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Best of 2020 Movie Awards

Traditionally, when an organization gives out yearly awards, it’s for the prior year...

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Coming Soon: 2020 Movie Awards (Yes, 2020!)

One of the challenging aspects of doing an “End of Year Movie Awards” is time...

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Current State of Rank

As we roll into 2022, I wanted to take a snapshot of where we are with the current state of ranking...

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19 More for 1999

I love lists. Movie lists especially...

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Coming Soon: Half Popped Podcast

Reading movie reviews is great...

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Academy Awards 90 (2017 Films) – Snubs and Questionable Nominees

Any true film buff likely already knows about this morning’s announcement for the 90th Academy Award...

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Jumanji Extends Run at 1; Commuter Valedictorian

The JUMANJI reign as the top grossing film at the box office continues...

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HPR Movie Club: Angels And Demons


For the October 27th installment of the HPR Movie Club, the selection for discussion is ANGELS A...

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The Best of Michael Mann

With Michael Mann’s latest film, Blackhat, hitting theaters this weekend, here are the top five movi...

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2014 End Of Year Award Results

For the second year in a row, we push aside all of the other award shows to bring you our categories...

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