White Men Can't Jump

Lists: Sports comedy

Brief Synopsis: "Billy Hoyle and Sidney Deane are an unlikely pair of basketball hustlers. They team up to con their way across the courts of Los Angeles, playing a game that's fast dangerous - and funny."

Overall Ranking: - (Rank from 1992: # 0)

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People Involved

  • Wesley Snipes (Sidney Deane)
  • Woody Harrelson (Billy Hoyle)
  • Rosie Perez (Gloria Clement)
  • Tyra Ferrell (Rhonda Deane)
  • Cylk Cozart (Robert)
  • Kadeem Hardison (Junior)
  • Ernest Harden Jr. (George)
  • John Marshall Jones (Walter)
  • Marques Johnson (Raymond)
  • David Roberson (T.J.)
  • Kevin Benton (Zeke)
  • Nigel Miguel (Dwight The Flight McGhee)
  • Duane Martin (Willie Lewis)
  • Bill Henderson (The Venice Beach Boys)
  • Sonny Craver (The Venice Beach Boys)
  • Jon Hendricks (The Venice Beach Boys)
  • Eloy Casados (Tony Stucci)
  • Frank Rossi (Frank Stucci)
  • Freeman Williams (Duck Johnson)
  • Louis Price (Eddie The King Faroo)
  • Alex Trebek (Himself)
  • Reggie Leon (Reggie)
  • Sarah Stavrou (Etiwanda)
  • Reynaldo Rey (Tad)
  • Lanei Chapman (Lanei)
  • Irene Nettles (Real Estate Agent)
  • Torri Whitehead (Tanya)
  • Lisa McDowell (Alisa)
  • Dion B. Vines (The Bank)
  • David Maxwell (Malcolm)
  • Bill Caplan (Tournament Announcer)
  • Richard James Baker (Tournament Referee)
  • Amy Golden (Big Guys Girlfriend)
  • Jeanette Srubar (Little Guys Girlfriend)
  • Zandra Hill (Sponsor)
  • Fred P. Gregory (Sponsor)
  • Carl E. Hodge (Pickup Truck Driver)
  • Ruben Martinez (Ruben)
  • Gary Lazar (Oki-Dog Businessman)
  • Donna Howell (Yolanda)
  • Don Fullilove (Jake)
  • Johnny Gilbert (Jeopardy! Announcer)
  • Leonard A. Oakland (Dr. Leonard Allen)
  • Allan Malamud (Rocket Scientist)
  • Jeanne McCarthy (Dressing Room Staffer)
  • John Charles Sheehan (Cop)
  • Gregg Daniel (Leon)
  • Carl A. McGee (Gambler)
  • Chick Hearn (NBA Announcer)
  • Stu Lantz (NBA Announcer)
  • Ronald Beals (Ballplayer)
  • Joe Metcalf (Ballplayer)
  • Mahcoe Moore (Ballplayer)
  • Mark Hill (Ballplayer)
  • Eric Kizzie (Ballplayer)
  • Chalmer Maddox (Ballplayer)
  • Leroy Michaux (Ballplayer)
  • Joseph Duffy (Ballplayer)
  • Pete Duffy (Ballplayer)
  • Gary Moeller (Ballplayer)
  • Daniel Porto (Ballplayer)
  • Lester Hawkins (Ballplayer)
  • Jeffrey Todd (Ballplayer)