House of Wax

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Brief Synopsis: "A New York sculptor who opens a wax museum to showcase the likenesses of famous historical figures runs into trouble with his business partner, who demands that the exhibits become more extreme in order to increase profits."

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Minnesota Man85 - Might not melt your modern face, but it's a damn fine film.
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People Involved

  • Vincent Price (Prof. Henry Jarrod)
  • Frank Lovejoy (Lt. Tom Brennan)
  • Phyllis Kirk (Sue Allen)
  • Carolyn Jones (Cathy Gray)
  • Paul Picerni (Scott Andrews)
  • Charles Bronson (Igor)
  • Roy Roberts (Matthew Burke)
  • Dabbs Greer (Shane)
  • Angela Clarke (Mrs. Andrews)
  • Paul Cavanagh (Sidney Wallace)
  • Oliver Blake (Man checking his watch)
  • Larri Thomas (Can-Can Dancer)
  • AndrĂ© De Toth (Director)