Ashes and Diamonds

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Brief Synopsis: "Maciek and Andrzej, two home army fighters, were paired and ordered to kill an incoming communist party cadre. At the hotel where their target's welcoming party is being held. Maciek meets the barmaid Krystyna and the two have a brief, passionate affair, before he is pulled away from this fleeting happiness into his deadly mission."

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David Baruffi97

People Involved

  • Zbigniew Cybulski (Maciek Chelmicki)
  • Ewa Krzyżewska (Krystyna)
  • Waclaw Zastrzezynski (Szczuka)
  • Adam Pawlikowski (Andrzej)
  • Bogumił Kobiela (Drewnowski)
  • Halina Kwiatkowska (Staniewiczowa)
  • Barbara Krafftówna (Stefka)
  • Stanisław Milski (Pieniążek)
  • (Director)