The Big Red One

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Brief Synopsis: "A veteran sergeant of the World War I leads a squad in World War II, always in the company of the survivor Pvt. Griff, the writer Pvt. Zab, the Sicilian Pvt. Vinci and Pvt. Johnson in Vichy French Africa, Sicily, D-Day at Omaha Beach, Belgium and France, ending in a concentration camp in Czechoslovakia where they face the true horror of war."

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David Baruffi97

People Involved

  • Lee Marvin (The Sergeant)
  • Mark Hamill (Pvt. Griff, 1st Squad)
  • Robert Carradine (Pvt. Zab, 1st Squad)
  • Bobby Di Cicco (Pvt. Vinci, 1st Squad)
  • Kelly Ward (Pvt. Johnson, 1st Squad)
  • St├ęphane Audran (Underground Walloon fighter at asylum)
  • Siegfried Rauch (Schroeder (German sergeant))
  • Serge Marquand (Rensonnet)
  • Charles Macaulay (General / Captain)
  • Alain Doutey (Broban (Vichy sergeant))
  • Maurice Marsac (Vichy colonel)
  • Colin Gilbert (Dog Face POW)
  • Joseph Clark (Pvt. Shep (soldier on troop transport))
  • Ken Campbell (Pvt. Lemchek (#2 on Bangalore torpedo))
  • Doug Werner (Switolski)
  • Perry Lang (Pvt. Kaiser, 1st Squad)
  • (Director)