Dangerous Moves

Lists: Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film Winners

Brief Synopsis: "This unusual Swiss movie was the surprise winner of the 1985 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The story is set in Geneva in 1983 during the World Chess Championship. The two players are Akiva Liebskind (Michel Piccoli), a 52-year-old Soviet master who comes to the competition with an inflated ego and an ailing heart, and Pavius Fromm (Alexander Arbatt), an unpredictable 35-year-old Soviet dissident who fled to the West five years ago and cannot wait to make Russia look bad."

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David Baruffi70(full review)

People Involved

  • Michel Piccoli (Akiva Liebskind)
  • Alexandre Arbatt (Pavius Fromm)
  • Liv Ullmann (Marina Fromm)
  • Leslie Caron (Henia Liebskind)
  • Wojciech Pszoniak (Le grand maître Felton - léquipe de Fromm)
  • Jean-Hugues Anglade (Miller, léquipe de Fromm)
  • Daniel Olbrychski (Tac-Tac, léquipe de Liebskind)
  • Hubert Saint-Macary (Foldes)
  • Michel Aumont (Stepan Ivanovitch Kerossian - léquipe de Liebskind)
  • Pierre Michaël (Yachvili)
  • Serge Avedikian (Fadenko)
  • Pierre Vial (Anton Heller)
  • Bernhard Wicki (Pühl)
  • Jacques Boudet (Stuffli)
  • Benoît Régent (Barabal)
  • Sylvie Granotier (Dombert)
  • Albert Simono (Dalcroze)
  • Marcel Tassimot (Protazanov)
  • Olivier Beer ()
  • Jean-Paul Eydoux (Carsen)
  • Jean-Philippe Guerand (A Guy in the Audience)
  • Piotr Kaminski ()
  • Yaseen Khan ()
  • Constantin Melnik ()
  • Willy Nicoidsky (Polotin)
  • Alain Rimoux ()
  • Mathieu Schiffman (Un ournaliste)
  • Daniel Tixier ()
  • John Van Der Bois ()
  • Emmanuel Cohn (Kid (uncredited))
  • Nurith Cohn (Spectator (uncredited))
  • Richard Dembo (Director)