Zombie Holocaust

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Brief Synopsis: "The members of an expedition in search for the last faithful of Kito, the cannibal god, land on a small island in the Moluccas (East Indies). They are soon hunted by cannibals and zombies created by the sinister Doctor O'Brien, who is experimenting with both corpses and living humans. Susan, a sexy lady in the expedition team, eventually gets the upper hand. She gains acceptance with the natives as queen of the cannibals and directs them against the mad scientist with his army of zombies."

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Darren of Movie Reviews 10170

People Involved

  • Ian McCulloch (Dr. Peter Chandler)
  • Alexandra Delli Colli (Lory Ridgeway)
  • Sherry Buchanan (Susan Kelly)
  • Peter ONeal (George Harper)
  • Donald OBrien (Dr. Obrero / Dr. Butcher)
  • Dakar (Molotto)
  • Walter Patriarca (Dr. Drydock)
  • Romano Scandariato (Professor Stafford)
  • (Director)