Ivory Tower

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Brief Synopsis: "As tuition spirals upward and student debt passes a trillion dollars, students and parents ask, "Is college worth it?" From the halls of Harvard to public and private colleges in financial crisis to education startups in Silicon Valley, an urgent portrait emerges of a great American institution at the breaking point."

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Bryan Lienesch86 - So often documentaries take place after the fact. A study of what HAS happened. 'Ivory Tower' is a study of what IS happening and the forecast is scary.
Comedy: 3
Sex Appeal: 5
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 5

People Involved

  • Elizabeth Armstrong ()
  • Richard Arum ()
  • Jamshed Bharucha (Himself)
  • Elizabeth Armstrong (Herself)
  • Richard Arum (Himself)
  • David Boone (Himself)
  • Jerry Brown (Himself)
  • Peter Buckley (Himself)
  • Anthony Carnevale (Himself)
  • Clayton Christensen (Himself)
  • Michael Crow (Himself)
  • Andrew Delbanco (Himself)
  • Drew Gilpin Faust (Himself)
  • Peter Hadreaas (Himself)
  • Laura Hamilton (Herself)
  • Drew Gilpin Faust (Herself)
  • John Hennessy (Himself)
  • Ellen Junn (Herself)
  • Anya Kamenetz (Herself)
  • Daphne Koller (Herself)
  • Ann Larson (Herself)
  • Rita Manning (Herself)
  • John Owens (Himself)
  • Michael Roth (Himself)
  • Peter Schiff (Himself)
  • Jeff Selingo (Himself)
  • Victoria Sobel (Himself)
  • Elizabeth Stark (Herself)
  • Victoria Sobel (Herself)
  • Dale Stephens (Himself)
  • Mitchell Stevens (Himself)
  • Teresa Sullivan (Herself)
  • Beverly Tatum (Herself)
  • Peter Thiel (Himself)
  • Sebastian Thrun (Himself)
  • Andrew Rossi (Director)