12 Angry Men (original)

Lists: Drama, Courtroom battle, AFI 100 (2007), Classics

Brief Synopsis: "The defense and the prosecution have rested and the jury is filing into the jury room to decide if a young Spanish-American is guilty or innocent of murdering his father. What begins as an open and shut case soon becomes a mini-drama of each of the jurors' prejudices and preconceptions about the trial, the accused, and each other."

Overall Ranking: 151 (Rank from 1957: # 3)

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Buttery 70.59%
Regular 29.41%
Half-Popped 0%
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Patrick Devitt100
Thomas Pollock100
Josh of Classicblanca100
David Baruffi97(full review)
Dave Examines Movies96(full review)
J Patterson95
Lisa Marie Bowman95(full review)
Often Off Topic Allie Adkins90 - A classic, and an absolute must watch for all movie fans
(full review)
Darren of Movie Reviews 10190
Jay of Life Vs Film90(full review)
Drezzy90 - Fantastic film, one of the best of Spencer Tracy.
Paul B90
Jim Carrier80
Bryan Lienesch77 - A classic everyone needs to see. A landmark film with a powerful message that still rings true today.
Nathan T75
Cinematic Katzenjammer Nick65(full review)

People Involved

  • Henry Fonda (Juror 8 (Mr. Davis))
  • Lee J. Cobb (Juror 3)
  • Ed Begley (Juror 10)
  • Joseph Sweeney (Juror 9 (Mr. McCardle))
  • E.G. Marshall (Juror 4)
  • Jack Klugman (Juror 5)
  • Edward Binns (Juror 6)
  • Martin Balsam (Juror 1)
  • John Fiedler (Juror 2)
  • Jack Warden (Juror 7)
  • George Voskovec (Juror 11)
  • Robert Webber (Juror 12)
  • Rudy Bond (Judge)
  • James Kelly (Guard)
  • Billy Nelson (Court Clerk)
  • John Savoca (The Accused)
  • Henry Fonda (Director)
  • Reginald Rose (Director)
  • Sidney Lumet (Director)