Once Upon a Time in America

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Brief Synopsis: "This Mafia film is the greatest and last work from Italian director Sergio Leone. Taking place in 1920 to 1960 America the film follows a group Jewish gangsters from childhood into their glory years of the prohibition and as they reunite in their later years."

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Lisa Marie Bowman100 - One of the greatest films ever made.
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Thomas Pollock90

People Involved

  • Robert De Niro (David Noodles Aaronson)
  • James Woods (Maximilian Max Bercovicz)
  • Elizabeth McGovern (Deborah Gelly)
  • Tuesday Weld (Carol)
  • Treat Williams (James Conway ODonnell)
  • James Hayden (Patrick Patsy Goldberg)
  • Joe Pesci (Frankie Minaldi)
  • Larry Rapp (Fat Moe Gelly)
  • Danny Aiello (Police Chief Vincent Aiello)
  • William Forsythe (Philip Cockeye Stein)
  • Franco Ferrini ()
  • Burt Young (Joe)
  • Scott Schutzman Tiler (Young Noodles)
  • Rusty Jacobs (Young Max / David Bailey)
  • Adrian Curran (Young Cockeye)
  • Brian Bloom (Young Patsy)
  • Noah Moazezi (Dominic)
  • Darlanne Fluegel (Eve)
  • Mike Monetti (Young Fat Moe Gelly)
  • Jennifer Connelly (Young Deborah)
  • Sergio Leone (Director)