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Title Year Rating Rank Review
Billy Elliot2000951
Moonrise Kingdom2012922
The Theory of Everything2014873 - Some of the scenes felt unfinished whose implications were quite important. Great performances, great story, very good film otherwise. The ending suffered a bit.
Dallas Buyers Club2013864
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004855
Away We Go2009836
Kill the Messenger2014836
Place Beyond the Pines, The2013829 - The first half of the film is excellent and the ending helps pull it all together.
In Bruges20088111
Seeking a Friend for the End of the World20128111
World's End, The20138111(full review)
American, The20108014
Dan in Real Life20078014
Pianist, The20028014
Bad Words20147817
For a Good Time, Call...20127817
It's Kind Of A Funny Story20107719
That Awkward Moment20147719
Hyde Park On Hudson20127522
Lost in Translation20037522
Anna Karenina20127326
A Serious Man20097227
Promised Land20127028
Somewhere20106830 - Might have been better if it was a series of pictures instead of a movie.
Greenberg20106531 - Half as awkward as Frances Ha.
Burn After Reading20086232
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy20115033 - One of the most confusing movies I've seen. Had it been constructed and prsented better, the story lends itself to being something special. Some audiences will appreciate the film in its first viewing, but most will not. That's a failure of the director and producers. It could have been excellent with its top-notch cast.

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