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Nothing here yet but I hope to soon.


Title Year Rating Rank Review
Jiro Dreams of Sushi2011871(full review) - This guy loves what he does and he has the secret to his success all spelled out.
Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck2015871(full review) - The ending left something to be desired, as it capped off an otherwise excellent, insightful documentary into one of the most interesting personalities of the 1990s.
Herblock: The Black & the White2013803
Invisible War, The2012803 - A very eye-opening look into a huge and disgusting problem our military needs to rectify.
Where to Invade Next2015803
Indie Game: The Movie2012787
Exit Through the Gift Shop2010778
Life Itself2014778
Conan O'Brien Can't Stop20117610
Imposter, The20126511

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