Fire at Sea

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Brief Synopsis: "Capturing life on the Italian island of Lampedusa, a frontline in the European migrant crisis."

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David Baruffi80(full review)
Bryan Lienesch60 - The juxtaposition of life in the Western world and life as a refugee is palpable, but the film's snail-like pace just kills any momentum it tries to muster.
Comedy: 1
Sex Appeal: 1
Scary: 5
Rewatch: 3

People Involved

  • Samuele Pucillo (Himself)
  • Mattias Cucina (Himself)
  • Samuele Caruana (Himself)
  • Pietro Bartolo (Himself)
  • Giuseppe Fragapane (Himself)
  • Francesco Paterna (Himself)
  • Francesco Mannino (Himself)
  • Maria Signorello (Herself)
  • Gianfranco Rosi (Director)