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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Arrival2016951(full review)
Scream1996942(full review)
Room2015933(full review)
Miss Sloane2016924(full review)
Wonder Woman2017924(full review)
Battle of the Sexes2017906(full review)
Heat, The2013906
I, Tonya2017906
Zero Dark Thirty2012906
Gravity20138910 - Disorienting and fantastic visuals. Almost too intense for me. One part action film, one part horror film, one part drama.
Molly's Game20178910
Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri20178910
Spy20158713 - If we don't get a sequel to this film, I'll be disappointed.
Don't Bother To Knock19528615
The Shape of Water20178615
Trainwreck20158615(full review) - I'm not always a fan of Amy Schumer, but this was really entertaining. Bill Hader and LeBron James were really good in their roles.
Atomic Blonde20178518
Everly20158518(full review)
Hidden Figures20168518(full review) - The real life events surrounding Hidden Figures deserve to be told, and it’s wonderful that the resultant film was of such high quality that it reached audiences which it otherwise might not.
Postcards from the Edge19908518
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story20168518
Sicario20158518(full review)
Dirty Girl20108426
Help, The20118328
Lady Bird20178328(full review)
Run Lola Run19988328
An Education20098232
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The20138232
Star Wars: The Last Jedi20178232(full review)
20th Century Women20168135
Hunger Games, The20128135
Nine to Five19808135
Big Eyes20148039
Bling Ring, The20138039
Colossal20168039(full review)
Ghostbusters20168039 - Wiig and McCarthy weren't nearly at their best, but McKinnon, Jones and Hemsworth were very entertaining. The plot was decent, the throwbacks were fun. I'd be interested in a sequel.
Hello, My Name Is Doris20168039
In a World...20138039(full review)
Ingrid Goes West20178039
Joy20158039(full review)
Kill Bill vol 220048039
Sucker Punch20118039
Terms of Endearment19838039(full review)
The Zookeeper's Wife20178039
Wizard Of Oz, The19398039
For a Good Time, Call...20127853
Sunshine Cleaning20087853
The Circle20177853 - Interesting concept, not implemented perfectly, but a decent resolution.
Pitch Perfect20127756
Pitch Perfect 320177756
Troop Beverly Hills19897756
Whip It20097756
10 Cloverfield Lane20167561
Age of Adaline, The20157561 - If it weren't for the narrator, who forced plot points which could've been otherwise obvious, the film would've scored higher. The first act of the film took waaaaaaay too long. They should've focused more on the third. Picks up dramatically when Harrison Ford arrives.
Bad Teacher20117561
Brooklyn20157561 - The main character and, to some extent, her two male suitors, were the only ones with any sort of depth at all. Decent story, but lacked a supporting cast.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer19927561
Dirty Dancing19877561
Eagle vs. Shark20077561
Easy A20107561(full review)
Kill Bill vol 120037561
Mean Girls20047561
Pitch Perfect 220157561 - In some ways more enjoyable than the first, but they dumbed down a few of the characters, making them less interesting and a more shallow comedy.
Thelma And Louise19917561
Vicky Cristina Barcelona20087561
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot20167561(full review) - Entertaining but nothing special.
Winters Bone20107561(full review) - very gritty film which does a great job of helping you get sympathetic for the protagonists. None of the antagonists “feel” like Hollywood performers, which is not to say they weren’t talented. On the contrary, they do such a good job with this film in distancing you from the production that it feels that much more real. Jennifer Lawrence did a great job with this role
Carrie (1976)19767477
Just One Of The Guys19857378
The Meddler20167378
Girl, Interrupted19997280
Devil Wears Prada, The20067083
DUFF, The20157083
The Edge of Seventeen20167083
The Parent Trap19617083
Time Traveler's Wife20097083
To Do List, The20137083
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft: (2001)20016989 - A bit too cheesey at times with the action and stylistic elements.
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her20136891 - Doesn't work very well at all without the HIM version first. Disappointing, yet, still decent.
How to Be Single20166592
Julie And Julia20096493 - The fact that I enjoy cooking (it helps with the ladies and helps ensure meals aren’t terrible) AND Amy Adams made this film a decent option for me. The fact that it was nominated for Best Picture helped encourage its viewing even more. I’m not typically a Meryl Streep fan, but her portrayal of the strong-willed and quirky Julia Child was entertaining enough.
Alice In Wonderland (2010 - Johnny Depp)20106394
Young Adult20116295
Barbarella19685597(full review)
The Bronze20155597 - The dialogue was cringe-worthy, but the themes and execution was good enough to keep it from being a bad movie.
Tomb Raider20185597(full review)
Coyote Ugly200050100
Sisters201550100 - Some parts were really funny. Some parts were really stupid. The premise did not work for me at all. FULL ON Adults Behaving Like Children in effect, and not to great effect. I hope Fey and Poehler enjoyed their paid vacation together, because it's a blemish on their filmography.
Girl Most Likely201345102
Frances Ha201335104(full review) - One of the most boring movies I have ever seen.
Tiny Furniture20104105 - It felt like draft version of GIRLS.

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