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Rank Movie Avg - Buttery Regular Half-Popped Stale Burnt
1Amelie 91%57.1%42.9%0%0%0%
2Spirited Away 89.13%87.5%0%12.5%0%0%
3Ghost World 88%75%25%0%0%0%
4Royal Tenenbaums, The 87.64%71.4%21.4%7.1%0%0%
5In the Bedroom 87.2%80%20%0%0%0%
6Black Hawk Down 86.17%66.7%33.3%0%0%0%
7Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring 85.42%63.2%26.3%10.5%0%0%
8Monsters Inc 84.44%55.6%33.3%11.1%0%0%
9Shrek 83.83%50%50%0%0%0%
10Y tu mama tambien 83.8%60%20%20%0%0%
11Super Troopers 83.67%66.7%33.3%0%0%0%
Rank Movie Avg - Buttery Regular Half-Popped Stale Burnt
12Mulholland Drive 83%66.7%0%33.3%0%0%
13Oceans Eleven (2001) 82.89%55.6%44.4%0%0%0%
14Donnie Darko 82.5%62.5%25%12.5%0%0%
15Tape 81.33%33.3%66.7%0%0%0%
16Training Day 81.2%60%20%20%0%0%
17A Beautiful Mind 80.92%46.2%38.5%15.4%0%0%
18Rush Hour 2 80%0%100%0%0%0%
19A.I. Artificial Intelligence 77.29%42.9%28.6%28.6%0%0%
20Hannibal 77%33.3%66.7%0%0%0%
21Majestic, The 76%40%40%20%0%0%
22Moulin Rouge! 75.7%30%50%20%0%0%
Rank Movie Avg - Buttery Regular Half-Popped Stale Burnt
23Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back 74.6%20%60%20%0%0%
24Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone 74%30%50%10%0%10%
25Fast And The Furious (2001) 72.73%22.2%55.6%22.2%0%0%
26Gosford Park 71.17%16.7%50%33.3%0%0%
27Tomb Raider, Lara Croft: (2001) 69.4%20%40%40%0%0%
28Zoolander 69%25%37.5%25%0%12.5%
29Others, The 67.5%0%100%0%0%0%
30A Knights Tale 67.43%14.3%42.9%42.9%0%0%
31Legally Blonde 63.6%0%80%0%0%20%
32Not Another Teen Movie 63%33.3%33.3%0%0%33.3%
33Blow 62.2%20%40%20%20%0%
Rank Movie Avg - Buttery Regular Half-Popped Stale Burnt
34Jason X 61.5%0%50%25%25%0%
35Jurassic Park III 59.75%0%50%37.5%0%12.5%
36Serendipity 59.2%0%40%60%0%0%
37Saving Silverman 57.67%0%66.7%0%0%33.3%
38Made 56.67%0%33.3%66.7%0%0%
39Planet of the Apes (2001) 55.33%0%0%100%0%0%
40American Pie 2 52.71%14.3%28.6%28.6%14.3%14.3%
41Wet Hot American Summer 49.33%0%0%100%0%0%
42Pearl Harbor 43.75%0%25%50%0%25%
43Scary Movie 2 38.9%0%25%25%25%25%
Rank Movie Avg - Buttery Regular Half-Popped Stale Burnt

Un-Ranked Movies

Movie Current Avg
Monsoon Wedding 97%
The Piano Teacher 97%
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing 97%
Waking Life 97%
Spy Game 96%
Josie and the Pussycats 93.5%
Vanilla Sky 89.5%
Frailty 88%
Lantana 88%
61* 87.5%
Bubble Boy 85%
Movie Current Avg
From Hell 84%
Hard Ball 82%
Shaolin Soccer 82%
Down to Earth 81%
Heist 80%
Kissing Jessica Stein 80%
Sidewalks of New York 80%
Enemy at the Gates 79%
Dogtown and Z-Boys 78%
15 Minutes 77.5%
I Am Sam 77%
Movie Current Avg
Head Over Heels 75%
The Believer 74.5%
Joy Ride 74%
Along Came a Spider 72%
Hedwig and the Angry Inch 70.5%
O 70.5%
The Devil's Backbone 70.5%
Human Nature 70%
Julie Johnson 70%
Kate & Leopold 70%
The Pledge 70%
Movie Current Avg
The Score 70%
The Son's Room 70%
The Tailor of Panama 70%
What Time Is It There? 70%
Jeepers Creepers 68.5%
Sex and Lucia 65.5%
Shallow Hal 65.5%
Ali 65%
Bandits 61%
Bridget Jones's Diary 61%
Iris 61%
Movie Current Avg
K-PAX 61%
Kandahar 61%
Storytelling 61%
Life as a House 60.5%
Arachnid 60%
Mummy Returns, The 60%
Wendigo 60%
Atlantis: The Lost Empire 55%
Behind Enemy Lines 54%
Spy Kids 52%
AntiTrust 50%
Movie Current Avg
The Animal 50%
The Mexican 50%
Joe Dirt 43%
Freddy Got Fingered 25%
Glitter 25%
The Affair of the Necklace 25%
Aalavandhan 0%
American Outlaws 0%
Buffalo Soldiers 0%
Children of the Corn: Revelation 0%
Corky Romano 0%
Movie Current Avg
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 0%
Driven 0%
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within 0%
How High 0%
Intimacy 0%
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius 0%
Kingdom Come 0%
Late Marriage 0%
Monkeybone 0%
No Man's Land 0%
Nowhere in Africa 0%
Movie Current Avg
Osmosis Jones 0%
Pootie Tang 0%
Princess Arete 0%
Riding in Cars with Boys 0%
Say It Isn't So 0%
Sexual Predator 0%
Someone Like You... 0%
Suicide Club 0%
Summer Catch 0%
Sweet November 0%
The Brothers 0%
Movie Current Avg
The Deep End 0%
The Forsaken 0%
The Princess Diaries 0%
The Wedding Planner 0%
Town & Country 0%
Trouble Every Day 0%
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust 0%
Movie Current Avg

15 Minutes
A Beautiful Mind
A Knights Tale
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
Along Came a Spider
American Outlaws
American Pie 2
Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Behind Enemy Lines
Black Hawk Down
Bridget Jones's Diary
Bubble Boy
Buffalo Soldiers
Children of the Corn: Revelation
Corky Romano
Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles
Dogtown and Z-Boys
Donnie Darko
Down to Earth
Enemy at the Gates
Fast And The Furious (2001)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within
Freddy Got Fingered
From Hell
Ghost World
Gosford Park
Hard Ball
Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone
Head Over Heels
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
How High
Human Nature
I Am Sam
In the Bedroom
Jason X
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
Jeepers Creepers
Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
Joe Dirt
Josie and the Pussycats
Joy Ride
Julie Johnson
Jurassic Park III
Kate & Leopold
Kingdom Come
Kissing Jessica Stein
Late Marriage
Legally Blonde
Life as a House
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Majestic, The
Monsoon Wedding
Monsters Inc
Moulin Rouge!
Mulholland Drive
Mummy Returns, The
No Man's Land
Not Another Teen Movie
Nowhere in Africa
Oceans Eleven (2001)
Osmosis Jones
Others, The
Pearl Harbor
Planet of the Apes (2001)
Pootie Tang
Princess Arete
Riding in Cars with Boys
Royal Tenenbaums, The
Rush Hour 2
Saving Silverman
Say It Isn't So
Scary Movie 2
Sex and Lucia
Sexual Predator
Shallow Hal
Shaolin Soccer
Sidewalks of New York
Someone Like You...
Spirited Away
Spy Game
Spy Kids
Suicide Club
Summer Catch
Super Troopers
Sweet November
The Affair of the Necklace
The Animal
The Believer
The Brothers
The Deep End
The Devil's Backbone
The Forsaken
The Mexican
The Piano Teacher
The Pledge
The Princess Diaries
The Score
The Son's Room
The Tailor of Panama
The Wedding Planner
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing
Tomb Raider, Lara Croft: (2001)
Town & Country
Training Day
Trouble Every Day
Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Vanilla Sky
Waking Life
Wet Hot American Summer
What Time Is It There?
Y tu mama tambien

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