12 Strong

Lists: Action

Brief Synopsis: "A team of CIA agents and special forces head into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks in an attempt to dismantle the Taliban."

Overall Ranking: 1998 (Rank from 2018: # 49)

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Reviewer Rating Review
Richard Kirkham80 - It is not emotionally wrenching, it is very much a procedural. A realistic re-creation of the initial point of the Afghan Campaign. Watch and learn a few things.
(full review)
Darren of Movie Reviews 10179
Brent78(full review)
Lisa Marie Bowman70 - Predictable but well-done.
(full review)
CineMarvellous George Beremov65(full review)
Silver Screen Riot Matt Oakes43 - A glossy war propaganda movie trojan horsed as a hero’s journey, ’12 Strong’ is *almost* good but never quite manages to unseat its jingostic tendencies, galloping to mediocrity on the backs of some none-too-interesting performances.
(full review)
Paul's Trip To The Movies43(full review)

People Involved

  • Chris Hemsworth (Captain Mitch Nelson)
  • Michael Shannon (Chief Warrant Officer Hal Spencer)
  • Michael Peña (Sgt First Class Sam Diller)
  • Elsa Pataky (Mitchs Wife)
  • Trevante Rhodes (Sgt First Class Ben Milo)
  • Austin Stowell ()
  • Ben OToole (Scott Black)
  • Navid Negahban (General Dostum)
  • Jack Kesy ()
  • Fahim Fazli (Commander Khaled)
  • Austin Hébert (Sgt First Class Pat Essex)
  • Kenny Sheard (Sergeant First Class Bill Bennett)
  • Yousuf Azami (Captain)
  • Laith Nakli (Commander Ahmed Lal)
  • Taylor Sheridan (Brian)
  • William Fichtner (Colonel Mulholland)
  • Geoff Stults ()
  • Rob Riggle (Colonel Max Bowers)
  • Yasmine Aker (Teacher)
  • Marie Wagenman (Maddy Nelson)
  • Kevin Kent (555 Soldier)
  • Lauren Myers (Lisa Diller)
  • Veronica Diaz-Carranza (Lt Henriques)
  • Seth Adkins (Josh)
  • Allison King (Marcha Spencer)
  • Peter Malek (Habib)
  • Mustafa Haidari (Taliban Fighter)
  • Ali Olomi (Afghan Man)
  • Shvan Aladdin (Al Qaeda Fighter)
  • Kenneth Miller (Jackson)
  • Martin Palmer (Northern Alliance Soldier)
  • Tim Aydelott (Special Forces First Sargent)
  • Frank Powers (SF Civilian)
  • J. Nathan Simmons (Villiage Elder)
  • Matthew Van Wettering (Desk Sargent)
  • James Joseph Pulido (Newmark)
  • Shawn Sarmeidani (Dostums bodyguard)
  • Anouar H. Smaine (Taliban Fighter)
  • Nour Bitar (Afghany Mother)
  • Edward Butron (Taliban / New Alliance)
  • Christian Pedersen (SF Soldier)
  • Arshia Mandavi (Najeeb)
  • Shawn Lecrone (Northern Alliance Soldier / Dostum Flank)
  • Nate Boyer (Captain Nosorog)
  • Adrian Luna (Taliban Soldier)
  • Benjamin Poe (Special Forces Captain)
  • Perla Daoud (Afghani Girl)
  • Michael E. Stogner (Village Elder)
  • Lawrence Gilligan (Taliban Soldier)
  • Michael Sercerchi (Soldier)
  • Tommy Truex (Chinook Pilot)
  • (Director)