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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Good Will Hunting1997981
Fight Club1999972
Shawshank Redemption, The1994972
About Time2013964
Darkest Hour2017955
Dunkirk2017955(full review)
Hacksaw Ridge2016955 - Gritty, gruesome, and full of emotion. Great story that deserved to be told. Andrew Garfield deserved that Best Actor nomination.
Kubo and the Two Strings2016955
La La Land2016955(full review)
Silence2016955(full review)
Room20159312(full review)
Sing Street20169312(full review)
A Monster Calls20169215(full review)
Birdman20149215 - As we walked towards the theater exit, an older woman told me, a stranger, that she hated the movie. I felt quite different about it than she did, but I can understand where she's coming from. It isn't for everyone, but it's a damn fine film from all aspects.
Miss Sloane20169215(full review)
The Big Short20159215(full review) - Entertaining and educational. Great cast, great performances. Should be required viewing.
Short Term 1220139120
Battle of the Sexes20179021(full review)
Brigsby Bear20179021(full review) - Four parts "ROOM", one part "NAPOLEON DYNAMITE", what the filmmakers did in putting together BRIGSBY BEAR deserves recognition. Lots of heart, plenty of humor. Great balance. Great film. Very enjoyable.
Ferris Beuller's Day Off19869021
Gran Torino20089021
Grand Budapest Hotel, The20149021
On The Waterfront19549021
The Revenant20159021(full review)
Victoria & Abdul20179021
Zero Dark Thirty20129021
Blind Side, The20098931
Chef20148931(full review)
Molly's Game20178931
The Big Sick20178931
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20178931
Argo20128836(full review)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest19758836
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The20128836
Silver Linings Playbook20128836
The Imitation Game20148836
The Martian20158836(full review)
Bridge of Spies20158742(full review)
Creed20158742(full review)
Double Indemnity19448742
Hugo20118742(full review)
Locke20148742(full review) - Excellent storytelling from a rather minimalist concept.
Love & Mercy20158742
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl20158742
Risen20168742(full review)
Southpaw20158742(full review) - Brutal and heart-felt. A great boxing movie.
Sunset Blvd19508742
The Equalizer20148742
The Girl on the Train20168742
The Sand Pebbles19668742(full review)
The Theory of Everything20148742 - Some of the scenes felt unfinished whose implications were quite important. Great performances, great story, very good film otherwise. The ending suffered a bit.
Wolf of Wall Street, The20138742(full review) - It felt like Catch Me If You Can mixed with Boiler Room, made by a great director and partially financed by Cinemax.
Dallas Buyers Club20138657
Jackie Brown19978657
The Florida Project20178657
The Shape of Water20178657
12 Years a Slave20138562
American Beauty19998562
American Gangster20078562
American Sniper20148562
Boys Town19388562
Fruitvale Station20138562 - It's disappointing that Crash got a Best Picture Oscar and this wasn't even nominated. Different years, but Fruitvale is far superior.
Godfather, The19728562
Graduate, The19678562
Hidden Figures20168562(full review) - The real life events surrounding Hidden Figures deserve to be told, and it’s wonderful that the resultant film was of such high quality that it reached audiences which it otherwise might not.
Kings of Summer, The20138562 - Every guy needs an experience like this.
Macbeth20158562(full review)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington19398562
The Drop20148562 - Not quite what I was expecting, but the performances were really good and the story moved along at a nice pace. I would definitely recommend it.
The Founder20168562
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.20158562(full review)
500 Days of Summer20098484
Before Midnight20138484
Before Sunrise19958484
Dirty Girl20108484
Sessions, The20128484
Swiss Army Man20168484
Boogie Nights19978390
Captain Phillips20138390
Help, The20118390
Lady Bird20178390(full review)
Nocturnal Animals20168390
Spectacular Now, The20138390
Straight Outta Compton20158390 - Lacked a great performance and the emotional hook it could have had if Easy E were made a more sympathetic character. Still a great story.
The Accountant20168390(full review)
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him20138390
The One I Love20148390(full review)
Woman in Gold20158390 - A good story, with a few strong presentation elements. Nothing super special about it, but a decent ride through a story based on true events with decent performances.
A Beautiful Mind200182102
An Education200982102
Eddie the Eagle201682102
Hell or High Water201682102 - A beautiful film whose dialogue was decent, not great, which is a shame because the performances were good. Storyline was decent but was a bit too watered down. Not the masterpiece I was expecting.
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The201382102
Lars and the Real Girl200782102
Michael Clayton200782102
Million Dollar Baby200482102
Place Beyond the Pines, The201382102 - The first half of the film is excellent and the ending helps pull it all together.
The Judge201482102
Up in the Air200982102
War Dogs201682102
War for the Planet of the Apes201782102
Way Way Back, The201382102
20th Century Women201681121
Before Sunset200481121 - The dialogue was very natural and the technical aspects of the film were really good. The story was interesting but not great. Heavy on the light-drama.
Everything Is Illuminated200581121
Great Gatsby, The (2013)201381121
Hunger Games, The201281121
In Bruges200881121
Much Ado About Nothing (2013 Joss Whedon)201381121 - All the better were it more easy on mine ears to listen and gently comprehend.
Taxi Driver197681121(full review)
The Only Living Boy in New York201781121(full review)
Artist, The201180133(full review)
Big Eyes201480133
Bling Ring, The201380133
Butler, The (2013 F Whitaker by Lee Daniels)201380133
Call Me by Your Name201780133
Cider House Rules, The199980133
Colossal201680133(full review)
Conspiracy Theory199780133
Cruel Intentions199980133
Drinking Buddies201380133 - Great chemistry but the ending could use something extra.
Everybody Wants Some201680133(full review)
Field of Dreams198980133
Gangs of New York200280133
Godfather: Part II, The197480133(full review)
Hurricane, The199980133
Ides of March201180133
In a World...201380133(full review)
In the Bedroom200180133
Ingrid Goes West201780133
Joy201580133(full review)
Majestic, The200180133
Playing by Heart199880133
Professor Marston & the Wonder Women201780133(full review)
Pulp Fiction199480133
Schindlers List199380133
Spotlight201580133(full review) - Intriguing and important story, but nothing special about the way it was told. Above average movie, decent dialogue. Decent acting. Nothing special.
Steve Jobs201580133 - Strong dialogue, good performances and a story with heart.
Thanks for Sharing201380133
The Skeleton Twins201480133
Finding Forrester200079171
Notorious (1946)194679171
American Graffiti197378174
Begin Again201478174
Glengarry Glen Ross199278174
Martian Child200778174
Roman J. Israel, Esq.201778174 - Just not memorable.
Sunshine Cleaning200878174
There Will Be Blood200778174
Apollo 13199577183
Darjeeling Limited200777183
Legend201577183 - This might be the first time ever that the music in a movie took me so far out of the tone it was trying to set that it hurt the film's rating in a big way.
Punch-Drunk Love200277183
The End of the Tour201577183
Wall Street198777183(full review)
August Rush200776190
Where the Wild Things Are200976190
Age of Adaline, The201575194 - If it weren't for the narrator, who forced plot points which could've been otherwise obvious, the film would've scored higher. The first act of the film took waaaaaaay too long. They should've focused more on the third. Picks up dramatically when Harrison Ford arrives.
American Made201775194
Brooklyn201575194 - The main character and, to some extent, her two male suitors, were the only ones with any sort of depth at all. Decent story, but lacked a supporting cast.
Captain Fantastic201675194 - Not as interesting a story as the premise seemed. A couple illogical characters really threw things off. Not a bad movie at all. Certainly had enjoyable parts. Decent performances. Nothing groundbreaking.
History of Violence, A200575194
Infinitely Polar Bear201575194 - At times, Ruffalo showed off his great acting skills. At other points he seemed to be trying too hard. Not as funny as it could have been, not as dramatic or interesting, either.
It's a Wonderful Life194675194(full review)
Lost in Translation200375194
Manchester by the Sea201675194(full review)
Margin Call201175194
Miles Ahead201675194(full review)
Passengers201675194(full review)
Road to Perdition200275194
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby201475194
The Jungle Book201675194(full review)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona200875194
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot201675194(full review) - Entertaining but nothing special.
Win Win201175194
Winters Bone201075194(full review) - very gritty film which does a great job of helping you get sympathetic for the protagonists. None of the antagonists “feel” like Hollywood performers, which is not to say they weren’t talented. On the contrary, they do such a good job with this film in distancing you from the production that it feels that much more real. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with this role
Do the Right Thing198974215
The Meddler201673216
A Serious Man200972220
Anomalisa201572220 - A bit too weird.
Girl, Interrupted199972220
Magic Mike201272220 - Had the potential to be much better. Underwhelming. With a couple changes it could have been great.
Requiem for a Dream200071224
Alpha Dog200670227
Everything Must Go201070227
Florence Foster Jenkins201670227 - Not much in the way of an emotional hook, nor enough tension, nor comedy. Decent performances but not great.
Friday Night Lights (movie)200470227
Green Mile, The199970227
Inside Llewyn Davis201370227 - Just a little confusing in spots and the pacing was too slow for my taste. I had pity for the main character, but too many things were going wrong for him, and I do not enjoy movies like that. Fine work from all involved.
Liberal Arts201270227
Only God Forgives201370227 - The graphic violence takes away from the beauty of the film.
Promised Land201270227
Raging Bull198070227(full review) - Good performances in a slow movie without likable characters.
Saving Mr. Banks201370227
Southside With You201670227
The Edge of Seventeen201670227
Varsity Blues199970227
Gosford Park200168242
Noah201468242 - The rock monsters seemed to be woven into the story to help create more action, but they detracted from the film.
Somewhere201068242 - Might have been better if it was a series of pictures instead of a movie.
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her201368242 - Doesn't work very well at all without the HIM version first. Disappointing, yet, still decent.
Dazed And Confused199367247
A Bigger Splash201565248(full review)
Beauty and the Beast199165248
Greenberg201065248 - Half as awkward as Frances Ha.
Paper Towns201565248(full review)
Revolutionary Road200865248
This Must Be the Place201165248
Trouble with the Curve201263254
Burn After Reading200862256
Descendants, The201162256(full review)
Young Adult201162256
The Lobster201560259(full review)
The Masked Saint201660259(full review) - Spotty writing in areas and a narrow target audience, but entertaining.
Rock of Ages201253262
Mr. Turner201450263(full review)
Crash200444264(full review) - Too contrived, and although the story is interestingly complex, the dialogue is sub-par and the characters are way too stereotypical. Huge disappointment.
Frances Ha201335265(full review) - One of the most boring movies I have ever seen.
Tiny Furniture20104266 - It felt like draft version of GIRLS.

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