The Lost City of Z

Lists: Drama, Adventure

Brief Synopsis: "A true-life drama, centering on British explorer Col. Percival Fawcett, who disappeared while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon in the 1920s."

Overall Ranking: 1292 (Rank from 2017: # 38)

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Buttery 66.67%
Regular 0%
Half-Popped 16.67%
Stale 16.67%
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Reviewer Rating Review Secondary Ratings
Ryan Critic97(full review)
Movie Waffler Eric Hillis90(full review)
Zach Murphy85(full review)
Darren of Movie Reviews 10185
Le Anne of Tinsel And Tine43 - It's not a good sign when leaving the theater the only thought in my head was, if I hadn't known he was in it, I would never have recognized Robert Pattinson. There is a fat, weak soled, so called explorer, who adds a bit of levity, but on the whole the movie's a bore.
(full review)
Rewatch: 1
Brent36(full review)

People Involved

  • Charlie Hunnam (Percival Fawcett)
  • Robert Pattinson (Henry Costin)
  • Sienna Miller (Nina Fawcett)
  • Tom Holland (Jack Fawcett)
  • Angus Macfadyen (James Murray)
  • Ian McDiarmid (Sir George Goldie)
  • Franco Nero (Baron de Gondoriz)
  • Bobby Smalldridge (Young Jack Fawcett)
  • Tom Mulheron (Jack Fawcett)
  • Edward Ashley (Arthur Manley)
  • Harry Melling (William Barclay)
  • John Sackville (Simon Beauclerk)
  • Adam Bellamy (Cecil Gosling)
  • Daniel Huttlestone (Brian Fawcett)
  • Johann Myers (Willis)
  • Michael Ford-FitzGerald (Hunt Leader)
  • Aleksandar Jovanović (Urquhart)
  • Michael Jenn (Brigd-General Sidney Thornton)
  • Raquel Arraes (Bolivian Lady)
  • Nicholas Agnew (John Coundley)
  • Frank Clem (Texas Gunman)
  • Nickolas Grace ()
  • (Director)