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Title Year Rating Rank Review
12 Angry Men (original)1957971(full review)
12 Years a Slave2013971(full review)
127 Hours2010971
19172019971(full review)
24 Hour Party People2002971
25th Hour2002971(full review)
3 Idiots2009971(full review)
3 Women1977971(full review)
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days2007971
50/502011971(full review)
500 Days of Summer2009971
8 1/21963971(full review)
99 Homes2014971(full review)
A Beautiful Mind2001971
A Better Life2011971(full review)
A Christmas Story1983971(full review)
A Clockwork Orange1971971(full review)
A Dangerous Method2011971(full review)
A Face in the Crowd1957971
A Most Violent Year2014971(full review) - The review is incomplete.
A Report on the Party and the Guests1966971(full review)
A Separation2011971(full review)
A Serious Man2009971
A Simple Life2013971(full review)
A Touch of Sin2013971(full review)
About a Boy2002971
About Elly2009971(full review)
About Schmidt2002971
Accidental Tourist, The1988971
Ace in the Hole1951971
Adam's Rib1949971(full review)
After Hours1985971
Aguirre: The Wrath of God1972971(full review)
Ali: Fear Eats the Soul1974971(full review)
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore1974971
All About Eve1950971(full review)
All About My Mother1999971
All Is Lost2013971(full review)
All Quiet on the Western Front (1930)1930971
All That Heaven Allows1955971(full review)
All That Jazz1979971
All the Presidents Men1976971(full review)
Almost Famous2000971
Amadeus1984971(full review)
Amarcord1973971(full review)
American Beauty1999971(full review)
American Gangster2007971
American Graffiti1973971(full review)
American Hustle2013971(full review)
American Splendor2003971
Amores Perros2000971
Amour2012971(full review)
An Affair to Remember1957971
An Education2009971
Anatomy of a Murder1959971(full review)
Angel-A2005971(full review)
Animal Farm1954971
Annie Hall1977971(full review)
Anomalisa2015971(full review)
Another Year2010971(full review)
Antonia's Line1995971(full review)
Antwone Fisher2002971
Apocalypse Now1979971(full review)
Apollo 131995971(full review)
Arrival2016971(full review)
Arthur1981971(full review)
Artist, The2011971(full review)
As Good as It Gets1997971
Ash Is Purest White2018971(full review)
Ashes and Diamonds1958971
At Eternity's Gate2018971(full review)
Atlantic City1980971(full review)
Au Revoir Les Enfants1987971(full review)
Auto Focus2002971
Away We Go2009971
Babette's Feast1987971(full review)
Bad Lieutenant1992971
Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call - New Orleans2009971
Bad Santa2003971
Ballplayer: Pelotero2012971(full review)
Bambi (1942 Disney)1942971(full review)
Bank Job, The2008971
Batman Begins2005971
Beautiful Boy2010971(full review)
Beauty and the Beast1991971(full review)
Beauty and the Beast1946971(full review)
Before Midnight2013971(full review)
Before Sunrise1995971(full review)
Before Sunset2004971(full review)
Before The Devil Knows You're Dead2007971
Being John Malkovich1999971(full review)
Belle de Jour1967971(full review)
Bicycle Thieves1948971(full review)
Big1988971(full review)
Big Chill, The1983971(full review)
Big Lebowski, The1998971(full review)
Billy Elliot2000971
Birdman2014971(full review)
Black Swan2010971
Black Venus2010971(full review)
BlacKkKlansman2018971(full review)
Bloody Sunday2002971(full review)
Blow-Up1966971(full review)
Blue Is the Warmest Color2013971(full review)
Blue Valentine2010971
Bonnie and Clyde1967971(full review)
Boogie Nights1997971
Born on the Fourth of July1989971
Bourne Ultimatum2007971
Boy A2007971
Boyhood2014971(full review)
Boyz N The Hood1991971(full review)
Breakfast Club, The1985971(full review)
Breathless1960971(full review)
Brief Encounter1945971
Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia1974971(full review)
Brokeback Mountain2005971
Broken Blossoms or The Yellow Man and the Girl1919971(full review)
Broken Flowers2005971
Burn After Reading2008971
Burnt by the Sun1994971
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid1969971(full review)
Cabaret1972971(full review)
Camp X-Ray2014971(full review)
Capernaum2018971(full review)
Carol2015971(full review)
Casablanca1942971(full review)
Casino1995971(full review)
Cast Away2000971
Chasing Amy1997971
Chi-Raq2015971(full review)
Children of Men2006971
Chinatown1974971(full review)
Cinema Paradiso1988971(full review)
Citizen Kane1941971(full review)
City Lights (1931)1931971(full review)
City Of God (Cidade de Deus)2002971(full review)
Claires Knee1970971(full review)
Close Encounters Of The Third Kind1977971(full review)
Cloud Atlas2012971(full review)
Clouds of Sils Maria2014971(full review)
Coco2017971(full review)
Color Purple, The1985971
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind2002971
Courage Under Fire1996971
Crazy Heart2009971
Crazy Rich Asians2018971(full review)
Cries and Whispers1972971
Crimes and Misdemeanors1989971(full review)
Crying Game, The1992971
Dances with Wolves1990971
Dark Knight, The2008971
Das Boot1981971
Day for Night1973971(full review)
Day the Earth Stood Still, The (1951)1951971
Days of Heaven1978971(full review)
Dead Man Walking1995971
Departed, The2006971
Descendants, The2011971(full review)
Detour1945971(full review)
Dinner Rush2000971(full review)
Dirty Pretty Things2002971
Disgrace2008971(full review)
Django Unchained2012971(full review)
Do the Right Thing1989971(full review)
Dog Day Afternoon1975971(full review)
Don't Look Now1973971(full review)
Double Indemnity1944971(full review)
Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb1964971(full review)
Dracula (1931)1931971(full review)
Drugstore Cowboy1989971(full review)
Earth1998971(full review)
Ed Wood1994971
El Topo1970971(full review)
Election1999971(full review)
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind2004971
Exotica1994971(full review)
Eyes Wide Shut1999971
Face of Another, The (1966)1966971(full review)
Faces1968971(full review)
Fame1980971(full review)
Fantastic Mr. Fox2009971
Far from Heaven2002971
Fargo1996971(full review)
Fast Times at Ridgemont High1982971(full review)
Fences2016971(full review)
Ferris Beuller's Day Off1986971(full review)
Few Good Men, A1992971
Field of Dreams1989971(full review)
First Reformed2018971(full review)
Fish Tank2009971
Fitzcarraldo1982971(full review)
Five Easy Pieces1970971(full review)
Flags of Our Fathers2006971
Floating Weeds1959971
Force Majeure2014971(full review)
Four Weddings and a Funeral1994971
Fresh1994971(full review)
Frozen2013971(full review)
Frozen II2019971(full review)
Fugitive, The1993971
Funny People2009971
Game Change2012971
Gangs of New York2002971
Ghost World2001971(full review)
Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (Swedish - Luftslottet som spršngdes)2009971
Girl Who Played With Fire (Swedish - Flickan som lekte med elden)2009971
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish - Mšn som hatar kvinnor)2009971
Godfather, The1972971(full review)
Godfather: Part II, The1974971
Gone Baby Gone2007971
Gone with the Wind1939971
Good Morning, Vietnam1987971(full review)
Good Night, and Good Luck.2005971(full review)
Good Will Hunting1997971
Gosford Park2001971
Graduate, The1967971
Grand Canyon1991971(full review)
Grave Of The Fireflies (1988 Anime)1988971(full review)
Gravity2013971(full review)
Great Escape, The1963971(full review)
Green Mile, The1999971
Grifters, The1990971(full review)
Groundhog Day1993971(full review)
Guess Who's Coming to Dinner1967971(full review)
Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, A2006971
Hamilton2020971(full review)
Hannah and Her Sisters1986971(full review)
Hard Candy2005971
Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer1986971(full review)
Her2013971(full review)
Hero (2002 Jet Li)2002971
High and Low1963971(full review)
High Art1998971
High Fidelity2000971
His Girl Friday1940971(full review)
History of Violence, A2005971
Hotel Rwanda2004971
Hours, The2002971
House of Games1987971(full review)
House of Sand and Fog2003971
House of Tolerance2011971(full review)
Howards End1992971
Hugo2011971(full review)
Hurt Locker, The2008971
Hustle And Flow2005971
Hustler, The1961971(full review)
I Am Love2009971
I, Daniel Blake2016971
If Beale Street Could Talk2018971(full review)
Il postino1994971
Imitation of Life1959971(full review)
In a Better World2010971(full review)
In a Lonely Place1950971(full review)
In Bruges2008971
In the Heat of the Night1967971
In the Valley of Elah2007971
Incendies2010971(full review)
Infernal Affairs2002971(full review)
Inglourious Basterds2009971
Inherit the Wind1960971(full review)
Inside Llewyn Davis2013971(full review)
Inside Out2015971(full review)
Insider, The1999971
Into the Wild2007971
Invisible War, The2012971(full review)
It's a Wonderful Life1946971(full review)
Jack Goes Boating2010971
Jackie2016971(full review)
Jackie Brown1997971
Jean de Florette1986971(full review)
Jerry Maguire1996971
Jesus of Montreal1989971
Johnny Guitar1954971(full review)
Jules and Jim1962971(full review)
Juno2007971(full review)
Kids Are All Right, The2010971
Kiki's Delivery Service1989971
Kind Hearts and Coronets1949971
King Kong (1933)1933971(full review)
Kings Speech, The2010971
Knives Out2019971(full review)
Kramer vs. Kramer1979971
L.A. Story1991971
La Dolce Vita1960971(full review)
La Haine1995971(full review)
La Strada1954971
Lady Macbeth2017971(full review)
Last Emperor, The1987971
Last Samurai, The2003971
Last Tango in Paris1972971
Laura1944971(full review)
Laurel Canyon2002971
Lawrence of Arabia1962971(full review)
Le Doulos1962971(full review)
Le Havre2011971(full review)
Leap Year (2009 Mexican film)2009971(full review)
Leaving Las Vegas1995971
Les Miserables2012971(full review)
Letters from Iwo Jima2006971
Life in a Day2011971(full review)
Life Is Beautiful1997971
Life of Pi2012971(full review)
Like Father, Like Son2014971(full review)
Like Water for Chocolate1992971
Lincoln2012971(full review)
Little Children2006971
Little Man Tate1991971
Lives Of Others, The2006971
Logan2017971(full review)
Lookout, The2007971
Lorna's Silence2008971
Lost in Translation2003971(full review)
Love Actually2003971(full review)
Lust, Caution2007971
Malcolm X1992971
Man On The Moon1999971
Manchurian Candidate, The (1962)1962971(full review)
Manhattan1979971(full review)
Manon of the Spring1986971(full review)
Margin Call2011971(full review)
Maria Full of Grace2004971
Marie Antoinette2006971
Marnie1964971(full review)
Marriage Story2019971(full review)
Martha Marcy May Marlene2011971(full review)
Marty1955971(full review)
Mary and Max2009971
MASH1970971(full review)
Master and Commander2003971
Match Point2005971
Me and Orson Welles2008971
Me and You and Everyone We Know2005971
Mean Streets1973971(full review)
Melancholia2011971(full review)
Menace II Society1993971(full review)
Metropolis1927971(full review)
Million Dollar Baby2004971
Miracle on 34th Street (1947)1947971(full review)
Mississippi Burning1988971
Modern Times1936971
Moebius2013971(full review)
Mommy2014971(full review)
Monsoon Wedding2001971
Monster2003971(full review)
Moonlight2016971(full review)
Moonrise Kingdom2012971(full review)
Mother and Child2009971
Mouchette1967971(full review)
Mulholland Drive2001971(full review)
Murder on the Orient Express1974971(full review)
My Dinner with Andre1981971(full review)
My Fair Lady1964971
My Left Foot: The Story of Christy Brown1989971
My Own Private Idaho1991971
Mysterious Skin2004971
Mystic River2003971
Never Look Away2018971(full review)
Night on Earth1991971(full review)
Nightcrawler2014971(full review)
No Country for Old Men2007971
Notes on a Scandal2006971
Notting Hill1999971
On The Waterfront1954971
Once2006971(full review)
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood2019971(full review)
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest1975971(full review)
Open Your Eyes1997971
Ordinary People1980971
Owning Mahowny2003971
Pan's Labyrinth2006971
Paper Moon1973971
Parasite2019971(full review)
Paris, Texas1984971(full review)
Paths of Glory1957971(full review)
Peeping Tom1960971(full review)
People vs Larry Flynt, The1996971
Perks of Being a Wallflower, The2012971(full review)
Pianist, The2002971
Piano, The1993971
Place Beyond the Pines, The2013971(full review)
Planet of the Apes (1968)1968971
Pleasantville1998971(full review)
Portrait of a Lady on Fire2019971(full review)
Pride & Prejudice2005971
Puffy Chair, The2005971
Pulp Fiction1994971(full review)
Queen, The2006971
Quiz Show1994971
Raging Bull1980971
Rain Man1988971
Raise the Red Lantern1991971(full review)
Rashomon1950971(full review)
Rear Window1954971(full review)
Rebel Without a Cause1955971
Red River1948971(full review)
Requiem for a Dream2000971(full review)
Rescue Dawn2006971
Revolutionary Road2008971
Right Stuff, The1983971
Road to Perdition2002971(full review)
Rocky1976971(full review)
Roma2018971(full review)
Roman Holiday1953971
Room2015971(full review)
Rosemary's Baby1968971
Royal Tenenbaums, The2001971(full review)
Run Lola Run1998971(full review)
Rush (2013)2013971(full review)
Rust and Bone2012971(full review)
Sabrina (1954)1954971(full review)
Safety Not Guaranteed2012971(full review)
Saturday Night Fever1977971(full review)
Saving Private Ryan1998971
Scenes from a Marriage1974971(full review)
Schindlers List1993971
Secrets And Lies1996971
Selma2014971(full review) - The review is incomplete.
Sessions, The2012971(full review)
Seven Samurai1954971
Sex, Lies, and Videotape1989971(full review)
Shame2011971(full review)
Shawshank Redemption, The1994971(full review)
Short Cuts1993971(full review)
Sid & Nancy1986971(full review)
Sideways2004971(full review)
Silence2016971(full review)
Silence of the Lambs, The1991971
Sin Nombre2009971
Sita Sings the Blues2008971(full review)
Six Shooter2004971
Sling Blade1996971
Slumdog Millionaire2008971
Social Network, The2010971
Solaris1972971(full review)
Splendor in the Grass1961971(full review)
Spotlight2015971(full review)
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring2003971
Squid and the Whale, The2005971
Stand And Deliver1988971(full review)
Steve Jobs2015971(full review)
Still Alice2014971(full review) - The review is incomplete
Sting, The1973971
Stranger Than Fiction2006971
Sunset Blvd1950971(full review)
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street2007971
Sweet Smell of Success1957971
Swept Away1974971(full review)
Swing Time1936971(full review)
Synecdoche, New York2008971
Take Shelter2011971(full review)
Talk to Her2002971
Taxi Driver1976971
Terri2011971(full review)
Thank You for Smoking2005971
The 400 Blows1959971(full review)
The Adventure1960971
The American President1995971
The Apartment1960971(full review)
The Bad Seed1956971(full review)
The Ballad of Buster Scruggs2018971(full review)
The Barbarian Invasions2003971
The Battle of Algiers1966971
The Big Heat1953971
The Big Red One1980971
The Big Short2015971(full review)
The Bridge on the River Kwai1957971
The Constant Gardener2005971
The Contender2000971
The Conversation1974971(full review)
The Cooler2003971
The Damned United2009971
The Diary of a Teenage Girl2015971(full review)
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly2007971
The Double Life of Veronique1991971(full review)
The Drop2014971(full review)
The Favourite2018971(full review)
The Florida Project2017971(full review)
The Freebie2010971(full review)
The General1927971(full review)
The Girlfriend Experience2009971
The Gold Rush1925971
The Good Girl2002971
The Grapes of Wrath1940971
The Handmaiden2016971(full review)
The Hate U Give2018971(full review)
The Informant!2009971
The Killing1956971
The Kite Runner2007971
The Last Picture Show1971971(full review)
The Last Temptation of Christ1988971
The Leopard1963971(full review)
The Lion in Winter1968971
The Long Goodbye1973971(full review)
The Lost Weekend1945971(full review)
The Loves of a Blonde1965971(full review)
The Merchant of Venice2004971
The Motorcycle Diaries2004971
The Naked City1948971(full review)
The Naked Kiss1964971(full review)
The Night of the Hunter1955971(full review)
The Other Side of the Wind2018971(full review)
The Passion of Joan of Arc1928971
The Piano Teacher2001971
The Player1992971
The Red Balloon1956971(full review)
The Rules of the Game1939971
The Salesman2016971(full review)
The Seventh Seal1957971
The Shape of Things2003971
The Shape of Water2017971(full review)
The Spirit of St. Louis1957971
The Station Agent2003971
The Tale of Princess Kaguya2013971(full review)
The Tribe2015971(full review)
The Triplets of Belleville2003971
The Upside of Anger2005971
The Virgin Spring1960971(full review)
The White Ribbon2009971
The World According to Garp1982971
Thelma And Louise1991971(full review)
There Will Be Blood2007971
Thirteen Conversations About One Thing2001971
Three Colors: Blue1993971(full review)
Three Colors: Red1994971(full review)
Three Colors: White1994971(full review)
To Kill A Mockingbird1962971
Tokyo Story1953971
Tommy1975971(full review)
Toni Erdmann2016971(full review)
Traffic2000971(full review)
Tree of Life, The2011971(full review)
True Grit (2010)2010971
Truman Show, The1998971
Unbearable Lightness of Being, The1988971(full review)
Under the Same Moon2008971
Under the Skin2014971(full review)
United 932006971
Up in the Air2009971
Usual Suspects1995971
Valley of the Dolls1967971(full review)
Vanilla Sky2001971
Vanya on 42nd Street1994971(full review)
Vera Drake2004971
Verdict, The1982971
Veronika Voss1982971
Vice2018971(full review)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona2008971
Visitor, The (2008)2008971(full review)
Vitus2006971(full review)
Wag the Dog1997971
Waking Life2001971
We Need to Talk About Kevin2011971(full review)
Weather Man, The2005971
Welcome to the Dollhouse1995971
What Maisie Knew2013971(full review)
Where the Truth Lies2005971
Whip It2009971
Whiplash2014971(full review)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?1966971
Wild Strawberries1957971
Wild Tales2014971(full review)
Winchester '731950971
Wings of Desire1987971(full review)
Winters Bone2010971
Witness for the Prosecution1957971
Wolf of Wall Street, The2013971(full review)
Wonder Boys2000971(full review)
Wrestler, The2008971
Written On the Wind1956971(full review)
Y tu mama tambien2001971
Yankee Doodle Dandy1942971
Yojimbo1961971(full review)
Young Adult2011971(full review)
Youth2015971(full review)
Zero Dark Thirty2012971(full review)
120 Beats Per Minute201788637(full review)
2 Days in New York201288637(full review)
44 Inch Chest200988637(full review)
A Bag of Hammers201188637(full review)
A Bigger Splash201588637(full review)
A Bread Factory Part Two: Walk with Me a While201888637(full review)
A Civil Action199888637
A Fantastic Woman201788637(full review)
A Man Escaped195688637(full review)
A Man for All Seasons196688637(full review)
A Prairie Home Companion200688637
A Prophet200988637
A Quiet Passion201688637(full review)
A Quiet Place201888637(full review)
A Star Is Born201888637(full review)
A War201588637(full review)
Abuse of Weakness201388637(full review)
After Dark, My Sweet199088637
After the Wedding200688637
All or Nothing200288637(full review)
American Honey201688637(full review)
An Officer and a Gentleman198288637
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty201388637(full review)
Au Hasard Balthazar196688637
Barry Lyndon197588637
Barrymore201288637(full review)
Barton Fink199188637(full review)
Beasts of the Southern Wild201288637(full review)
Being There197988637
Big Eyes201488637(full review) - The review is incomplete.
Big Fan200988637
Blood and Wine199688637
Blood Diamond200688637
Blood Simple198488637
Blue Jasmine201388637(full review)
Bottle Rocket199688637
Bourne Identity200288637
Breaking Away197988637(full review)
Brian's Song197188637
Bridge of Spies201588637(full review)
Call Me by Your Name201788637(full review)
Catch Me If You Can200288637
Certified Copy201088637(full review)
Changeling (2008)200888637
Chinese Coffee200088637
Coming Home201488637(full review)
Compliance201288637(full review)
Crazy, Stupid, Love201188637(full review)
Darjeeling Limited200788637
Dark Knight Rises, The201288637(full review)
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes201488637(full review)
Death at a Funeral (2007 British)200788637
Declaration of War201188637(full review)
Delirious (2006)200688637
Detroit201788637(full review)
Dogtooth (Kynodontas)200988637
Don't Think Twice201688637(full review)
Drive201188637(full review)
Easy Rider196988637
Eighth Grade201888637(full review)
End of Watch201288637(full review)
English Patient, The199688637
Enough Said201388637(full review)
Ernest & Celestine201288637(full review)
Everybody's Fine200988637
Ex Machina201588637(full review)
Eye in the Sky201688637(full review)
Fair Game201088637(full review)
Fat Kid Rules The World201288637
Fever Pitch200588637
Finding Forrester200088637
First Man201888637(full review)
Forgetting Sarah Marshall200888637
Forrest Gump199488637
Four Lions201088637
Frailty200188637(full review)
Frankie and Johnny199188637
Fruitvale Station201388637(full review)
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus200688637
Game 6200588637
Game, The199788637
Ginger And Rosa201288637(full review)
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (American)201188637(full review)
Glengarry Glen Ross199288637
Gone Girl201488637(full review)
Grand Budapest Hotel, The201488637(full review)
Half Nelson200688637
Hard Eight199688637
Heaven Knows What201488637(full review)
Hell or High Water201688637(full review)
Hurricane, The199988637
Husbands and Wives199288637(full review)
I Love You Phillip Morris200988637
I've Loved You So Long200888637
I, Tonya201788637(full review)
Idiots and Angels200888637(full review)
Illegal201088637(full review)
Illusionist, The (animated 2010)201088637(full review)
In the Bedroom200188637
In the Family201188637(full review)
In the Name of the Father199388637
In the Realm of the Senses197688637(full review)
Inherent Vice201488637(full review) - The review is incomplete.
Kagemusha198088637(full review)
Keep the Lights On201288637(full review)
Kid with a Bike, The201188637(full review)
Kid, The (1921)192188637
Killer Joe201188637(full review)
Killing Fields, The198488637
Knocked Up200788637
Kubo and the Two Strings201688637(full review)
La La Land201688637(full review)
Lady Bird201788637(full review)
Land of Mine201588637(full review)
Last Chance Harvey200888637
Last Flag Flying201788637(full review)
Last Seduction, The199488637(full review)
Léon Morin, Priest196188637(full review)
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Conspiracy Theory1997611467
Cool Hand Luke1967611467
Creed II2018611467(full review)
Darkest Hour2017611467(full review)
Deepwater Horizon2016611467(full review)
Diana2013611467(full review)
Donnie Darko2001611467
East, The (2013)2013611467(full review)
Empire of the Sun1987611467(full review)
Fifty Shades of Grey2015611467(full review)
Fighter, The2010611467
Fighting with My Family2019611467(full review)
For Ellen2012611467(full review)
Frances Ha2013611467(full review)
Frank2014611467(full review)
Free State of Jones2016611467(full review)
Full Metal Jacket1987611467
Fury2014611467(full review)
Gimme the Loot2013611467(full review)
Good Time2017611467(full review)
Goodnight Mommy2015611467(full review)
Grandma2015611467(full review)
Hello, My Name Is Doris2016611467(full review)
Hidden Figures2016611467(full review)
High-Rise2016611467(full review)
Hunger Games, The2012611467(full review)
Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The2013611467(full review)
Hunt for the Wilderpeople2016611467(full review)
In a World...2013611467(full review)
In the House2012611467(full review)
In the Land of Blood and Honey2011611467(full review)
Infinitely Polar Bear2015611467(full review)
James White2015611467(full review)
Joy2015611467(full review)
Kill the Messenger2014611467(full review)
La Vie en Rose2007611467
Lay The Favorite2012611467(full review)
Liberal Arts2012611467(full review)
Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, The2004611467
Lion2016611467(full review)
Live by Night2016611467
Lone Survivor2014611467(full review)
Macbeth2015611467(full review)
Maps to the Stars2014611467(full review)
Me and Earl and the Dying Girl2015611467(full review)
Men of Honor2000611467
Midnight Special2016611467(full review)
Miles Ahead2016611467(full review)
Miss Julie2014611467(full review)
Moneyball2011611467(full review)
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington1939611467
Mulholland Falls1996611467
Never Let Me Go2010611467
Okja2017611467(full review)
Outsiders, The (1983)1983611467(full review)
Palo Alto2013611467(full review)
Paperboy, The2012611467(full review)
Parkland2013611467(full review)
Passengers2016611467(full review)
Passion of the Christ, The2004611467
Predestination2014611467(full review)
Pride2014611467(full review)
Rise of the Planet of the Apes2011611467(full review)
Rocky III1982611467
Runaway Jury2003611467
Sapphires, The2012611467(full review)
Six Degrees Of Separation1993611467(full review)
Snow Angels2007611467
Snowpiercer2013611467(full review)
Southpaw2015611467(full review)
Spring Breakers2013611467(full review)
Sully2016611467(full review)
The Astronaut Farmer2006611467
The Brave One2007611467
The Gambler1974611467
The Gift (Edgerton / Bateman)2015611467(full review)
The International2009611467
The Limits of Control2009611467
The Lunchbox2013611467(full review)
The Machinist2004611467
The Martian2015611467(full review)
The Next Three Days2010611467
The Rookie2002611467
The Theory of Everything2014611467(full review) - The review is incomplete
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Too Big to Fail2011611467
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Trumbo2015611467(full review)
Tusk2014611467(full review)
War Dogs2016611467(full review)
We Bought a Zoo2011611467(full review)
Where the Wild Things Are2009611467
Why Don't You Play in Hell?2013611467(full review)
Wish I Was Here2014611467(full review)
10 Things I Hate About You1999521592
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A Summer In Genova2008521592
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Blind Side, The2009521592
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Chungking Express1994521592
Damsels in Distress2011521592(full review)
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Dirty Girl2010521592(full review)
Disconnect2013521592(full review)
Embers2015521592(full review)
Fifth Estate, The2013521592(full review)
Fight Club1999521592
Fisher King, The1991521592
Flight2012521592(full review)
Gangster Squad2013521592(full review)
Get On Up2014521592(full review)
Girl, Interrupted1999521592
Gloria Bell2019521592(full review)
God's Pocket2014521592(full review)
Great Gatsby, The (2013)2013521592(full review)
Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench2009521592(full review)
Hail, Caesar!2016521592(full review)
Happy Christmas2014521592(full review)
In This Corner of the World2016521592(full review)
Interstellar2014521592(full review)
It's Kind Of A Funny Story2010521592(full review)
Jack Reacher2012521592(full review)
Joe2014521592(full review)
Judy2019521592(full review)
King Kong (2005)2005521592
Larry Crowne2011521592(full review)
Lawless2012521592(full review)
Leviathan2013521592(full review)
Love and Other Drugs2010521592
Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms2018521592(full review)
Margaret2011521592(full review)
McFarland USA2015521592(full review)
Men, Women & Children2014521592(full review)
Mr. Nobody2009521592(full review)
Neruda2016521592(full review)
Not Fade Away2012521592(full review)
Notebook, The2004521592
On the Road2012521592(full review)
On the Road2012521592(full review)
Only God Forgives2013521592(full review)
Remember2015521592(full review)
Richard Jewell2019521592(full review)
Robot and Frank2012521592(full review)
Rocky IV1985521592
Rojo2018521592(full review)
Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The2013521592(full review)
Slap Shot1977521592
Slow West2015521592(full review)
Spectacular Now, The2013521592(full review)
Suffragette2015521592(full review)
Swiss Army Man2016521592(full review)
Testament of Youth2014521592(full review)
The Beguiled2017521592(full review)
The Birth of a Nation2016521592(full review)
The Counterfeiters2007521592
The Devil's Candy2017521592(full review)
The Greatest Showman2017521592(full review)
The Heiresses2018521592(full review)
The Idol2015521592(full review)
The Lady in the Van2015521592(full review)
The Last Black Man in San Francisco2019521592(full review)
The Liberator2014521592(full review)
The Makioka Sisters1983521592(full review)
The Meddler2016521592(full review)
The Notebook2013521592
The One I Love2014521592(full review)
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Trouble with the Curve2012521592(full review)
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Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara2011521592(full review)
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300: Rise of an Empire2014431687(full review) - The review is incomplete.
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Cruel Intentions1999431687
D2: The Mighty Ducks1994431687
Days of Thunder1990431687(full review)
Doctor Zhivago1965431687(full review)
Eat Pray Love2010431687
Educating Rita1983431687(full review)
Elsa & Fred2014431687(full review)
Every Day2010431687
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Family Stone, The2005431687
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Five Dances2013431687(full review)
Four Sheets to the Wind2007431687(full review)
Free Willy1993431687
Girl Most Likely2013431687(full review)
Girlfriend2010431687(full review)
Glorious 392009431687(full review)
Green Book2018431687(full review)
Grey, The2011431687
Helena from the Wedding2010431687(full review)
Her Smell2019431687(full review)
Holy Rollers2010431687
Home Alone 2: Lost in New York1992431687
I Am Curious (Blue)1968431687(full review)
In the Cut2003431687
Interior. Leather Bar.2013431687(full review)
Karate Kid1984431687
Lars and the Real Girl2007431687
Love & Mercy2015431687(full review)
Lucky Them2014431687(full review)
Majestic, The2001431687
Margot at the Wedding2007431687
Max2015431687(full review)
Mean Dreams2016431687(full review)
Memphis2013431687(full review)
Miss Sloane2016431687(full review)
My Piece of the Pie2011431687(full review)
Neds2010431687(full review)
Noah2014431687(full review)
Norwegian Wood2010431687(full review)
Other Boleyn Girl2008431687
Passion Play2010431687(full review)
Peace, Love & Misunderstanding2011431687(full review)
Price Check2012431687(full review)
Pursuit of Happyness, The2006431687
Redwood Highway2013431687(full review)
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen2011431687(full review)
Sense and Sensibility1995431687
Sex and the City 22010431687(full review)
Shelter Me2007431687(full review)
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, The2005431687
Sliding Doors1998431687(full review)
Staying Vertical2016431687(full review)
Steel Magnolias1989431687(full review)
Straw Dogs (2011)2011431687(full review)
Submarine2010431687(full review)
Summer '042006431687(full review)
Sunshine Cleaning2008431687
Taking Lives2004431687
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The Best Years of Our Lives1946431687
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The Brand New Testament2015431687(full review)
The Double2011431687
The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain1995431687
The Finest Hours2016431687(full review)
The Firm1993431687
The Humbling2014431687(full review)
The Jungle Book2016431687(full review)
The Kidnapping of Michel Houellebecq2014431687(full review)
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.2015431687(full review)
The Newton Boys1998431687
The Number 232007431687
The Pope's Toilet2007431687(full review)
The Well Digger's Daughter2011431687(full review)
The Wizard1989431687(full review)
Touchy Feely2013431687(full review)
Wild Things1998431687
A Ghost Story2017341793(full review)
Amador2011341793(full review)
Anita1973341793(full review)
Anton Chekhov's The Duel2010341793(full review)
Arabian Nights: Volume 1, The Restless One2015341793(full review)
Arabian Nights: Volume 2, The Desolate One2015341793(full review)
Arabian Nights: Volume 3, The Enchanted One2015341793(full review)
Battle Royale2000341793
Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, The2011341793(full review)
Big Sur2013341793(full review)
Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk2016341793(full review)
Color of Night1994341793
D3: The Mighty Ducks1996341793
Eden2012341793(full review)
Entertainment2015341793(full review)
Feeling Minnesota1996341793
Fireflies in the Garden2008341793(full review)
Godzilla2014341793(full review)
Help, The2011341793(full review)
I Lost My Body2019341793(full review)
In the Name of My Daughter2014341793(full review)
Ingrid Goes West2017341793(full review)
Interview with the Vampire1994341793
Jayne Mansfield's Car2013341793(full review)
La Soga2009341793(full review)
Last of The Mohicans1992341793(full review)
Lila & Eve2015341793(full review)
Lila & Eve2015341793(full review)
Lover's Prayer1999341793(full review)
Meet Me in St. Louis1944341793
Miss Hokusai2015341793(full review)
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children2016341793(full review)
Odd Life of Timothy Green, The2012341793(full review)
Picnic1955341793(full review)
Private Romeo2011341793(full review)
Prizzis Honor1985341793
Reality Bites1994341793
Red Tails2012341793(full review)
Roman J. Israel, Esq.2017341793(full review)
Rudo and Cursi2008341793
Serena2014341793(full review)
Sexual Life2005341793(full review)
St. Nick2011341793(full review)
Strictly Sexual2008341793(full review)
The Discovery2017341793(full review)
The Fault in Our Stars2014341793(full review)
The First Grader2010341793(full review)
The History Boys2006341793
The Host2006341793
The Iron Lady2011341793(full review)
The Pick-up Artist1987341793
The Scarlet Empress1934341793(full review)
The Sensation Of Sight2006341793(full review)
The Vicious Kind2009341793(full review)
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!1989341793
Transcendence2014341793(full review)
Trespass Against Us2017341793(full review)
Where the Heart Is (1990)1990341793(full review)
Woman in Gold2015341793(full review)
Wyatt Earp1994341793(full review)
7 Khoon Maaf2011251854(full review)
All Dogs Go to Heaven1989251854
Beautiful Creatures2000251854(full review)
Bel Ami2012251854(full review)
Burning Palms2010251854(full review)
Charlie Countryman2013251854(full review)
Charlie St. Cloud2010251854(full review)
Cosmopolis2012251854(full review)
Filly Brown2013251854(full review)
Francofonia2015251854(full review)
G.B.F.2014251854(full review)
Good Dick2008251854(full review)
Harold and Maude1971251854
Immortals2011251854(full review)
Instructions Not Included2013251854(full review) - Attached review is incomplete.
Joker2019251854(full review)
Labor Day2014251854(full review)
Last Days2005251854(full review)
Medea1969251854(full review)
Meet Bill2007251854
Meet Joe Black1998251854(full review)
Memoirs of a Geisha2005251854
Mood Indigo2013251854(full review)
Other Woman, The2009251854(full review)
Paris 362008251854
Rocket Science2007251854
Sabotage2014251854(full review)
Sing a Song of Sex1967251854(full review)
Still Mine2012251854(full review)
Stoker2013251854(full review)
The Affair of the Necklace2001251854(full review)
The Astronaut's Wife1999251854(full review)
The Garden of Eden2008251854(full review)
The Magic of Belle Isle2012251854(full review)
The Mill and the Cross2011251854(full review)
The Switch2010251854(full review)
Top Gun1986251854
Upstream Color2013251854(full review)
Winter's Tale2014251854(full review) - Attached review is incomplete.
Women in Trouble2009251854(full review)
You Can't Take It With You1938251854
Ad Astra2019161901(full review)
Beatriz at Dinner2017161901(full review)
Brampton's Own2018161901(full review)
Collateral Beauty2016161901
Dark Touch2013161901(full review)
Dead Man's Burden2012161901(full review)
Digging for Fire2015161901(full review)
Double Hour, The2011161901(full review)
Draft Day2014161901(full review)
For Greater Glory2012161901(full review)
Get Carter2000161901
October Baby2011161901(full review)
Red White & Blue2010161901(full review)
Restless2011161901(full review)
Robin Hood (Russell Crowe)2010161901
Scenes of a Sexual Nature2006161901(full review)
School for Scoundrels (2006)2006161901(full review)
Switchblade Sisters1975161901
Tanner Hall2011161901(full review)
The House of Yes1997161901(full review)
The Room2003161901(full review)
10 Years201111.61923
A Question of Faith201711.61923
Alexander200411.61923(full review)
Apostasy201711.61923(full review)
El cantante200611.61923(full review)
Fanny & Alexander198211.61923(full review)
Higher Ground201111.61923(full review)
How Do You Know?201011.61923(full review)
Jesus Christ Superstar197311.61923
Kelly & Cal201411.61923(full review)
Once Were Warriors199411.61923(full review)
Sing201611.61923(full review)
Staying Alive198311.61923
The Next Best Thing200011.61923
The Stranger194611.61923(full review)
Theft200711.61923(full review)
Urban Cowboy198011.61923
Wild201411.61923(full review) - Attached review is incomplete.
Rock of Ages2012111941(full review)

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Full Count ~ [Rate It Now]
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai ~ [Rate It Now]
Going the Distance ~ [Rate It Now]
Grand Central ~ [Rate It Now]
Hannah Takes the Stairs ~ [Rate It Now]
Hide Your Smiling Faces ~ [Rate It Now]
High Life ~ [Rate It Now]
I Believe in Unicorns ~ [Rate It Now]
Ill Manors ~ [Rate It Now]
Into Temptation ~ [Rate It Now]
Ip Man 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
Jennifer 8 ~ [Rate It Now]
Jimmy's Hall ~ [Rate It Now]
Keyhole ~ [Rate It Now]
Kuessipan ~ [Rate It Now]
Light Sleeper ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Affair ~ [Rate It Now]
Mad Dog And Glory ~ [Rate It Now]
Midnight Son ~ [Rate It Now]
My Big Night ~ [Rate It Now]
Never Rarely Sometimes Always ~ [Rate It Now]
New Jack City ~ [Rate It Now]
Nightingale ~ [Rate It Now]
Nobody's Fool ~ [Rate It Now]
Olhos azuis ~ [Rate It Now]
One Hit From Home ~ [Rate It Now]
Paddleton ~ [Rate It Now]
Papillon ~ [Rate It Now]
Patty Hearst ~ [Rate It Now]
Playing by Heart ~ [Rate It Now]
Red Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Risky Business ~ [Rate It Now]
Rules of Engagement ~ [Rate It Now]
Shrew's Nest ~ [Rate It Now]
Sneakers ~ [Rate It Now]
Soloist ~ [Rate It Now]
Stake Land ~ [Rate It Now]
Stalingrad ~ [Rate It Now]
Stevie ~ [Rate It Now]
Summerland ~ [Rate It Now]
Sunset Song ~ [Rate It Now]
Suzanne ~ [Rate It Now]
Talea ~ [Rate It Now]
The Crowd ~ [Rate It Now]
The Dirties ~ [Rate It Now]
The Fly ~ [Rate It Now]
The Harder They Fall ~ [Rate It Now]
The Little Death ~ [Rate It Now]
The Man Who Fell to Earth ~ [Rate It Now]
The Man Who Killed Don Quixote ~ [Rate It Now]
The Overnighters ~ [Rate It Now]
The Portrait of a Lady ~ [Rate It Now]
The Spiral Staircase ~ [Rate It Now]
The Trial of Joan of Arc ~ [Rate It Now]
The Unknown ~ [Rate It Now]
The Wave ~ [Rate It Now]
The Wolf House ~ [Rate It Now]
This Movie Is Broken ~ [Rate It Now]
Touched With Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Trainwreck: My Life as an Idoit ~ [Rate It Now]
Tu dors Nicole ~ [Rate It Now]
Tunes of Glory ~ [Rate It Now]
Tyrel ~ [Rate It Now]
Uncertain Terms ~ [Rate It Now]
Unexpected ~ [Rate It Now]
Unicorn Store ~ [Rate It Now]
Variety ~ [Rate It Now]
Cant Hardly Wait ~ [Rate It Now]
Clear and Present Danger ~ [Rate It Now]
Enemy at the Gates ~ [Rate It Now]
Man on Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Reign Over Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Relic ~ [Rate It Now]
Some Kind of Wonderful ~ [Rate It Now]
Street Fighter ~ [Rate It Now]
Twister ~ [Rate It Now]
One Night in Miami ~ [Rate It Now]
Falling Down ~ [Rate It Now]
Shadow Of The Vampire ~ [Rate It Now]
Thomas Crown Affair, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Better Living Through Chemistry ~ [Rate It Now]
Coach Carter ~ [Rate It Now]
Dear Diary ~ [Rate It Now]
Deep Impact ~ [Rate It Now]
Dirty War ~ [Rate It Now]
Drug War ~ [Rate It Now]
El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie ~ [Rate It Now]
Flawless (1999) ~ [Rate It Now]
Flyboys ~ [Rate It Now]
Holes ~ [Rate It Now]
Into the Forest ~ [Rate It Now]
Million Dollar Hotel, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Radio ~ [Rate It Now]
The Heart Machine ~ [Rate It Now]
The Last Mimzy ~ [Rate It Now]
The Lodge ~ [Rate It Now]
To Kill a Man ~ [Rate It Now]
You Were Never Really Here ~ [Rate It Now]
Mank ~ [Rate It Now]
Karate Kid (2010 - Jackie Chan) ~ [Rate It Now]
Enemy of the State ~ [Rate It Now]
The Trial of the Chicago 7 ~ [Rate It Now]
American Gigolo ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Education ~ [Rate It Now]
Cutting Edge, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Man in the Iron Mask, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Postcards from the Edge ~ [Rate It Now]
The Way Back ~ [Rate It Now]
Wings ~ [Rate It Now]
The Shallows ~ [Rate It Now]
Chappaquiddick ~ [Rate It Now]
Hannibal ~ [Rate It Now]
I Am Sam ~ [Rate It Now]
King of California ~ [Rate It Now]
Starter For 10 ~ [Rate It Now]
The Monster ~ [Rate It Now]
Unthinkable ~ [Rate It Now]
What Happened to Monday ~ [Rate It Now]
What Lies Beneath ~ [Rate It Now]
Far from the Madding Crowd ~ [Rate It Now]
Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel ~ [Rate It Now]
Cocoon ~ [Rate It Now]
Hide and Seek ~ [Rate It Now]
Hours ~ [Rate It Now]
Kiss the Girls ~ [Rate It Now]
The Thinning ~ [Rate It Now]
The Winning Season ~ [Rate It Now]
Wolf ~ [Rate It Now]
X/Y ~ [Rate It Now]
We Are Marshall ~ [Rate It Now]
The Accountant ~ [Rate It Now]
The Stanford Prison Experiment ~ [Rate It Now]
Alpha ~ [Rate It Now]
August Rush ~ [Rate It Now]
Kill the Irishman ~ [Rate It Now]
Swallow ~ [Rate It Now]
Welcome to Marwen ~ [Rate It Now]
Pieces of a Woman ~ [Rate It Now]
Bleed for This ~ [Rate It Now]
Enola Holmes ~ [Rate It Now]
Arlington Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Ashby ~ [Rate It Now]
Band Aid ~ [Rate It Now]
Best Man, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Bone Collector, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Breakdown ~ [Rate It Now]
Cat Returns, The ~ [Rate It Now]
CM Punk - Best In The World ~ [Rate It Now]
Diner ~ [Rate It Now]
Donald Cried ~ [Rate It Now]
Exorcist II: The Heretic ~ [Rate It Now]
Final Analysis ~ [Rate It Now]
Gangster No.1 ~ [Rate It Now]
Gerald's Game ~ [Rate It Now]
HappyThankYouMorePlease ~ [Rate It Now]
Harsh Times ~ [Rate It Now]
He Got Game ~ [Rate It Now]
Lady Vengeance (2005) ~ [Rate It Now]
Learning to Drive ~ [Rate It Now]
Legendary ~ [Rate It Now]
Magnum Force ~ [Rate It Now]
Marc Pease Experience ~ [Rate It Now]
Mermaids ~ [Rate It Now]
Pop Aye ~ [Rate It Now]
Pusher II: With Blood on My Hands ~ [Rate It Now]
Shadow in the Cloud ~ [Rate It Now]
Shooter ~ [Rate It Now]
Tales of Halloween ~ [Rate It Now]
The Devil's Rejects ~ [Rate It Now]
The Great New Wonderful ~ [Rate It Now]
The Joneses ~ [Rate It Now]
The Last House on the Left ~ [Rate It Now]
The Man Who Laughs ~ [Rate It Now]
The Parallax View ~ [Rate It Now]
The Transfiguration ~ [Rate It Now]
True Confessions ~ [Rate It Now]
Uncertainty ~ [Rate It Now]
Uncle Buck ~ [Rate It Now]
Wonderstruck ~ [Rate It Now]
Yes, God, Yes ~ [Rate It Now]
Beyond the Hills ~ [Rate It Now]
Faults ~ [Rate It Now]
The Fundamentals of Caring ~ [Rate It Now]
Da 5 Bloods ~ [Rate It Now]
Barbershop: The Next Cut ~ [Rate It Now]
Brothers Bloom, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Mother! ~ [Rate It Now]
Black Mirror: Bandersnatch ~ [Rate It Now]
Faster ~ [Rate It Now]
Glory Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Joy Ride ~ [Rate It Now]
Perfect Storm, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Stargirl ~ [Rate It Now]
The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Her ~ [Rate It Now]
Eddie the Eagle ~ [Rate It Now]
Street Kings ~ [Rate It Now]
Wonder ~ [Rate It Now]
The Shack ~ [Rate It Now]
The Light Between Oceans ~ [Rate It Now]
Burnt ~ [Rate It Now]
Addams Family, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Forever Young ~ [Rate It Now]
Late Night ~ [Rate It Now]
News of the World ~ [Rate It Now]
Prom Night ~ [Rate It Now]
Side Out ~ [Rate It Now]
We Are What We Are ~ [Rate It Now]
Westworld ~ [Rate It Now]
Beautiful Girls ~ [Rate It Now]
SLC Punk ~ [Rate It Now]
Strange Days ~ [Rate It Now]
The Family Fang ~ [Rate It Now]
Scrooged ~ [Rate It Now]
Evan Almighty ~ [Rate It Now]
Great Gatsby, The (1974) ~ [Rate It Now]
My Favorite Martian ~ [Rate It Now]
Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead ~ [Rate It Now]
Sahara ~ [Rate It Now]
The Experiment ~ [Rate It Now]
Gilda ~ [Rate It Now]
Big Miracle ~ [Rate It Now]
The Sand Pebbles ~ [Rate It Now]
Maggie ~ [Rate It Now]
Nerve ~ [Rate It Now]
Triple 9 ~ [Rate It Now]
A Walk Among the Tombstones ~ [Rate It Now]
Martyrs ~ [Rate It Now]
The Life of Emile Zola ~ [Rate It Now]
Gold ~ [Rate It Now]
Elvis & Nixon ~ [Rate It Now]
Money Monster ~ [Rate It Now]
Escape from Alcatraz ~ [Rate It Now]
Beautiful Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Peacock ~ [Rate It Now]
White God ~ [Rate It Now]
Dolphin Tale 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Varsity Blues ~ [Rate It Now]
Age of Adaline, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Fido ~ [Rate It Now]
Goodbye Christopher Robin ~ [Rate It Now]
Miss Juneteenth ~ [Rate It Now]
If I Stay ~ [Rate It Now]
French Exit ~ [Rate It Now]
Louder Than Bombs ~ [Rate It Now]
Breathe In ~ [Rate It Now]
A Walk in the Woods ~ [Rate It Now]
Anger Management ~ [Rate It Now]
Best Man Holiday, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Freeway ~ [Rate It Now]
Hungry Hearts ~ [Rate It Now]
Prevenge ~ [Rate It Now]
The Courier ~ [Rate It Now]
The Masked Saint ~ [Rate It Now]
A Long Way Down ~ [Rate It Now]
Adult Beginners ~ [Rate It Now]
Demolition ~ [Rate It Now]
I Saw the Light ~ [Rate It Now]
The Only Living Boy in New York ~ [Rate It Now]
Suburbicon ~ [Rate It Now]
Black or White ~ [Rate It Now]
We Are Your Friends ~ [Rate It Now]
Made ~ [Rate It Now]
Heaven Is for Real ~ [Rate It Now]
Miracles from Heaven ~ [Rate It Now]
Thank You for Your Service ~ [Rate It Now]
The King of Staten Island ~ [Rate It Now]
Pompeii ~ [Rate It Now]
Beautiful Creatures (2013) ~ [Rate It Now]
Words, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Vow, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Hillbilly Elegy ~ [Rate It Now]
Misbehaviour ~ [Rate It Now]
Paper Towns ~ [Rate It Now]
Voice from the Stone ~ [Rate It Now]
Twilight Saga: Eclipse, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Need for Speed ~ [Rate It Now]
God's Not Dead ~ [Rate It Now]
The Huntsman Winter's War ~ [Rate It Now]
All Is Bright ~ [Rate It Now]
Donkey Punch ~ [Rate It Now]
The Circle ~ [Rate It Now]
Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ~ [Rate It Now]
Austenland ~ [Rate It Now]
Bodyguard, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Closed Circuit ~ [Rate It Now]
Comet ~ [Rate It Now]
Out of Time ~ [Rate It Now]
The D Train ~ [Rate It Now]
High School Musical 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Sparkle ~ [Rate It Now]
Dracula Untold ~ [Rate It Now]
Anne of the Thousand Days ~ [Rate It Now]
AntiTrust ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Guy ~ [Rate It Now]
Barbershop 2: Back in Business ~ [Rate It Now]
Brick Mansions ~ [Rate It Now]
Bringing Out the Dead ~ [Rate It Now]
By the Sea ~ [Rate It Now]
Cop Land ~ [Rate It Now]
Death Sentence ~ [Rate It Now]
Dog Years ~ [Rate It Now]
Dying of the Light ~ [Rate It Now]
Every Secret Thing ~ [Rate It Now]
Extraction ~ [Rate It Now]
Frank & Lola ~ [Rate It Now]
Gentleman's Agreement ~ [Rate It Now]
Heart of Glass ~ [Rate It Now]
Hellion ~ [Rate It Now]
Horse Girl ~ [Rate It Now]
How Green Was My Valley ~ [Rate It Now]
Indecent Proposal ~ [Rate It Now]
Madame Bovary ~ [Rate It Now]
Man Without a Face, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Nasty Baby ~ [Rate It Now]
New York Stories ~ [Rate It Now]
Nines, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Passengers ~ [Rate It Now]
Ride ~ [Rate It Now]
The Aeronauts ~ [Rate It Now]
The Boy with the Cuckoo-Clock Heart ~ [Rate It Now]
The Day of the Locust ~ [Rate It Now]
The Fan ~ [Rate It Now]
The Most Hated Woman in America ~ [Rate It Now]
The Nowhere Inn ~ [Rate It Now]
The Program ~ [Rate It Now]
The Wicker Man ~ [Rate It Now]
Third Person ~ [Rate It Now]
Tracers ~ [Rate It Now]
Tracks ~ [Rate It Now]
The Gambler ~ [Rate It Now]
Longest Ride, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Fire with Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Trespass ~ [Rate It Now]
Code Breakers ~ [Rate It Now]
Hands of Stone ~ [Rate It Now]
Aloha ~ [Rate It Now]
Step Up All In ~ [Rate It Now]
Stonewall ~ [Rate It Now]
Insidious Chapter 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
Lifeguard, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Gone ~ [Rate It Now]
Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Jane Got a Gun ~ [Rate It Now]
3 Days to Kill ~ [Rate It Now]
Home Again ~ [Rate It Now]
Lost River ~ [Rate It Now]
Revenge of the Green Dragons ~ [Rate It Now]
Summer of 84 ~ [Rate It Now]
Son of God ~ [Rate It Now]
Greed ~ [Rate It Now]
The Last Song ~ [Rate It Now]
Never Been Kissed ~ [Rate It Now]
The Ledge ~ [Rate It Now]
To Save A Life ~ [Rate It Now]
The Water Diviner ~ [Rate It Now]
Exodus: Gods and Kings ~ [Rate It Now]
Due Date ~ [Rate It Now]
Wonder Wheel ~ [Rate It Now]
xXx: State of the Union ~ [Rate It Now]
Deadfall ~ [Rate It Now]
The Gunman ~ [Rate It Now]
Colombiana ~ [Rate It Now]
Cobb ~ [Rate It Now]
Good Doctor, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Knife Fight ~ [Rate It Now]
Pink Cadillac ~ [Rate It Now]
Click ~ [Rate It Now]
Hannibal Rising ~ [Rate It Now]
Fifty Shades Freed ~ [Rate It Now]
Goodbye World ~ [Rate It Now]
I Love You, Daddy ~ [Rate It Now]
Newness ~ [Rate It Now]
Song to Song ~ [Rate It Now]
Starry Eyes ~ [Rate It Now]
54 ~ [Rate It Now]
Ammonite ~ [Rate It Now]
Atlas Shrugged Part II ~ [Rate It Now]
God's Not Dead: A Light in Darkness ~ [Rate It Now]
London Boulevard ~ [Rate It Now]
Pearl Harbor ~ [Rate It Now]
Romeo and Juliet ~ [Rate It Now]
$5.00 a day ~ [Rate It Now]
1911 ~ [Rate It Now]
About Cherry ~ [Rate It Now]
An Invisible Sign ~ [Rate It Now]
Anna Karenina ~ [Rate It Now]
Atlas Shrugged: Part I ~ [Rate It Now]
Atlas Shrugged: Who Is John Galt? ~ [Rate It Now]
Beastly ~ [Rate It Now]
Black Death ~ [Rate It Now]
Boulevard ~ [Rate It Now]
Bran Nue Dae ~ [Rate It Now]
Champions ~ [Rate It Now]
Confucius ~ [Rate It Now]
Courageous ~ [Rate It Now]
Creation ~ [Rate It Now]
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny ~ [Rate It Now]
Dream House ~ [Rate It Now]
Edison ~ [Rate It Now]
Faces in the Crowd ~ [Rate It Now]
Fame ~ [Rate It Now]
Freedom ~ [Rate It Now]
From Prada to Nada ~ [Rate It Now]
Girl in Progress ~ [Rate It Now]
Inside Out ~ [Rate It Now]
Joe Dirt ~ [Rate It Now]
Just Before I Go ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Birds ~ [Rate It Now]
Liz & Dick ~ [Rate It Now]
Love and Honor ~ [Rate It Now]
Love N' Dancing ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Ranch ~ [Rate It Now]
Love's Kitchen ~ [Rate It Now]
Low Down ~ [Rate It Now]
Midway ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr. Church ~ [Rate It Now]
N-Secure ~ [Rate It Now]
Never Back Down: No Surrender ~ [Rate It Now]
One Chance ~ [Rate It Now]
Setup ~ [Rate It Now]
Shirley ~ [Rate It Now]
Sleuth ~ [Rate It Now]
Somebody's Child ~ [Rate It Now]
Step Up ~ [Rate It Now]
Stone ~ [Rate It Now]
Streets of Blood ~ [Rate It Now]
Tekken ~ [Rate It Now]
The Education of Charlie Banks ~ [Rate It Now]
The Man Who Knew Infinity ~ [Rate It Now]
The Mighty Macs ~ [Rate It Now]
The Pool Boys ~ [Rate It Now]
The Roommate ~ [Rate It Now]
The Scorpion King 3: Battle for Redemption ~ [Rate It Now]
The Shunning ~ [Rate It Now]
The Traitor ~ [Rate It Now]
Trap for Cinderella ~ [Rate It Now]
True History of the Kelly Gang ~ [Rate It Now]
Waiting for Forever ~ [Rate It Now]
Where The Road Meets The Sun ~ [Rate It Now]
Why Stop Now? ~ [Rate It Now]
Winnie Mandela ~ [Rate It Now]
Wonderful World ~ [Rate It Now]
God's Not Dead 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Thats My Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Dark Places ~ [Rate It Now]
Lady in the Water ~ [Rate It Now]
Wolf Totem ~ [Rate It Now]
The Choice ~ [Rate It Now]
Runner Runner ~ [Rate It Now]
Jem and the Holograms ~ [Rate It Now]
Black Nativity ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea's Witness Protection ~ [Rate It Now]
Step Up Revolution ~ [Rate It Now]
The United States vs. Billie Holiday ~ [Rate It Now]
Victor Frankenstein ~ [Rate It Now]
When the Game Stands Tall ~ [Rate It Now]
Before We Go ~ [Rate It Now]
Black Eagle ~ [Rate It Now]
Book Club ~ [Rate It Now]
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights ~ [Rate It Now]
Hits ~ [Rate It Now]
Knucklehead ~ [Rate It Now]
On the Doll ~ [Rate It Now]
Ten Thousand Saints ~ [Rate It Now]
The Driftless Area ~ [Rate It Now]
The Single Moms Club ~ [Rate It Now]
Tumbledown ~ [Rate It Now]
Villains ~ [Rate It Now]
Werewolf: The Beast Among Us ~ [Rate It Now]
The Space Between Us ~ [Rate It Now]
Nobody Walks ~ [Rate It Now]
Sliver ~ [Rate It Now]
Step Up 3D ~ [Rate It Now]
Endless Love ~ [Rate It Now]
The Best of Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Addicted ~ [Rate It Now]
Genius ~ [Rate It Now]
And So It Goes ~ [Rate It Now]
Ben-Hur ~ [Rate It Now]
Something Borrowed ~ [Rate It Now]
War Room ~ [Rate It Now]
Fifty Shades Darker ~ [Rate It Now]
Love the Coopers ~ [Rate It Now]
Centurion ~ [Rate It Now]
Elite Squad ~ [Rate It Now]
The 15:17 to Paris ~ [Rate It Now]
The Skulls ~ [Rate It Now]
The Book of Henry ~ [Rate It Now]
Paranoia ~ [Rate It Now]
As Cool as I Am ~ [Rate It Now]
Monsters: Dark Continent ~ [Rate It Now]
She Dies Tomorrow ~ [Rate It Now]
Woman in Black 2: Angel of Death, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Last Exorcism Part II, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Endless Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Red Dog ~ [Rate It Now]
Mother's Day ~ [Rate It Now]
Barefoot ~ [Rate It Now]
French Connection II ~ [Rate It Now]
Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Plastic ~ [Rate It Now]
Punisher: War Zone ~ [Rate It Now]
Syrup ~ [Rate It Now]
The Butterfly Effect 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
The Face of an Angel ~ [Rate It Now]
The Mothman Prophecies ~ [Rate It Now]
Young Ones ~ [Rate It Now]
Jonah Hex (2010 live action) ~ [Rate It Now]
Left Behind ~ [Rate It Now]
Step Up 2: The Streets ~ [Rate It Now]
The Identical ~ [Rate It Now]
All Eyez on Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Blind ~ [Rate It Now]
Dark Crimes ~ [Rate It Now]
Excess Flesh ~ [Rate It Now]
Reach Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Cats ~ [Rate It Now]
Escape ~ [Rate It Now]
Woodlawn ~ [Rate It Now]
Empire State ~ [Rate It Now]
Grace of Monaco ~ [Rate It Now]
Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas ~ [Rate It Now]
God Bless the Broken Road ~ [Rate It Now]
A Perfect Man ~ [Rate It Now]
Dark Tide ~ [Rate It Now]
Glitter ~ [Rate It Now]
Jenny's Wedding ~ [Rate It Now]
Max Payne ~ [Rate It Now]
My Own Love Song ~ [Rate It Now]
Nina ~ [Rate It Now]
Skateland ~ [Rate It Now]
Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming ~ [Rate It Now]
The Last Word ~ [Rate It Now]
The Other Man ~ [Rate It Now]
White Lion ~ [Rate It Now]
Youngblood ~ [Rate It Now]
Lucky One, The ~ [Rate It Now]
The 5th Quarter ~ [Rate It Now]
When the Bough Breaks ~ [Rate It Now]
Crazy Eyes ~ [Rate It Now]
Dirty Weekend ~ [Rate It Now]
Excision ~ [Rate It Now]
Flatliners ~ [Rate It Now]
Last Christmas ~ [Rate It Now]
Rubber Face ~ [Rate It Now]
Saint Laurent ~ [Rate It Now]
The Last Thing He Wanted ~ [Rate It Now]
The Plagiarists ~ [Rate It Now]
A Thousand Words ~ [Rate It Now]
The Encounter: Paradise Lost ~ [Rate It Now]
The Day ~ [Rate It Now]
LOL ~ [Rate It Now]
United Passions ~ [Rate It Now]
Rush (1991) ~ [Rate It Now]
American Fable ~ [Rate It Now]
Battlefield America ~ [Rate It Now]
I'm Not Ashamed ~ [Rate It Now]
Jack and Diane ~ [Rate It Now]
Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor ~ [Rate It Now]
The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) ~ [Rate It Now]
Gibsonburg ~ [Rate It Now]
In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale ~ [Rate It Now]
No Holds Barred ~ [Rate It Now]
Stories USA ~ [Rate It Now]
10 Days in a Madhouse ~ [Rate It Now]
187 ~ [Rate It Now]
1984 ~ [Rate It Now]
200 Cigarettes ~ [Rate It Now]
23 Blast ~ [Rate It Now]
24 7: Twenty Four Seven ~ [Rate It Now]
3 Generations ~ [Rate It Now]
49th Parallel ~ [Rate It Now]
50 to 1 ~ [Rate It Now]
7500 ~ [Rate It Now]
90 Minutes in Heaven ~ [Rate It Now]
A Bit of Bad Luck ~ [Rate It Now]
A Chorus Line ~ [Rate It Now]
A Dark Song ~ [Rate It Now]
A Gentle Creature ~ [Rate It Now]
A Hidden Life ~ [Rate It Now]
A Kind of Murder ~ [Rate It Now]
A Letter to Three Wives ~ [Rate It Now]
A Man Apart ~ [Rate It Now]
A Matter of Life and Death ~ [Rate It Now]
A Million Little Pieces ~ [Rate It Now]
A Painted House ~ [Rate It Now]
A Perfect Ending ~ [Rate It Now]
A Pornographic Affair ~ [Rate It Now]
A Practical Guide to a Spectacular Suicide ~ [Rate It Now]
A Room for Romeo Brass ~ [Rate It Now]
A Single Shot ~ [Rate It Now]
A Soldiers Story ~ [Rate It Now]
A Star Is Born ~ [Rate It Now]
A Star Is Born ~ [Rate It Now]
A Taxi Driver ~ [Rate It Now]
A Teacher ~ [Rate It Now]
A Walk on the Moon ~ [Rate It Now]
A Woman's Life ~ [Rate It Now]
Abe Lincoln in Illinois ~ [Rate It Now]
Absence of Malice ~ [Rate It Now]
Accident ~ [Rate It Now]
Accidental Hero ~ [Rate It Now]
Across the Line ~ [Rate It Now]
Act of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Action Point ~ [Rate It Now]
Ad√ļ ~ [Rate It Now]
Adopt a Highway ~ [Rate It Now]
Aferim! ~ [Rate It Now]
After ~ [Rate It Now]
After Darkness ~ [Rate It Now]
After Midnight ~ [Rate It Now]
After the Wedding ~ [Rate It Now]
Air Bud ~ [Rate It Now]
Air Bud: Seventh Inning Fetch ~ [Rate It Now]
Albino Alligator ~ [Rate It Now]
Alfie ~ [Rate It Now]
All Day and a Night ~ [Rate It Now]
All Is True ~ [Rate It Now]
All My Life ~ [Rate It Now]
All Quiet on the Western Front ~ [Rate It Now]
All Quiet on the Western Front (1979) ~ [Rate It Now]
All Saints ~ [Rate It Now]
All That Money Can Buy ~ [Rate It Now]
All This, and Heaven Too ~ [Rate It Now]
All We Had ~ [Rate It Now]
Aloys ~ [Rate It Now]
American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt ~ [Rate It Now]
American Pastime ~ [Rate It Now]
American Skin ~ [Rate It Now]
American Son ~ [Rate It Now]
American Woman ~ [Rate It Now]
Americons ~ [Rate It Now]
Amityville: A New Generation (1993) ~ [Rate It Now]
An Angel at My Table ~ [Rate It Now]
And Breathe Normally ~ [Rate It Now]
And Then We Danced ~ [Rate It Now]
Angela's Ashes ~ [Rate It Now]
Another 48 Hrs. ~ [Rate It Now]
Another Way ~ [Rate It Now]
Antiporno ~ [Rate It Now]
Ape Sodom ~ [Rate It Now]
Arctic ~ [Rate It Now]
Ash Wednesday ~ [Rate It Now]
Asthma ~ [Rate It Now]
Auf das Leben! ~ [Rate It Now]
Autumn in New York ~ [Rate It Now]
Avenging Force ~ [Rate It Now]
Baahubali 2: The Conclusion ~ [Rate It Now]
Baahubali: The Beginning ~ [Rate It Now]
Babes In Toyland ~ [Rate It Now]
Baby Boom ~ [Rate It Now]
Back to Burgundy ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Education ~ [Rate It Now]
Bad Tales ~ [Rate It Now]
Barbara ~ [Rate It Now]
Barcelona ~ [Rate It Now]
Bare ~ [Rate It Now]
Barefoot Gen ~ [Rate It Now]
Barefoot Gen 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Basquiat ~ [Rate It Now]
Beach, The (2000) ~ [Rate It Now]
Beanpole ~ [Rate It Now]
Beast of Burden ~ [Rate It Now]
Beau travail ~ [Rate It Now]
Becket ~ [Rate It Now]
Before I Disappear ~ [Rate It Now]
Before I Wake ~ [Rate It Now]
Beijing Love Story ~ [Rate It Now]
Being Charlie ~ [Rate It Now]
Being Us ~ [Rate It Now]
Beirut ~ [Rate It Now]
Berlin Syndrome ~ [Rate It Now]
Best Laid Plans ~ [Rate It Now]
Between Us ~ [Rate It Now]
Beyond Borders ~ [Rate It Now]
Beyond the Mask ~ [Rate It Now]
Beyond the Poseidon Adventure ~ [Rate It Now]
Biloxi Blues ~ [Rate It Now]
Birds of Passage ~ [Rate It Now]
Birdy ~ [Rate It Now]
Birth of the Dragon ~ [Rate It Now]
Bitter Harvest ~ [Rate It Now]
Black Beauty ~ [Rate It Now]
Black God, White Devil ~ [Rate It Now]
Black November ~ [Rate It Now]
Blade of the Immortal ~ [Rate It Now]
Blast from the Past ~ [Rate It Now]
Blaze ~ [Rate It Now]
Bleak Street ~ [Rate It Now]
Bleeding Heart ~ [Rate It Now]
Blind Detective ~ [Rate It Now]
Blinded by the Light ~ [Rate It Now]
Blindspotting ~ [Rate It Now]
Blood and Bone ~ [Rate It Now]
Blossoms in the Dust ~ [Rate It Now]
Blue Lagoon: The Awakening ~ [Rate It Now]
Boarding Gate ~ [Rate It Now]
Bonfire of the Vanities, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Boo! A Madea Halloween ~ [Rate It Now]
Bootmen ~ [Rate It Now]
Boundaries ~ [Rate It Now]
Boy Wonder ~ [Rate It Now]
Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo ~ [Rate It Now]
Breakthrough ~ [Rate It Now]
Breathless ~ [Rate It Now]
Bright Lights, Big City ~ [Rate It Now]
Broken Vessels ~ [Rate It Now]
Buffalo Soldiers ~ [Rate It Now]
Buffaloed ~ [Rate It Now]
Bugsy Malone ~ [Rate It Now]
Butterfly ~ [Rate It Now]
Butterfly ~ [Rate It Now]
By Design ~ [Rate It Now]
By the Grace of God ~ [Rate It Now]
Caged No More ~ [Rate It Now]
Call Me Madam ~ [Rate It Now]
Can-Can ~ [Rate It Now]
Cannibal ~ [Rate It Now]
Canopy ~ [Rate It Now]
Cape Fear (1962) ~ [Rate It Now]
Capone ~ [Rate It Now]
Capricorn One ~ [Rate It Now]
Captain America II: Death Too Soon ~ [Rate It Now]
Captive ~ [Rate It Now]
Career Opportunities ~ [Rate It Now]
Cashback ~ [Rate It Now]
Casshern ~ [Rate It Now]
Castaway on the Moon ~ [Rate It Now]
Catch a Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Cavalcade ~ [Rate It Now]
Cavedweller ~ [Rate It Now]
Center Stage: On Pointe ~ [Rate It Now]
Centre Stage ~ [Rate It Now]
Champion ~ [Rate It Now]
Character ~ [Rate It Now]
Charmer ~ [Rate It Now]
Chemical Hearts ~ [Rate It Now]
Chicken with Plums ~ [Rate It Now]
Chie the Brat ~ [Rate It Now]
Chocolate City ~ [Rate It Now]
Chokehold ~ [Rate It Now]
Chuck ~ [Rate It Now]
Class of 1984 ~ [Rate It Now]
Clean and Sober ~ [Rate It Now]
Clemency ~ [Rate It Now]
Cleopatra ~ [Rate It Now]
Climax ~ [Rate It Now]
Coal Miners Daughter ~ [Rate It Now]
Cold Fish ~ [Rate It Now]
Cold Prey ~ [Rate It Now]
Cold Prey II ~ [Rate It Now]
Colorful ~ [Rate It Now]
Colors ~ [Rate It Now]
Commitment ~ [Rate It Now]
Compulsion ~ [Rate It Now]
Control ~ [Rate It Now]
Copperhead ~ [Rate It Now]
Cousin Bette ~ [Rate It Now]
Cradle Will Rock ~ [Rate It Now]
Crash Pad ~ [Rate It Now]
Crawl ~ [Rate It Now]
Crossroads ~ [Rate It Now]
Crossroads ~ [Rate It Now]
Cruising ~ [Rate It Now]
Cyberbully ~ [Rate It Now]
Dad ~ [Rate It Now]
Daddy's Little Girls ~ [Rate It Now]
Damage ~ [Rate It Now]
Dark Waters ~ [Rate It Now]
Darling Companion ~ [Rate It Now]
Dawn of the Deaf ~ [Rate It Now]
Dear Eleanor ~ [Rate It Now]
Dearest Sister ~ [Rate It Now]
Death Billiards ~ [Rate It Now]
Death on the Nile ~ [Rate It Now]
Death Wish 3 ~ [Rate It Now]
Death Wish 5: The Face of Death ~ [Rate It Now]
Demonlover ~ [Rate It Now]
Desert Dancer ~ [Rate It Now]
Desierto ~ [Rate It Now]
Detective Story ~ [Rate It Now]
Devil in a Blue Dress ~ [Rate It Now]
Diane ~ [Rate It Now]
Disclosure ~ [Rate It Now]
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood ~ [Rate It Now]
Do You Believe? ~ [Rate It Now]
Dog Days ~ [Rate It Now]
Dog Eat Dog ~ [Rate It Now]
Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot ~ [Rate It Now]
Donnybrook ~ [Rate It Now]
Down to the Bone ~ [Rate It Now]
Downhill ~ [Rate It Now]
Downton Abbey ~ [Rate It Now]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde ~ [Rate It Now]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941) ~ [Rate It Now]
Dr. Mabuse: The Gambler ~ [Rate It Now]
Dragnet ~ [Rate It Now]
Dreaming of Joseph Lees ~ [Rate It Now]
Dreamland ~ [Rate It Now]
Dresser, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Drumline ~ [Rate It Now]
Duets ~ [Rate It Now]
Dune ~ [Rate It Now]
Earthquake Bird ~ [Rate It Now]
East of Eden ~ [Rate It Now]
Eden ~ [Rate It Now]
Eight Below ~ [Rate It Now]
El Chicano ~ [Rate It Now]
Emma ~ [Rate It Now]
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas ~ [Rate It Now]
End of Sentence ~ [Rate It Now]
Entebbe ~ [Rate It Now]
Entrapment ~ [Rate It Now]
Ernest Goes to School ~ [Rate It Now]
Escape From Pretoria ~ [Rate It Now]
Evening ~ [Rate It Now]
Everybody Knows ~ [Rate It Now]
Everybody's Talking About Jamie ~ [Rate It Now]
Exposed ~ [Rate It Now]
Face of Another, The (2013) ~ [Rate It Now]
Falling in Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Falling in Love Again ~ [Rate It Now]
Fandango ~ [Rate It Now]
Fat Man and Little Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Faultless ~ [Rate It Now]
Fearless (1993 Jeff Bridges) ~ [Rate It Now]
Fearless (2006 Jet Li) ~ [Rate It Now]
Feast of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Fiddler on the Roof ~ [Rate It Now]
First Knight ~ [Rate It Now]
First Match ~ [Rate It Now]
Fist Of The North Star (1986) ~ [Rate It Now]
Five Feet Apart ~ [Rate It Now]
Flightplan ~ [Rate It Now]
For the Boys ~ [Rate It Now]
For Whom the Bell Tolls ~ [Rate It Now]
Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, The (1921) ~ [Rate It Now]
Frankie ~ [Rate It Now]
Frankie and Alice ~ [Rate It Now]
Freaks ~ [Rate It Now]
Free Willy 2 - The Adventure Home ~ [Rate It Now]
Free Willy 3: The Rescue ~ [Rate It Now]
Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove ~ [Rate It Now]
Freelancers ~ [Rate It Now]
Fried Green Tomatoes ~ [Rate It Now]
Fritz the Cat ~ [Rate It Now]
Frontera ~ [Rate It Now]
Frontier(s) ~ [Rate It Now]
Game of Death ~ [Rate It Now]
Garage Days ~ [Rate It Now]
G√ľeros ~ [Rate It Now]
Gentlemen of Fortune ~ [Rate It Now]
Getaway, The (1994) ~ [Rate It Now]
Give Me Liberty ~ [Rate It Now]
Gloria ~ [Rate It Now]
God Knows Where I Am ~ [Rate It Now]
Goddess Of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Godzilla 1985: The Legend Is Reborn ~ [Rate It Now]
Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah (1991) ~ [Rate It Now]
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993) ~ [Rate It Now]
Going My Way ~ [Rate It Now]
Gold Diggers of 1933 ~ [Rate It Now]
Goldie ~ [Rate It Now]
Gone in 60 Seconds ~ [Rate It Now]
Gone to Earth ~ [Rate It Now]
Good Deeds ~ [Rate It Now]
Goodbye Lenin! ~ [Rate It Now]
Gorillas in the Mist ~ [Rate It Now]
Gotti ~ [Rate It Now]
Greta ~ [Rate It Now]
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes ~ [Rate It Now]
Gridiron Gang ~ [Rate It Now]
Gross Anatomy ~ [Rate It Now]
Growing Up Smith ~ [Rate It Now]
Guilty as Sin ~ [Rate It Now]
Guilty by Suspicion ~ [Rate It Now]
Gypsy ~ [Rate It Now]
Hacker's Game ~ [Rate It Now]
Half Brothers ~ [Rate It Now]
Handsome Devil ~ [Rate It Now]
Happy End ~ [Rate It Now]
Harlem Nights ~ [Rate It Now]
Harriet the Spy ~ [Rate It Now]
Harvey ~ [Rate It Now]
Heartbreak Ridge ~ [Rate It Now]
Heartburn ~ [Rate It Now]
Heaven Can Wait ~ [Rate It Now]
Heaven's Gate ~ [Rate It Now]
Hell's Angels ~ [Rate It Now]
Here Awhile ~ [Rate It Now]
Hey Good Lookin' ~ [Rate It Now]
Hideaway ~ [Rate It Now]
High Flying Bird ~ [Rate It Now]
Higher Learning ~ [Rate It Now]
Highway ~ [Rate It Now]
Hitman ~ [Rate It Now]
Hold Back the Dawn ~ [Rate It Now]
Holy Smoke! ~ [Rate It Now]
Homeboy ~ [Rate It Now]
Honey 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Honey Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Hope and Glory ~ [Rate It Now]
Hot Summer Nights ~ [Rate It Now]
Hotel Exotica ~ [Rate It Now]
Hotel Mumbai ~ [Rate It Now]
Hotori - The Simple Wish for Joy ~ [Rate It Now]
Hounds of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Hour of the Wolf ~ [Rate It Now]
How I Ended This Summer ~ [Rate It Now]
Humanity ~ [Rate It Now]
I Am Coming To Paris To Kill You ~ [Rate It Now]
I Am Here ~ [Rate It Now]
I Am Not A Hipster ~ [Rate It Now]
I Can Do Bad All By Myself ~ [Rate It Now]
I Shot Andy Warhol ~ [Rate It Now]
I Stand Alone ~ [Rate It Now]
I Still Believe ~ [Rate It Now]
I Walk Alone ~ [Rate It Now]
I Will Follow ~ [Rate It Now]
Imagine Me & You ~ [Rate It Now]
Imitations of Life ~ [Rate It Now]
Immortal Beloved ~ [Rate It Now]
In Lieu of Flowers ~ [Rate It Now]
In My Father's Den ~ [Rate It Now]
In My Skin ~ [Rate It Now]
In Our Nature ~ [Rate It Now]
In the Fade ~ [Rate It Now]
In The Heights ~ [Rate It Now]
In the Mood for Love ~ [Rate It Now]
In the Name of the King 2: Two Worlds ~ [Rate It Now]
In the Name of the King III ~ [Rate It Now]
Indivisible ~ [Rate It Now]
Infernal Affairs III ~ [Rate It Now]
Intersection ~ [Rate It Now]
Intimacy ~ [Rate It Now]
Intimate Relations ~ [Rate It Now]
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge ~ [Rate It Now]
Intruders ~ [Rate It Now]
Inventing the Abbotts ~ [Rate It Now]
Invisibles ~ [Rate It Now]
Invitation ~ [Rate It Now]
Ip Man 4: The Finale ~ [Rate It Now]
Ip Man: The Final Fight ~ [Rate It Now]
Irudhi Suttru ~ [Rate It Now]
Is Paris Burning? ~ [Rate It Now]
It's Impossible to Learn to Plow by Reading Books ~ [Rate It Now]
ivans xtc. ~ [Rate It Now]
Jimmy P. ~ [Rate It Now]
John Henry ~ [Rate It Now]
Johnson Family Dinner ~ [Rate It Now]
Joshua ~ [Rate It Now]
Journey of Hope ~ [Rate It Now]
Journey to a Mother's Room ~ [Rate It Now]
Judy & Punch ~ [Rate It Now]
Just Mercy ~ [Rate It Now]
Juvenile ~ [Rate It Now]
Kajillionaire ~ [Rate It Now]
Kama Sutra - A Tale of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Kid Cannabis ~ [Rate It Now]
Killers ~ [Rate It Now]
King Cobra ~ [Rate It Now]
King Creole ~ [Rate It Now]
King Kong (1976) ~ [Rate It Now]
King of Hearts ~ [Rate It Now]
King of the Hill ~ [Rate It Now]
Kingdom Come ~ [Rate It Now]
Kings Row ~ [Rate It Now]
Kitty Foyle ~ [Rate It Now]
Knockout ~ [Rate It Now]
Knockout ~ [Rate It Now]
Krippendorf's Tribe ~ [Rate It Now]
Kundun ~ [Rate It Now]
Kung Fu Mulan ~ [Rate It Now]
L'Atalante ~ [Rate It Now]
Ladies and Gentlemen, the Fabulous Stains ~ [Rate It Now]
Lady Snowblood 2: Love Song of Vengeance ~ [Rate It Now]
Last and First Men ~ [Rate It Now]
Last Man Standing ~ [Rate It Now]
Late Marriage ~ [Rate It Now]
LBJ ~ [Rate It Now]
Le Divorce ~ [Rate It Now]
Leafie, a Hen Into the Wild ~ [Rate It Now]
Lean On Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Left Behind ~ [Rate It Now]
Left Luggage ~ [Rate It Now]
Less Than Zero ~ [Rate It Now]
Life ~ [Rate It Now]
Life Feels Good ~ [Rate It Now]
Life of a King ~ [Rate It Now]
Life, Above All ~ [Rate It Now]
Like Crazy ~ [Rate It Now]
Listening ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Accidents ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Bitches ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Buddha ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Fish ~ [Rate It Now]
Little Women ~ [Rate It Now]
Live Flesh ~ [Rate It Now]
Living 'til the End ~ [Rate It Now]
Loitering with Intent ~ [Rate It Now]
London Fields ~ [Rate It Now]
Lone Star ~ [Rate It Now]
Lonely Are the Brave ~ [Rate It Now]
Long Distance ~ [Rate It Now]
Lords of Dogtown ~ [Rate It Now]
Loro ~ [Rate It Now]
Losing Isaiah ~ [Rate It Now]
Lost Boys: The Tribe ~ [Rate It Now]
Lost Highway ~ [Rate It Now]
Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Affair ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Exposure ~ [Rate It Now]
Love in Paris ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Liza ~ [Rate It Now]
Love Me Tender ~ [Rate It Now]
Lover Come Back ~ [Rate It Now]
Loving Pablo ~ [Rate It Now]
Loving You ~ [Rate It Now]
Lucía, Lucía ~ [Rate It Now]
Luck By Chance ~ [Rate It Now]
Lucy in the Sky ~ [Rate It Now]
Lust for Life ~ [Rate It Now]
M ~ [Rate It Now]
Macross: Do You Remember Love? ~ [Rate It Now]
Madame Curie ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea Goes to Jail ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea's Big Happy Family ~ [Rate It Now]
Madea's Family Reunion ~ [Rate It Now]
Malang ~ [Rate It Now]
Man In The White Suit ~ [Rate It Now]
Man of La Mancha ~ [Rate It Now]
Man of Marble ~ [Rate It Now]
Mansfield Park ~ [Rate It Now]
Marathon Man ~ [Rate It Now]
Marketa Lazarov√° ~ [Rate It Now]
Mary Magdalene ~ [Rate It Now]
Maus ~ [Rate It Now]
Me You and Five Bucks ~ [Rate It Now]
Mean Creek ~ [Rate It Now]
Mekong Hotel ~ [Rate It Now]
Memphis Belle ~ [Rate It Now]
Men & Chicken ~ [Rate It Now]
Men Go to Battle ~ [Rate It Now]
Men of Boys Town ~ [Rate It Now]
Metro Manila ~ [Rate It Now]
Mickey ~ [Rate It Now]
Mickey and the Bear ~ [Rate It Now]
Mid90s ~ [Rate It Now]
Middle of Nowhere ~ [Rate It Now]
Middleground ~ [Rate It Now]
Millennium Actress ~ [Rate It Now]
Miss Bala ~ [Rate It Now]
Missing (1982) ~ [Rate It Now]
Mississippi Masala ~ [Rate It Now]
Modern Romance ~ [Rate It Now]
Money for Nothing ~ [Rate It Now]
Monkey Shines ~ [Rate It Now]
Monos ~ [Rate It Now]
Montana ~ [Rate It Now]
Morvern Callar ~ [Rate It Now]
Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears ~ [Rate It Now]
Motherless Brooklyn ~ [Rate It Now]
Mourning Becomes Electra ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr. Jones ~ [Rate It Now]
Mr. Mom ~ [Rate It Now]
Mulan: Rise of a Warrior ~ [Rate It Now]
Music ~ [Rate It Now]
Mutiny on the Bounty ~ [Rate It Now]
My Cousin Rachel ~ [Rate It Now]
My Dear Secretary ~ [Rate It Now]
My Friend Dahmer ~ [Rate It Now]
My Mother ~ [Rate It Now]
My Name Is Emily ~ [Rate It Now]
My Name Is Joe ~ [Rate It Now]
My Name Is Khan ~ [Rate It Now]
Mystery Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase ~ [Rate It Now]
Napoleon ~ [Rate It Now]
National Velvet ~ [Rate It Now]
Nekromantik ~ [Rate It Now]
Nekromantik 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion ~ [Rate It Now]
Never Die Alone ~ [Rate It Now]
Never Let Go ~ [Rate It Now]
NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter, The ~ [Rate It Now]
New Police Story ~ [Rate It Now]
Next Stop Wonderland ~ [Rate It Now]
Night Falls on Manhattan ~ [Rate It Now]
Night Watch ~ [Rate It Now]
Nights in Rodanthe ~ [Rate It Now]
Nil by Mouth ~ [Rate It Now]
Ninja ~ [Rate It Now]
Nixon ~ [Rate It Now]
No Man's Land ~ [Rate It Now]
Noriko's Dinner Table ~ [Rate It Now]
North ~ [Rate It Now]
North Dallas Forty ~ [Rate It Now]
North Shore ~ [Rate It Now]
Nostalgia ~ [Rate It Now]
November Criminals ~ [Rate It Now]
Nowhere in Africa ~ [Rate It Now]
Number One Fan ~ [Rate It Now]
October ~ [Rate It Now]
Ode to Joy ~ [Rate It Now]
Of Human Bondage ~ [Rate It Now]
Of Mice and Men ~ [Rate It Now]
Official Secrets ~ [Rate It Now]
Old Fashioned ~ [Rate It Now]
On a Clear Day ~ [Rate It Now]
Once Upon a Time in China ~ [Rate It Now]
One Crazy Summer ~ [Rate It Now]
One Foot in Heaven ~ [Rate It Now]
One More Time ~ [Rate It Now]
Orlando ~ [Rate It Now]
Oscar and Lucinda ~ [Rate It Now]
Other People's Money ~ [Rate It Now]
Our Lady of the Assassins ~ [Rate It Now]
Our Town ~ [Rate It Now]
Out of Liberty ~ [Rate It Now]
Outside Providence ~ [Rate It Now]
Overcomer ~ [Rate It Now]
Paint It Black ~ [Rate It Now]
Paisan ~ [Rate It Now]
Pal Joey ~ [Rate It Now]
Pali Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Pandora and the Flying Dutchman ~ [Rate It Now]
Papillon ~ [Rate It Now]
Paprika ~ [Rate It Now]
Paradise Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Passenger ~ [Rate It Now]
Passenger Side ~ [Rate It Now]
Passport to Paris ~ [Rate It Now]
Past Life ~ [Rate It Now]
Pastime ~ [Rate It Now]
Patema Inverted ~ [Rate It Now]
Paul, Apostle of Christ ~ [Rate It Now]
Pelle the Conqueror ~ [Rate It Now]
Penitentiary ~ [Rate It Now]
Perfect ~ [Rate It Now]
Perfect Blue ~ [Rate It Now]
Perfect Game (2011) ~ [Rate It Now]
Permanent Midnight ~ [Rate It Now]
Personal Best ~ [Rate It Now]
Pervert Boy ~ [Rate It Now]
Peterloo ~ [Rate It Now]
Photograph ~ [Rate It Now]
Ping Pong Playa ~ [Rate It Now]
Pinocchio ~ [Rate It Now]
Piranhas ~ [Rate It Now]
Pitcher and the Pin-Up ~ [Rate It Now]
Places in the Heart ~ [Rate It Now]
Playground ~ [Rate It Now]
Poison Ivy II: Lily ~ [Rate It Now]
Poison Ivy: The New Seduction ~ [Rate It Now]
Poison Ivy: The Secret Society ~ [Rate It Now]
Pokémon: Mewtwo Returns ~ [Rate It Now]
Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Story 2013 ~ [Rate It Now]
Police Story 4: First Strike ~ [Rate It Now]
Polish Wedding ~ [Rate It Now]
Possession ~ [Rate It Now]
Powder ~ [Rate It Now]
Praise ~ [Rate It Now]
Prefontaine ~ [Rate It Now]
Premature ~ [Rate It Now]
Preparations to Be Together for an Unknown Period of Time ~ [Rate It Now]
Primrose Path ~ [Rate It Now]
Providence ~ [Rate It Now]
Proximity ~ [Rate It Now]
Pyewacket ~ [Rate It Now]
Pygmalion ~ [Rate It Now]
Quadrophenia ~ [Rate It Now]
Querelle ~ [Rate It Now]
Quest for Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Quicksilver ~ [Rate It Now]
Quitters ~ [Rate It Now]
Racing with the Moon ~ [Rate It Now]
Rad ~ [Rate It Now]
Ragtime ~ [Rate It Now]
Rambo: Last Blood ~ [Rate It Now]
Ramen Shop ~ [Rate It Now]
Random Harvest ~ [Rate It Now]
Rape Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Ratcatcher ~ [Rate It Now]
Redoubtable ~ [Rate It Now]
Regarding Henry ~ [Rate It Now]
Reindeer Games ~ [Rate It Now]
Remember the Goal ~ [Rate It Now]
Reservation Road ~ [Rate It Now]
Return to the Blue Lagoon ~ [Rate It Now]
Return to Two Moon Junction ~ [Rate It Now]
Revenge of the Ninja ~ [Rate It Now]
Riding in Cars with Boys ~ [Rate It Now]
Rigor Mortis ~ [Rate It Now]
Rocky Marciano ~ [Rate It Now]
Rodin ~ [Rate It Now]
Rosewood ~ [Rate It Now]
Runaway Train ~ [Rate It Now]
Running On Empty ~ [Rate It Now]
Safe at Home! ~ [Rate It Now]
Saint Frances ~ [Rate It Now]
Salaam Bombay! ~ [Rate It Now]
Salt and Fire ~ [Rate It Now]
Salvation Army ~ [Rate It Now]
Salvatore Giuliano ~ [Rate It Now]
Same Kind of Different as Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Samson ~ [Rate It Now]
Sauvage ~ [Rate It Now]
Saving Grace ~ [Rate It Now]
Schmitke ~ [Rate It Now]
Sea of Love ~ [Rate It Now]
Secuestro Express ~ [Rate It Now]
Selah and the Spades ~ [Rate It Now]
Send Me No Flowers ~ [Rate It Now]
Separate Lies ~ [Rate It Now]
Sequoia ~ [Rate It Now]
Serenity ~ [Rate It Now]
Sergeant York ~ [Rate It Now]
Sergio ~ [Rate It Now]
Seven Minutes in Heaven ~ [Rate It Now]
Sexual Predator ~ [Rate It Now]
She's Having a Baby ~ [Rate It Now]
She's the Man ~ [Rate It Now]
Shining Through ~ [Rate It Now]
Shithouse ~ [Rate It Now]
Short Circuit 2 ~ [Rate It Now]
Show Boat ~ [Rate It Now]
Shut In ~ [Rate It Now]
Sicario ~ [Rate It Now]
Sidekicks ~ [Rate It Now]
Silkwood ~ [Rate It Now]
Sirens ~ [Rate It Now]
Sister Code ~ [Rate It Now]
Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2, The ~ [Rate It Now]
Slam Dunk Ernest ~ [Rate It Now]
Sleeper's Wake ~ [Rate It Now]
Smilla's Sense of Snow ~ [Rate It Now]
Smithereens ~ [Rate It Now]
Soaked in Bleach ~ [Rate It Now]
Society ~ [Rate It Now]
Soft Fruit ~ [Rate It Now]
Somebody Up There Likes Me ~ [Rate It Now]
Something New ~ [Rate It Now]
Something, Anything ~ [Rate It Now]
Somewhere in Time ~ [Rate It Now]
Sommersby ~ [Rate It Now]
Son in Law ~ [Rate It Now]
Soorarai Pottru ~ [Rate It Now]
Soul Food ~ [Rate It Now]
Speech & Debate ~ [Rate It Now]
Spice World ~ [Rate It Now]
Star Maps ~ [Rate It Now]
State Fair ~ [Rate It Now]
Stealing Harvard ~ [Rate It Now]
Storm Over Asia ~ [Rate It Now]
Strangerland ~ [Rate It Now]
Stray Bullets ~ [Rate It Now]
Stray Dog ~ [Rate It Now]
Street Kings 2: Motor City ~ [Rate It Now]
Strike ~ [Rate It Now]
Suicide Club ~ [Rate It Now]
Suicide Kings ~ [Rate It Now]
Suicide Tourist ~ [Rate It Now]
Sultan ~ [Rate It Now]
Summer 1993 ~ [