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Brief Synopsis: "The story of a young boy in the Midwest is told simultaneously with a tale about a young girl in New York from fifty years ago as they both seek the same mysterious connection."

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David Ehrlich of IndieWire85(full review)
Minnesota Man65 - Far from Haynes best work, it's too art house-y for kids and not quite grown up enough for adults. Still, the production design is exceptional as are the performances.
(full review)

People Involved

  • Oakes Fegley (Ben)
  • Julianne Moore (Lillian Mayhew / Older Rose)
  • Michelle Williams (Elaine)
  • Millicent Simmonds (Rose)
  • Cory Michael Smith (Walter)
  • Tom Noonan (Older Walter)
  • Amy Hargreaves (Aunt Jenny)
  • James Urbaniak ()
  • Hays Wellford (Greg Coons)
  • Damian Young (Otto)
  • Morgan Turner (Janet)
  • Ekaterina Samsonov (Hanna)
  • Jaden Michael (Jamie)
  • Derek Binsack (Liam)
  • Anthony Natale (Dr. Gill)
  • Sawyer Nunes (Robby)
  • Marko Caka (Ferry Patron)
  • Brian Berrebbi (Stage Manager)
  • Michael Wren Gucciardo (Man Who Jumps in Car at Movies)
  • Tom Waters (1970s Business Man)
  • Patrick Murney (Workman)
  • Connor Moeller (Museum Boy)
  • Mackenzie Grace Castle (Museum Girl)
  • (Director)