Temple Grandin

Lists: Drama

Brief Synopsis: "A biopic of Temple Grandin, an autistic woman who has become one of top scientists in humane livestock handling."

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David Baruffi80

People Involved

  • Claire Danes (Temple Grandin)
  • Catherine OHara (Aunt Ann)
  • Julia Ormond (Eustacia)
  • David Strathairn (Professor Carlock)
  • Melissa Farman (Alice)
  • Barry Tubb (Randy)
  • Cherami Leigh (Marcia)
  • Tamara Jolaine (Nancy)
  • Charles Baker (Billy)
  • Blair Bomar (Ellen)
  • David Born (Professor Shanklin)
  • Chloë Evans (Dorothy)
  • Jordan Strassner (Science Student)
  • Michael D. Conway (Mr. Peters)
  • Xochitl Romero (Penelope)
  • Joe Nemmers (Mr. Neal)
  • Richard Dillard (Don Micheals)
  • David Blackwell (Small Store Clerk)
  • Toby Metcalf (Stacey)
  • Brady Coleman (Abbot Chief Exec.)
  • Silver Renee (Kid / Patient in Waiting Room)
  • Chad McMinn (Graduating Student)
  • Nicole Holt (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Jake Messinger (Pallbearer)
  • Cynthia Huerta (Joan)
  • Jessica Wilson (Iris)
  • Cassandra L. Small (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Kurt Cole (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • William Akey (Mr. Hodges)
  • Phil Harrington (Dr. Ladenham)
  • Megan Moser (Melanie)
  • Carl Savering (Mr. Goscowicz)
  • Allison Wood (Asylum Nurse)
  • Gabriel Luna (Student Wit)
  • Brian Bentley (Scott)
  • Clark Perry (Cody the Bully)
  • Brett Hill (Birthday Party Boy)
  • Max W. Jenkins (Birthday Party Guest)
  • D.J. Castillo (Science Student)
  • Christopher Holt (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Chris Olson (Mr. Povey)
  • Robert Newell (Henry)
  • Cheryl Cave (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Kelli Bland (Science Student / Dorm girl)
  • David L. Dunn (Cowboy at auction)
  • Rick Espaillat (French Lecturer)
  • Mike Rembis (Professor of Letters)
  • Steve Uzzell (Psychologist)
  • David Houston (Car Dealer)
  • Earl Nottingham (Auction Bidder)
  • Rachel McDaniel (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Robin Lee Walper (Autism Symposium Host)
  • Patrick Bertucci (Autism Symposium Attendee)
  • Helen Ingham (Teacher)
  • Fred Bothwell (Airport Greeter)
  • Kelsey Buchanan (Birthday Party Friend)
  • Gerry Robert Byrne (John Richmond)
  • Alex Wurman (Director)