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Lists: Conspiracy thriller, Psychological Thrillers

Brief Synopsis: "Angela Bennett is a freelance software engineer who lives in a world of computer technology. When a cyber friend asks Bennett to debug a new game, she inadvertently becomes involved in a conspiracy that will soon turn her life upside down and make her the target of an assassination."

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People Involved

  • Sandra Bullock (Angela Bennett/Ruth Marx)
  • Jeremy Northam (Jack Devlin)
  • Dennis Miller (Dr. Alan Champion)
  • Wendy Gazelle (Ruth Marx)
  • Ken Howard (Michael Bergstrom)
  • Diane Baker (Mrs. Bennett)
  • Ray McKinnon (Dale Hessman)
  • Daniel Schorr (WNN Anchor)
  • L. Scott Caldwell (Public Defender)
  • Robert Gossett (Ben Phillips)
  • Kristina Krofft (Nurse #1)
  • Tony Perez (Mexican Doctor)
  • Gene Kirkwood (Stan Whiteman)
  • Christopher Darga (Cop)
  • Charles Winkler (Cop)
  • Julia Pearlstein (Nurse #2)
  • Rick Snyder (Russ Melbourne)
  • Gerald Berns (Jeff Gregg)
  • Tannis Benedict (Elevator Woman)
  • Vaughn Armstrong (Trooper)
  • Wren T. Brown (Trooper)
  • Lynn Blades (Remote Reporter)
  • Israel Juarbe (Thief)
  • Julia Vera (Mexican Nun)
  • Lewis Dix Jr. (FedEx man)
  • Lili Flanders (Embassy Worker)
  • Adam Winkler (Computer Nerd)
  • Brian E. Frankish (Shuttle Driver)
  • Wanda-Lee Evans (Desk Sergeant)
  • David Winkler (Computer Technician)
  • Andrew Amador (Dermot Conley)
  • Juan García (Resort Desk Clerk)
  • Margo Winkler (Mrs. Raines)
  • Kerry Kilbride (WNN Reporter)
  • Roland Gomez (Limo Driver)
  • Melvin Thompson (Fire Official)
  • Rich Bracco (Fireman)
  • Lucy Butler (Female Officer)
  • John Livingston (Computer Technician)
  • Cam Brainard (Computer Technician)
  • Dennis Richmond (Newscaster)
  • Elaine Corral Kendall (Newscaster)
  • Alfredo López (Guitar Player)
  • Thomas Crawford (Waiter)
  • John Cappon (ICU Doctor)
  • Barbara Abedi (CCU Nurse)
  • Kevin Brown (The Bunny)
  • Hope M. Parrish (Security Officer)
  • Brad Hill (Security Officer)
  • Danny Breen (Supervisor)
  • Melissa Bomes (Reservation Clerk)