Lists: Drama, Biopic, Conspiracy thriller, Historical

Brief Synopsis: "An all-star cast powers this epic look at American President Richard M. Nixon, a man carrying both the fate of the world on his shoulders while battling the self-destructive demands within. From his victorious presidential election to the shocking Watergate scandal that would seal his doom."

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People Involved

  • Anthony Hopkins (Richard Nixon)
  • Joan Allen (Pat Nixon)
  • J.T. Walsh (John Ehrlichman)
  • Paul Sorvino (Henry Kissinger)
  • Ed Harris (E. Howard Hunt)
  • Bob Hoskins (J. Edgar Hoover)
  • E.G. Marshall (John Mitchell)
  • Powers Boothe (Alexander Haig)
  • David Paymer (Ron Ziegler)
  • David Hyde Pierce (John Dean)
  • Mary Steenburgen (Hannah Nixon)
  • James Woods (H.R. Haldeman)
  • Brian Bedford (Clyde Tolson)
  • Kevin Dunn (Charles Colson)
  • Fyvush Finkel (Murray Chotiner)
  • Annabeth Gish (Julie Nixon Eisenhower)
  • Larry Hagman ("Jack Jones")
  • Madeline Kahn (Martha Mitchell)
  • Dan Hedaya (Trini Cardoza)
  • Oliver Stone (Director)
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