The Sugarland Express

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CineKatz Vivek85
David Baruffi70

People Involved

  • Goldie Hawn (Lou Jean Poplin)
  • Ben Johnson (Captain Harlin Tanner)
  • Michael Sacks (Patrolman Maxwell Slide)
  • William Atherton (Clovis Michael Poplin)
  • Gregory Walcott (Patrolman Ernie Mashburn)
  • Steve Kanaly (Patrolman Jessup)
  • Louise Latham (Mrs. Looby)
  • Harrison Zanuck (Baby Langston Poplin)
  • A.L. Camp (Mr. Nocker)
  • Jessie Lee Fulton (Mrs. Nocker)
  • Dean Smith (Russ Berry)
  • Ted Grossman (Dietz)
  • Bill Thurman (Hunter)