Highlander III: The Sorcerer

Lists: Action, Sword And Sorcery

Brief Synopsis: "Starts off in the 15th century, with Connor McLeod (Christopher Lambert) training with another immortal swordsman, the Japanese sorcerer Nakano (Mako). When an evil immortal named Kane (Mario Van Peebles) kills the old wizard, the resulting battle leaves him buried in an underground cave. When Kane resurfaces in the 20th century to create havoc, it's up to McLeod to stop him."

Overall Ranking: 2584 (Rank from 1994: # 29)

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Rich Alejandro65
Chris Turner60

People Involved

  • Christopher Lambert (Connor The Highlander MacLeod)
  • Mario Van Peebles (Kane)
  • Deborah Kara Unger (Alex Johnson / Sarah)
  • Mako (Nakano)
  • Martin Neufeld (Stenn)
  • Daniel Do (Takamura)
  • Louis Bertignac (Pierre Bouchet)
  • Michael Jayston (Jack Donovan)
  • Andrew Morahan (Director)

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