Out of the movies which hit theaters for the November 8th weekend in 2013, only ONE of them earned enough at the box office to be in the Top 10 at the box office, with other production companies shying away from competing with the mighty MARVEL and their cinematic universe. How did they fare?


  • Currently rated 68.3% and ranked #52 for 2013 releases.
    • 16% Rated It Buttery (high)
    • 50% Rated It Regular (above average)
    • 33% Rated It Half-Popped (average)
  • Featured Reviews: 

  • Placed 1st at the box office with $85.7 M

Although they didn’t open THIS weekend, these films did move from less than 450 theaters into a wide, 1200+ theater release and made it into the Top 10 at the box office:

About Time

12 Years a Slave

None of them are the top-rated films in the theater right now. That distinction STILL belongs to the film about potentially being lost in space, which has worked its way into the upper eschelon of films ALL TIME, not just in 2013.


  • Currently rated 91% and ranked #2 overall in 2013, and 54th all-time
    • 81% Rated It Buttery (high)
    • 12.5% Rated It Regular (above average)
    • 6.5% Rated It Half-Popped (average)
  • Featured Review: Andrew Crump of Go, See, Talk! – (full review)
  • Earned $8.5 M this weekend, bringing its total to $231 M (domestic)
    [with $474.5 M world-wide]

Of the other notable new(-ish) films at the box office:

For all other films at the box office, be sure to check out the entire box office slate.

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