The Phenom

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Brief Synopsis: "Major-league rookie pitcher Hopper Gibson has lost his focus. After choking on the mound, he’s sent down to the minors and prescribed sessions with an unorthodox sports therapist, who pushes him to uncover the origins of his anxiety."

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Bryan Lienesch58 - First of all, the movie is called 'The Phenom' when the protagonist (Hopper Gibson) is the third highest-rated prospect in his class. The supposed 'phenom' isn't even a once-in-a-year talent let alone once-in-a-generation. And the idiosyncrasies only amass from there.
Comedy: 1
Sex Appeal: 4
Scary: 4
Rewatch: 4

People Involved

  • Johnny Simmons (Hopper Gibson)
  • Paul Giamatti (Dr. Mobley)
  • Ethan Hawke (Hopper Sr.)
  • Alison Elliott (Susan Gibson)
  • Yul Vazquez (Eddie Soler)
  • Sophie Kennedy Clark (Dorothy Boyer)
  • Marin Ireland (Rachel Cullum)
  • Elizabeth Marvel (June Epland)
  • Paul Adelstein (Scott Borwitz)
  • Louisa Krause (Candace Cassidy)
  • Frank Wood (Richard Boyer)
  • John Ventimiglia (Red Briles)
  • Noah Buschel (Director)