Golden Globes 2014: The Half Popped View

The 2014 edition of the Golden Globes has come and gone. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association weighed in on their picks for Best Picture (and a few other categories), so now it’s time that we weigh in on the choices. Here’s where the average ratings sit at this point, based on the ratings input from all the movie reviewers whose ratings and reviews are in our system:

Best Picture (Drama)

Their winner: 12 Years A Slave

Our reviewers’ average ratings:

Their choice was rated fairly high by Half Popped reviewers, but 12 Years A Slave was still a couple percentage points less popular than Gravity.

Best Picture (Comedy/Musical)

Their winner: American Hustle

Our reviewers’ average ratings:

While American Hustle still received a good rating, it was rated more than 10 percentage points less than Her.

How Our Reviewers Fared

A lot of movie reviewers will tell you which movie they think should win an award, but few of them have seen all the movies in a category. As it stands right now, here are the top movie reviewers based on the number of their reviews for Golden Globe Best Picture nominees which are already in our system:

All 10 Nominees

Fewer Than 10

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