
Fatal Attraction1987865
Last Emperor, The1987856
Mission, The1986837
Amadeus1984808(full review)
Driving Miss Daisy1989808
Field of Dreams1989808
Terms of Endearment1983808(full review)
Ordinary People19807214
Raging Bull19807015(full review) - Good performances in a slow movie without likable characters.
Chariots of Fire19816716 - Decent story but the pacing was sluggish, ironic because the film was about Olympic runners. There really wasn't much in the way of tension or drama, and although they could have juxtaposed the main characters, they didn't make much of an attempt. I will be interested to watch the other films nominated that year to see how this could have won.
Broadcast News19876517
Out of Africa19856018(full review) - Great acting and good cinematography. Sluggish pacing. Awkward transitions. Mediocre dialogue.

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