User Scoring System

A staple of video game consoles these days involves awarding users for various accomplishments in the games they play, and we do that as well!

We have various ways in which users of our system can obtain accomplishments, but it all comes down to reviewing more movies!

In our system we have identified categories and lists of movies, sub-dividing our huge list of films in various ways. Some films are on just one list, whereas others are included in several. Review enough films and you’re sure to get an accomplishment added to your profile page.

We’ve also established smaller groupings of films. See all the films in a movie series? That’s an accomplishment. But we also have other “three packs” of movies we’ve deemed to be related in some way, and when you rate all three of them, that constitutes another accomplishment.

As you’ve likely seen, we have a set of featured reviewers, whose reviews likely end up getting more views than others. Periodically we reevaluate the list of featured reviewers, and something we take into account is the number of accomplishments a person has obtained.

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