Once you’re a member of Half Popped Reviews, you’ll get the benefit of having us promote your work on our website and through various forms of social networking. The more members we have, the more people who LIKE us on Facebook and FOLLOW us on Twitter, the more effective we’ll be in promoting your work. If you have 100 people who might typically see your Facebook status update or Tweet about your article, and they’re also connected with us on those mediums, there’s less of a chance they’ll miss your updates in their various feeds. If they’re not online when you post about it, we make it so you don’t have to post about it twice (which sometimes seems like begging for views).

If you want us to notice that you’ve posted something on Facebook or Twitter that you’d like us to help promote, use the hashtag #HalfPopped in your status. We’ll check that periodically and then share what we find. Also helpful is mentioning us in your status update, which you can do…

  • Facebook: @Half Popped Reviews (and a pop-up menu should let you select us)
  • Twitter: @ReviewPopper

You’ll also want to put something on your website to let people know that you’re a member of the Half Popped Reviews network. We’ve got an image you can include on your site as a link to us:



Link should be to

A variety of image sizes and options are coming soon! You can always let us know what size would work best for you, and we can work on that!

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