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Nothing here yet but I hope to soon.


Title Year Rating Rank Review
Airplane!1980971(full review)
All About Eve1950971(full review)
Almost Famous2000971
Breakfast Club, The1985971(full review)
Clerks1994971(full review)
Fargo1996971(full review)
Ferris Beuller's Day Off1986971(full review)
Godfather, The1972971(full review)
Incredibles, The (Pixar)2004971
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The2012971(full review)
Princess Bride, The1987971
Pulp Fiction1994971(full review)
Slumdog Millionaire2008971
Sting, The1973971
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?1988971(full review)
Yojimbo1961971(full review)
Little Miss Sunshine20068818
Skyfall20128818(full review)
Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan19828818(full review)
Star Wars V: Empire Strikes Back19808818
Swingers19968818(full review)
Fatal Attraction19878024
Nowhere Boy20098024
Raising Arizona19878024
Star Wars IV: A New Hope19778024
Butter20116130(full review)
Passion of the Christ, The20046130
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl20036130
Shining, The19806130
10 Things I Hate About You19995234
Amazing Spider-Man, The20125234(full review)
AVENGERS, The20125234(full review)
Chronicle20125234(full review)
Karate Kid19844338
Scott Pilgrim vs The World20103440

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