Shadow Recruit: Best Jack Ryan Yet?


The prior films centering on the Jack Ryan character penned by Tom Clancy featured some big names: Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin and Ben Affleck all had their chance to portray him. And yet, the newest feature seems poised to be the best received of the bunch.

Chris Pine takes center stage in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, which is likely to be a very action-packed film with some interesting twists. Based on early reviews it’s at least rivaling the old films, but is poised to be better received.

Currently Harrison Ford’s Clear and Present Danger is atop the list for the older films. It’s average rating is 76% has it ahead of Alec Baldwin’s efforts in Hunt for Red October by just shy of 2 percentage points. They’re both a few points above Harrison Ford’s other Jack Ryan portrayal, Patriot Games, whose critics are more in agreement that the movie is good-but-not-great, whereas the two previously mentioned films had some fans really enjoying it.

Ben Affleck’s prequel Sum Of All Fears is not surprisingly bringing up the rear at 65%.

As reviews of the films continue to roll in, we’ll keep those individual pages updated. For now, here are some featured reviews of the various films:

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