DVD Release Recommendations – 10/15/2013

A few things hit DVD today that you should probably know about, and because you’ll probably want to know if they’re any good, we’ve got you covered:

Pacific Rim

Some people loved it, some people thought it was good, and some people thought it was average. A nice array of well-written reviews:

  • Loved It – Tim The Film Guy – (full review)
  • Good Movie – Nathan Adams And The Temple Of Reviews – (full review)
  • Average – Angry Vader – (full review)

The Heat

Judging purely from the trailers I saw, I admit that I was surprised that anyone liked this film AT ALL. The actresses involved are talented, but it just looked horrible. Apparently some people saw it and are saying I’m wrong:

And at least one guy agreed with my prediction:

A Hijacking

For a movie you’ve probably never heard of, it got good reviews. Not surprisingly, though, because it did well at Sundance. (view the reviews listing)


If horror movies are your type of thing, some people are calling this film a “Modern Horror Classic”. (view the reviews listing)

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