Three Thousand Years of Longing

Lists: Drama, Fantasy, Romance

Brief Synopsis: "A lonely and bitter British woman discovers an ancient bottle while on a trip to Istanbul and unleashes a djinn who offers her three wishes. Filled with apathy, she is unable to come up with one until his stories spark in her a desire to be loved."

Overall Ranking: 2543 (Rank from 2022: # 98)

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Half-Popped 40%
Stale 20%
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People Involved

  • Tilda Swinton (Alithea Binnie)
  • Idris Elba (Genie)
  • Kaan Guldur (Young Murad IV)
  • Ece Yüksel (Gülten)
  • Zerrin Tekindor (Kösem)
  • Erdil Ya?aro?lu ()
  • David Collins (Jocular Storyteller)
  • Alyla Browne (Young Alithea)
  • Nicola Mouawad (King Solomon)
  • Angie Tricker (Narratologist)
  • Hayley Gia Hughes (London Uni. Student)
  • Jason Jago (London Uni. Student)
  • Seyithan Özdemir ()
  • Burcu Gölgedar (Zefir)
  • Berk Ozturk (Bazar Young Shopkeeper)
  • Ogulcan Arman Uslu (Murad IV)
  • Pia Thunderbolt (Ezgi)
  • Matteo Bocelli (Prince Mustafa)
  • Lachy Hulme (Sultan Suleiman)
  • Megan Gale (Hürrem)
  • Jack Braddy (Ibrahim)
  • Aamito Lagum (Queen of Sheba)
  • Aiden Mckenzie (Airport Passenger)
  • Aska Karem (Airport Security Officer)
  • Shakriya Tarinyawat (Businessman)
  • Hugo Vella (Young Ibrahim)
  • John Puckeridge-Webb (London Uni. Student)
  • Anna Adams (Sugar Lump)
  • James Dobbins Jones (Narratology Student)
  • Tendai Dzwairo (London Uni. Student)
  • Randolph Fields (Airport Passenger)
  • Amelia Patomaki (Airport Commuter)
  • Sarah Houbolt (Unsettling Man)
  • Callum Moran (Lurking Bystander)
  • Shane Miller (London Uni. Student)
  • David Paulsen (Yael De Silva, Scholar of Narratology (Uncredited))
  • Tahlia Crinis (Istbl Lecture Theatre Female (Uncredited))
  • Melissa Jaffer ()
  • magbo system