King Richard

Lists: Drama, Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture of 2021, Golden Globe Best Picture Nominees for 2021

Brief Synopsis: "The TRUE STORY of how Richard Williams served as a coach to his daughters Venus and Serena, who will soon become two of the most legendary tennis players in history."

Overall Ranking: 729 (Rank from 2021: # 20)

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People Involved

  • Will Smith (Richard Williams)
  • Demi Singleton (Serena Williams)
  • Saniyya Sidney (Venus Williams)
  • Aunjanue Ellis (Oracene Brandi Williams)
  • Jon Bernthal (Rick Macci)
  • Tony Goldwyn (Paul Cohen)
  • Susie Abromeit (Robin Finn)
  • Dylan McDermott (Will Hodges)
  • Judith Chapman (Nancy Reagan)
  • Katrina Begin (Anne Worchester)
  • Erin Cummings (Social Worker)
  • Andy Bean (Laird Stabler)
  • Kevin Dunn (Vic Braden)
  • Craig Tate (Bells)
  • Calvin Clausell Jr. (Braze)
  • Mikayla LaShae Bartholomew (Tunde Price)
  • Daniele Lawson (Isha Price)
  • Layla Crawford (Lyndrea Price)
  • Erika Ringor (Ms. Strickland)
  • Noah Bean (PV CC Tennis Pro)
  • Josiah Cross (TD)
  • Vaughn W. Hebron (Monsta)
  • Jimmy Walker Jr. (Old Patron)
  • Brad Greenquist (Bud Collins)
  • Johnno Wilson (Incredulous Pro)
  • Robert Nuscher (Baffled Pro)
  • Christopher Wallinger (John McEnroe)
  • Chase Del Rey (Pete Sampras)
  • Connie Ventress (Tournament Director)
  • Vivienne Bersin (Stacey)
  • Andy Hoff (Staceys Dad - Trevor)
  • Carrie Gibson (Line Judge)
  • Doug Simpson (Girl #3 Father)
  • Brandon Morales (Deputy #1)
  • Wil J. Jackson (Deputy #2)
  • Erica Shaffer (Tournament Official)
  • Matt Kirkwood (Tennis Father #2)
  • Chet Grissom (Matthew Titone)
  • Alden Sherrill (Another Girl)
  • Eman Esfandi (Barry)
  • Jessica Wacnik (Jennifer Capriati)
  • Jonathan Bray (ESPN Reporter)
  • Robert Walker Jeffery (Reporter (Florida))
  • Rich Sommer (Patrick Dougherty)
  • Kaitlyn Christian (Shaun Stafford)
  • Geoff Nathanson (Tennis Announcer)
  • Marcela Zacarias (Arantxa Sanchez Vicario)
  • Jake Jensen (Pro Shop Attendant)
  • Chris Pentzell (Another Incredulous Pro)
  • Sophia Sanders (Girl #2)
  • Mia Jovic (Girl #3)
  • Iva Jovic (Girl #5)
  • Michael Andrew Baker (Girl #6 Father)
  • Tom Holmes (Girl #6 Father)
  • Kamea Medora (Girl #8)
  • Tom Degnan (Girl #8 Father)
  • Virginia Schneider (Woman In Crowd)
  • Jeff Cohn (Chair Ump - Pro Match)
  • Adam Cropper (Neighbor)
  • Danya LaBelle (Tournament Official - Oakland Coliseum)
  • Rod Sweitzer (Pro Match Newspaper Reporter)
  • George Ketsios (Pro Match Tournament Staff)
  • Valerie Davidson (Tennis Official)
  • Christian Yeung (Pro Match Line Judge)
  • Teri Cohn (Pro Match Net Judge)
  • Hannah Barefoot (Mother)
  • Mel Fair (Male TV Announcer)
  • Holly Haggerty (Net Cord Linesman)
  • Mary Pascoe (Rivera Country Club Waitress)
  • Albert Ton (Chair Ump - Stafford Match)
  • Ebboney Wilson (Shouting Spectator)
  • Hailey Winslow (Female TV Announcer)
  • Chris Wolfe (Pro Match TV Reporter)
  • Gunner Wright (AP3)
  • Tory N. Thompson (Venus Fan)
  • Sean Berube (Tennis Coach)
  • Sean Fabian Billings (Tennis Vendor)
  • Sophia Bui (Country Club Poolside Gal)
  • Kika Cicmanec (Elite Tennis Player)
  • John Dinan (Tennis Pro)
  • Diana Dray (Spectator)
  • Mathew Trent Hunnicutt (Referee)
  • Jeni Jones (Line Judge)
  • Trent Longo (Tennis Player)
  • Johnny Mansbach (Tennis VIP)
  • Katie McCabe (Country Club Woman)
  • Aryn Nelson (Parent)
  • Tristan Nokes (Audience Member)
  • Dan Sachoff (Florida TV Reporter)
  • Gabi Stewart (Tennis Pro)